Top 6 brunch places in Montmartre


Brunch is one of the best parts of any weekend. How many Sunday mornings have you woken up with a bit of a hangover, craving delicious brunch food? For me it’s almost every weekend! This is the city of wine drinking, so you definitely need a list of brunch places to fill your stomachs with some heavy breakfast treats.

A brunch menu won’t look like your typical traditional French breakfast menu. First and foremost, brunch is pricier.  You can expect to pay anywhere between 17-35 euros for a good brunch in Paris.

Another tip? Don’t look for bottomless, because that is not a thing here. In fact, one time I was at a cafe admiring the menu, and I so innocently and asked if their brunch menu included bottomless mimosas, to which the server laughed in my face. Repeat after me: bottomless brunch does not exist in Paris! I had to learn the hard way…

Another way to do brunch in Montmartre is by going to eat at highly rated hotels. I don’t recommend this unless you can afford to spend 55-60 euros per person for a brunch menu. I personally choose to eat at the more affordable restaurants, but I’ll include some of the extravagant options for those who like to indulge!

In this short but sweet list, I include a couple of affordable places, and some of the pricier brunches you’ll find at the hotels.

Without further adieu, here are the top places to have brunch in Montmartre:

The Hardware Société Paris

Hardware Société is actually an Australian eatery with a large social following (around 10,000 Instagram followers). That’s pretty good considering how under the radar Australian food is. With Vegetarian friendly, vegan, and gluten free options, it’s a really great pick for a brunch date with friends. With generous portions and great service, the reviews are all positive! Some of the raved about items include the hash browns, crab Benedict, great coffee, French toast, baked eggs, cheesecake, pretty much everything on the menu!

Be aware this is a very popular hotspot especially on weekends, and there is almost always a line with a wait of 20 minutes or more. It’s located in the heart of the Sacre Coeur neighborhood in a beautiful setting on cobblestone streets. If you’ve had some not so ideal server experiences, you might want to come here as the waiters are known to be very friendly and accommodating!

Practical information: 

10 Rue Lamarck, 75018 Paris

Open Monday through Friday from 9am-4pm and Saturday through Sunday from 9:30am to 4:30pm

Abattoir végétal

Abattoir Végétal in Montmartre – by Abattoir Végétal – Sourced from their Facebook

Calling all vegans! This cute, aesthetically pleasing cafe is appealing to both vegans and non vegans alike! The service is known to be pretty great, and the food has some very high ratings. Plant based food is always a nice choice after indulging in some of Paris’s delicious but not so health conscious cuisine. Brunch here is a bit pricy, going for 27 euros a person, however people do say that it’s worth it! People have highly rated the muesli granola with greek yogurt, fresh orange and lemon juice, vitamin salad, gazpacho, hearty vegetal bowls, fruit salad, eggs (for non vegans), and coffee. Try it out if you’re into new food experiences!

Ma Biche

Off the beaten path, this one is known for its great tasting and fresh bread baked from scratch. It’s in a calm area of the 18th and almost feels like you’re eating at your grandma’s with antique furniture! You have a selection of hot drinks, different types of fresh juices, gingerbread cake, chocolate cake, homemade bread with homemade jam and butter, fish, meat, salmon, risotto, potatoes, vegetables, scrambled eggs, and more! The brunch is more affordable at 24 euros per person!

Les Inseparables

Located in the picturesque area of Montmartre (okay, all of Montmartre is picturesque…) Les Inseparables offers a high quality service and hearty brunch menu. The products are fresh, tasty, and well prepared. The menu includes fresh juices (orange, apple, grapefruit), various types of hot drinks and coffee, brioche, bread baskets, cheeses, muesli, fruit, toasted muffin with salmon, poached eggs, avocado toast with tomatoes, feta, pomegranate. On the sweeter side are pancakes with maple syrup. The brunch menu is served every Saturday and Sunday, with a terrace when the weather is nice!

practical information:

12 rue Francoeur 75018 Paris

Brunch served on Saturday from 11-2:30 and Sunday from 11- 3:30.

Hotel Particulier

This is a hidden gem that many people don’t even know about! Located in a remote area on a Montmartre hill, L’Hotel Particulier is truly a unique experience. There, you can eat surrounded by a beautiful secluded garden. The appealing part is that unlike most other parts of Montmarte, probably the most touristy neighborhood in all of Paris, L’hotel Particulier is an escape from the other surrounding places that may feel a bit “tourist-trappy”. Before I go any further in describing the menu, you should know that the brunch costs 55 euro per person!

Here is what you have to choose from: Fresh juice, detox juice, scrambled eggs with truffle, tuna, steak, avocado toast, a variety of cakes, and more.

Practical Information:

23 Avenue Junot, Pavillon D 75018

Brunch is available only on Saturday and Sunday fro m11:30 to 4pm


The Brunch at Terrasse” hotel in Montmartre is composed of a buffet of delicious sweets(viennoiseries, pastries, cakes, granola & musli, bread, fruits,) and a salty buffet! (charcuteries, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, smoked fish, salads, fish and meat of the day, and fresh vegetables.) Every day, they offer avocado toast, mini croissants with ham and cheese, and ham tartines (bread) with tomato. My mouth is watering just thinking about it, and I’m even a vegetarian!

Practical Information:

12-14 Rue Joseph de Maistre 75018

I hope you enjoyed the top 6 brunch places in Montmartre and were able to check out some of these recommendations. Let us know which ones you tried and which ones you most enjoyed! For more ideas on where to eat in Montmartre, read more here!

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