Top 15 Places to Kiss in Paris


Paris is not nicknamed the “City of Love” for nothing. While starts the season for which it is not so shameful to take out some hot chocolate while watching you favorite Christmas romantic comedy, the French capital itself seems like a call to live a Hollywood-like love story. The city offers places to freely express your feelings to your Significant Other, at every corner. In this article, I will give you my top 15 romantic places in Paris, which are great places to express your love and kiss your loved one.

1) Kiss at the Wall of ‘I Love Yous’

Wall of I Love Yous – by Nico Paix – Wikimedia Commons

About the Place: The wall of ‘I Love Yous’ is a beautiful work of art by artists Frederic Baron and Claire Kito. This 40 square-meter mural is located on the side wall of a small park near Montmartre. Made of glazed ceramic tiles, the wall displays the phrase “I love You” written 311 times in more than 250 languages. Red chunks are laid out throughout the work and are like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle which, when put together, shape a heart.

Why it is a great place to kiss: What is better than kissing by this literal ode to love? Also, the wall is located right by Montmartre, which is also a lovely place to wander with your loved one.

Location: Square Jehan Rictus, place des Abbesses – 18th Arrondissement

How to get there: Metro line 12, “Abbesses” station.

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2) Kiss on the Printemps department store rooftop

Haussmann inspiration in Paris – by Guilhem Vellut – Wikimedia Commons

About the Place: One of the most famous “grand magasin” (department store) in Paris, Printemps also offers a stunning rooftop located on the 9th floor. The 360-degree view out to the capital is amazing. If the place is perfect to enjoy a typical French “aperitif” and to share not-less French boards of cheese, it also offers a quiet place to relax and enjoy your meal or drink while admiring the City of Love. The rooftop is reserved to customers of the bar and restaurant but you may find beverages for all budgets.

Why it is a great place to kiss: Is there a more Parisian cliché than watching the sun sets and the city light up, with your cup of champagne in one hand, and the hand of your Significant Other in the other?

Location: Printemps Haussmann – 64, Boulevard Haussmann – 9th Arrondissement

How to get there: Metro line 3, “Opera” station or line 9, “Havre-Caumartin” station, or RER train line A, “Auber” station.

3) Kiss on the Parc Monceau bridge

Parc Monceau – by Guillaume Jacquet – Wikimedia Commons

About the Place: Parc Monceau occupies 9 hectares in the 8th Arrondissement and is one of the most pleasant places in the North-Western part of Paris. Very welcoming for families, the park also offers many romantic spots, to give your couple stay quite a countryside turn. According to me, the 19th century bridge is quite a perfect location.

Why it is a great place to kiss: Ideal for a romantic stop, Parc Monceau gives you a moment of calm, far from the bustling city life. The trees, the stream and the bridge paint a bucolic, intimate and almost impressionist moment, which only calls for a kiss.

Location: 33, Boulevard de Courcelles – 8th Arrondissement

How to get there: Metro line 2 – Monceau

Learn more about Parc Monceau in this article.

4) Kiss on the Bridge of Arts

pont des arts

Pont des Arts – Source : CC0

About the Place: The world-famous Bridge of Arts connects the Louvre and the French Academy across the river Seine. It is known for being the place where people in love placed a lock on the railing before throwing the key to the Seine, as a sign of their eternal love. If locking your love is no longer permitted due to the weight of the thousands of love-locks which threatened the safety of the bridge, the Bridge of Arts is still an unmissable place for lovers.

Why it is a great place to kiss: In the heart of French symbols, between two major places of art, the elegant bridge is usually a peaceful location, where musicians come to magnify the already-beautiful scenery. It is a perfect place for a couple to admire Paris.

Location: Pont des Arts – 6th Arrondissement

How to get there: Metro line 1 “Louvre-Rivoli” station or line 7, “Pont Neuf” station

5) Kiss by the Façade of Notre-Dame

by Peter Haas / CC BY-SA 3.0 – Wikimedia Commons

About the Place: If it recently was known for rather sad news and the impressive fire that took out its roofing and spire, the Notre-Dame cathedral remains standing and is a masterpiece of French gothic art. Built nearly a millennium ago (850 years), Notre-Dame is located in the very heart of the Capital. The rose stain-glass windows, the gargoyles and chimeras, and the two massive towers are a vision not to miss.

Why it is a great place to kiss: The place of tumultuous love between Quasimodo the hunchback and beautiful Esmeralda, Notre-Dame is a stunning place. The cathedral square acts like a red carpet leading lovers to enjoy their love all the while contemplating a millennium of history.

Location: Parvis de Notre-Dame/Place Jean-Paul II – 4th Arrondissement

How to get there: Metro line 4, “Cité” station

Although the fire prevents visitor from getting too close, we, now, offer private tours about Notre-Dame, to better understand the building and the terrible fire that occurred earlier this year. Learn more here.

6) Kiss on the Montmartre Hill


Montmartre – Source : CC0

About the Place: Montmartre is one of the most famous areas in Paris. Slightly outside of the city center, the hill is dominated by the stunning Sacred-Heart Basilica from where the view to the city is the most amazing.

Why it is a great place to kiss: Whether you go to Montmartre for the view, for the village feeling, for the perfect “Amélie” moment, or for the endless staircases lined with old lampposts, the neighborhood offers a ultra-romantic atmosphere, in a bohemian and quite cliché vision of love.

Location: 18th Arrondissement

How to get there: Metro line 2, “Anvers” station and then cable car uphill. For more uphill options, click here.

If you want to see more amazing places in Montmartre, why not book one of our Montmartre guided tours? Click here to learn more.

7) Kiss in the Gardens of the Romantic Life Museum

Musée de la Vie Romantique – by ParisSharing – Wikimedia Commons

About the Place: The free Romantic Life Museum is a real ode to romantic love in Paris. The mansion’s gardens, completed with a typical “salon de thé” is a peaceful paradise outside the city frenzy.

Why it is a great place to kiss: An ideal sport for a kiss, the romantic garden offers a peaceful and bucolic environment for a couple to spend a lovely time in a flowery place.

Location: Hôtel Scheffer-Renan, 16, Rue Chaptal – 9th Arrondissement

How to get there: Metro line 2, “Blanche” station.

8) Kiss at Place Furstemberg

Place Furstemberg

Place Furstemberg – photo by ParisSharing – On Wikimedia Commons

About the Place: The tiny and cute Place Furstemberg in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés will seduce you with its intimacy. With its four trees, its typical lamppost and the very Parisian surrounding buildings, it is a jewel not to miss.

Why it is a great place to kiss: Calm and intimate, although located in a very touristy area, the quite unknown Place Furstemberg is your typical Woody-Allen-film-like kissing place.

Location: Rue de Furstemberg – 6th Arrondissement

How to get there: Metro line 10, “Mabillon” station.

Complete your Saint-Germain-des-Prés visit with our dedicated tours, here!

9) Kiss by the Saint-Martin Canal

Picnics along the Canal Saint Martin – by Steve – Wikimedia Commons

About the Place: Connecting the Ourcq canal to the river Seine, the Saint-Martin Canal is highly praised by young Parisians who love to wander its shady banks, and have a drink when summer comes. The canal has been made famous by several movies and paintings.

Why it is a great place to kiss: The paved banks and the old canal locks are perfectly romantic locations for a couple to spend some good time in Paris. Although the access to the most famous lock – which you can see in the movie “Amélie” – is not allowed, you may find some romantic spots on the few bridges crossing the canal.

Location: Revolving bridge of Grange-aux-Belles – 10th Arrondissement

How to get there: Metro line 2, “Colonel Fabien” station.

10) Kiss at Place des Vosges

Place des Vosges – by AlNo – Wikimedia Commons

About the Place: The oldest of all Parisian squares, the Place des Vosges is a closed square, surrounded by uniformed red-brick buildings. With a central garden, decorated with fountains and statues, the square was home to many famous French people including writer Victor Hugo and epistolarian Marquise de Sévigné.

Why it is a great place to kiss: Filled with history, usually entertained by musicians and singers performing under the arches, the renaissance Place des Vosges is a great theater for the Romeos and Juliets of our time

Location: Place des Vosges – 4th Arrondissement

How to get there: Metro line 8, “Chemin Vert” station.

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11) Kiss in La Campagne à Paris

La Campagne à Paris

La Campagne à Paris- Picture from account @Nickcastillo_12 – all rights reserved

About the Place: Literally named “the Countryside in Paris”, this little neighborhood in the 20th Arrondissement offers a country village feel. Mostly centered on four tiny paved streets, this regrouping of houses oddly gives peace in an otherwise quite busy area.

Why it is a great place to kiss: Giving the clear impression that you are outside of Paris, this rural atmosphere neighborhood is best in spring when the façades flowers bloom.

Location: Rue Irénée-Blanc – 20th Arrondissement

How to get there: Metro line 3, “Gambetta” station.

12) Kiss by the Medici Fountain in Gardens of Luxembourg

Marie De Medicis Fountain – by Joe deSousa – Wikimedia Commons

About the Place: The Medici Fountain is a major landmark in the Gardens of Luxembourg. Although quite touristy and crowded, the area gives an intimated feel, nonetheless. You may learn more about the fountain here.

Why it is a great place to kiss: An unmissable place of the Left-Bank, The Luxembourg is great for a lovely stroll under the trees. The Fountain will add the soft sound of water to perfect the typical Parisian postcard moment.

Location: Boulevard Saint-Michel – 6th Arrondissement

How to get there: Metro lines 4 and 10, “Odéon” station or RER line B, “Luxembourg” station.

13) Kiss under the Arches and Yards of the Louvre

Passage Richelieu at the Louvre – Picture by Krisztina Konczos on Wikimedia Commons (via Flickr)

About the Place: The huge Louvre Museum is located in a former royal and imperial palace which expanded over nearly 800 years. Elegantly displaying successive yards, of which the main yard is the most famous for its modern glass-pyramid, the Louvre also offers covered passages and arches. The North entrance especially, connecting Rue de Rivoli to the main yard, offers a spectacular vista to some of the museum collections, and the arrival towards the Pyramid is always an emotional experience.

Why it is a great place to kiss: Protecting from the Parisian harsh weather, offering an elegant cocoon to lovers, the Louvre arches are amazing places for unforgettable couple memories.

Location: 178, Rue de Rivoli – 1st Arrondissement

How to get there: Metro line 1, “Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre” station.

14) Kiss along the Railways

La Petite Ceinture, Parc des Buttes Chaumont – by Traktorminze – Wiki Commons

About the Place: Years before New York City created its High-Line on the same concept, Paris turned an old 4.5km-long railroad into a planted walkway, and created the “Coulée Verte”. In line with this project, the Paris city hall also started to turn a small portion of the railways that circled Paris (La Petite Ceinture, “the small beltway”) into Parks, creating green areas all around the Capital.

Why it is a great place to kiss: Surprising green spots whether above (for the “Coulée Verte”) or around the city, the old transformed railways plunge the loving couples into the bucolic feel that old revitalized areas tend to have. Prefer spring or summer to enjoy flowers and these parks to their best.

Location: To enter the “Coulée Verte”: 44-46, Rue de Lyon – 12th Arrondissement

How to get there: Metro line 1 , “Bastille” station.

15) Kiss on the Trocadero Esplanade

Esplanade du Trocadéro in Paris – by Siebe Warmoeskerken – Unsplash

About the Place: If you ever have seen a picture of the Eiffel Tower, or if you have seen a picture of people picturing themselves in front of the Eiffel Tower, chances are you have a pretty good idea of what you can see from the world-famous Tracadero Esplanade ! Overlooking the Iron Lady, the Trocadero is the absolute unmissable place.

Why it is a great place to kiss: Most Parisians will probably debate on the romantic side of the Trocadero. Indeed, the overcrowded esplanade is not very likely to be considered romantic per se…So why did it make this list? Because if you want to have a good souvenir photo from Paris, this one spot is probably the one you want to go to. The view is literally stunning, and the whole scene is definitely magnified when night comes and the Tower gets lit up. I don’t even mention the sparkling flashing lights at the top of every hour which upgrade the whole moment even more… To fully enjoy the experience, though, prefer going early in the morning, or, if you wish to see the place at night, don’t hesitate to leave the esplanade to lose yourself in the gardens below…

Location: Place du Trocadéro – 16th Arrondissement

How to get there: Metro line 6, “Tracadéro” station.

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Let me conclude this top 15 with a quote by Jacques Prévert :

“Paris is too small a city for those who, like us, love each other so deeply.”