Top Ceramics Classes in Paris


Ceramics classes have saved my sanity many a time. They are the perfect mental break for the stressed, the bored, the anxious or anyone in need of a creative boost in their week.

What’s great about ceramics classes in Paris is that most operate on both a once-off and weekly class system. So you can drop in unannounced in random intervals for an individual class, or sign up as a full time attendee.

by Alex Jones – Unsplash

Ceramics classes in Paris also happen to be one of the best environments in which to make friends if one is new to the city. Interactions over ceramics tend to be more meaningful and genuine since alcohol is not involved, unlike in bars or regular meet & greets.

Here are some of the top classes around the city and what you can expect going into each.

Pepperclay Ceramic in Paris

Despite being deeply far away from the city center, Pepperclay Ceramic is the highest rated ceramics class in Paris. It is situated below Bercy Village, where the 11th and 12th arrondissements turn into the Bois de Vincennes.

The workshops and classes at Pepperclay are coordinated by three different ceramics artists who have been heavily involved in the industry for most of their lives. They deliver their teachings with tangible passion and love for the craft, enabling each student to embrace the experience right to the core.

Pepperclay Ceramic in Paris – by Pepperclay Ceramic – Sourced from their Facebook

As mentioned, you’ll have the option of weekly classes or drop-in workshops that happen on a sporadic schedule. The choice is yours and will depend largely on how often you can make time to venture to this part of town in the far south.

Because of its proximity to the Parisian suburbs, this is the favored ceramics cafe for the locals of the city.

Call: +33 6 62 16 86 74
ADDRESS: 197 Rue de Paris, 94200 Charenton-le-Pont, France
METRO STATION: Porte de Charenton

Ceramic Paris in Paris

From the outskirts to the deep central, Ceramic Paris is housed in Paris’d 4th arrondissement, right in the heart of le Marais.

It’s a quaint little studio tucked away in a small courtyard. The inside has many different rooms including an old stone cellar from prohibition times. All of the rooms comprise the studio space and all ceramics are fired on site in the studio’s own kiln.

Ceramic Paris offers classes in ceramics every day of the week including Sundays. You pay once-off in bulk for ten classes, and can then drop in anytime you like as you would with a yoga membership.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Their daily and nightly classes are listed on their website schedule that is updated accordingly. There are different kinds of ceramic making to be explored, Ceramic Paris even offers classes based around porcelain making.

Ceramic Paris only allows seven students per class, so you will need to let them know which one you’d like to attend at least a few hours in advance.

If you are a traveler to Paris just looking for a spontaneous ceramics class to let off some steam, combine your day out with a free guided walking tour and follow it with the class of your choice. It’s the perfect self care package and this way you’ll explore everything else le Marais has to offer in the process.

Call: +33 1 42 71 10 29
ADDRESS: 12-14 Rue des Jardins Saint-Paul, 75004 Paris, France

Workshop Terres Etc. in Paris

The Workshop Terres Etc is a no-frills, laid back ceramics studio in the far southwest of the city.

This space is run by a passionate, professional in the field named Sofia Marty. She has dedicated her life to the fulfillment of this ceramics studio and you can tell a lot of love goes into the daily practice here.

Sofia teaches the art of ceramic spinning as well as sculpture making with the same clay. There are weekly classes and individual workshops on offer for both adults and children; she even offers internship courses to those wishing to master the craft.

Workshop Terres Etc. in Paris – by Workshop Terres Etc. – Uploaded by them

What’s great about this studio is that they will also tailor events to suit any needs. Children’s birthday parties thrive here, as to team building excursions for corporates and kitchen teas.

If you don’t mind making the journey each time you want to attend a class, this is probably the number one studio in my opinion. Again, due to its proximity to the suburbs, most of the attendees here are Parisian locals. Don’t expect to sit and chit chat through your class unless you have some understanding of French.

Call: +33 6 13 53 68 69
ADDRESS: 48 Rue des Morillons, 75015 Paris, France

The Blue Whale in Paris

I love So-Pi (southern Pigalle) because there are always weird and wonderful business to be found .

The Blue Whale is a ceramics studio that targets both children and adults. During the summer, they hold ceramics school for children where your little ones can be left in the capable hands of the ceramics teachers for two hours a day.

Adult classes are two and a half hours long, and take place throughout the year.

The Blue Whale in Paris – by The Blue Whale – Sourced from their website

The studio is also happy to organize bachelor, bachelorette or birthday parties for groups of five or more.

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You will need to formally register with the studio before you can begin dropping in for classes. This is easy to do through their website. A real gem of the 9th arrondissement and a lot more central that some of the other studios we have looked at in this roundup.

Call: +33 1 48 78 18 90
ADDRESS: 15 Rue Rodier, 75009 Paris, France