Top 10 Trendy Outfits to Wear in Paris


If you’re at a loss for what to wear while in Paris, take a breath! Dressing for the French capital is a lot simpler than you think.

Paris may be one of the world fashion capitals, but overdressing is the number one mistake made by newcomers and over-thinkers. Parisians love understated fashion; elegance, simplicity, and classic pieces are what make the French such a stylish people.

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Here are 10 outfit ideas that will help you pull focus in the best possible way:

1. Anything with a Trench Coat

In autumn and winter, a trench coat is a must whilst visiting Paris. It will protect the outfit beneath it from the elements, while also providing you with a second skin for that chilly breeze.

A trench coat is considered a Parisian staple. Color doesn’t really matter, but tan or black are considered to be the most trendy.

by Melek Mavzer – Unsplash

When wearing a trench coat in Paris, always do the coat up properly. Fasten all of the buttons and tie the waist bit around you neatly. Alternatively, if you want to leave it open, remove the waist strap entirely.

2. Attempt the Classic Marinière Look

A marinière is the word used to refer to a black and white striped top that was once worn by the French navy. It’s become a symbol of Paris, and you may have seen parodies of mimes wearing striped t-shirts in their acts.

by Darya Ivanchuk – Unsplash

A marinière is a classic part of French attire, but can be difficult to style. Keeping it simple is the best way to attempt this kind of outfit. High waisted pants pair well with a marinière, and possibly a leather jacket if you need more warmth.

Never pair a beret with a marinière!

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3. A Two Piece Suit is Always in Style

A well tailored, perfectly fitted suit will always be bang on trend. Interestingly, Parisians accept suits as street style, provided they are styled accordingly.

Visit the various tourist attractions around the city wearing your suit, but be sure to pair it with comfortable walking shoes, and a casual tote bag to make it more day-suited. Once the sun goes down, it’s an easy shift to make into nightwear by swapping out your sneakers for something more formal, and possibly adding some jewelry and lipstick.

by Nassim Handstied – Unsplash

4. Top Your Outfit with a Beret

The beret is another accessory that will always be trendy, especially when in Europe.

Like the marinière, the beret needs to be carefully styled in order to not come off as try-hard. There is also a wrong way to wear a beret; what I mean by this, is that you can physically put a beret on incorrectly.

by Jp Valery – Unsplash

Top your outfit with a beret when it’s incredibly understated as is, and there is room for one more accessory. If you’re already donning earrings, sunglasses, a handbag and/or a neck scarf, the beret should stay home.

5. Tapered Trousers and a T-shirt — Simplicity

So chic, and so simple. Tapered trousers are another Parisian staple, and finding that pair that perfectly compliments your frame is like owning a piece of the moon.

Pair them with a plain white t-shirt and black leather shoes. You’re now ready to wander the town and probably won’t need to change with the transition from day to night takes place.

6. Black on Black on Black

When in doubt, go back to basics. Black skinny jeans, a black top and black shoes makes for a trendy yet understated outfit for you to brave Paris in. Nobody in Paris will give you the side eye because of your style choices if you’re all in black.

It’s kind of like a Parisian uniform; a safe choice when you’re at a loss in terms of outfits.

by Lucas Lenzi – Unsplash

7. Bring Out the Little Black Dress

When you need something a bit more lavish, perhaps for a night out, the LBD makes a trusty companion. This is another garment that won’t induce any unsolicited stares or remarks.

There isn’t an entertainment space in Paris that will turn you away if you’re sporting a classic little black dress. Some bars and clubs have dress code standards, so the LBD is a safe bet. This is also a great outfit to pair with the trench coat I mentioned earlier — for those chillier evenings.

by Thirteen .J – Unsplash

8. Or Any Dress for that Matter

That being said, a dress during the day is beautifully complimentary against Paris’ landscapes. Maxi dresses are well received in the city; the French aren’t big on bright colors but floral print and pattered dresses are embraced.

In the peak of summer, a flowing, breathable dress can be a lifesaver.

by Mat Reding – Unsplash

9. Jeans and a Blazer

Don’t neglect your jean collection while in Paris. A flattering pair of denims paired with a beautifully tailored blazer can make you look like a top dog at Vogue.

Personally I love the versatility of this kind of outfit; it’s suitable for both day and night, and you’re never, ever going to be overdressed — not even for the cinema.

by Ihor Rapita – Unsplash

10. No Outfit is Complete Without a Good Lipstick

The best way to complete any outfit in Paris is to apply your favorite lipstick, and not think twice about it.

In Paris you can wear bold lip colors day and night. Parisians typically won’t wear any form of makeup by day, other than lipstick. By night, they’ll add another coat and perhaps apply some mascara.

I find lipstick makes me feel a lot more put together when I’m feeling a little uninspired by my outfit.

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