Top 10 Tours To Do in Paris


The best way to experience a culture or city that you’ve never before, is to give the reins over to someone a little more clued, and a little more qualified. 

When in Paris, you’ll have your pick of the crop when it comes to tours for all of the different tourism sectors on offer. Tour operators make it so that you have to lift little more than just a finger to press that booking button. 

Here are the tours you don’t want to miss: 

1. Champagne Tours in Paris

Paris itself is not a Champagne region in France, only Champagne itself is the official Champagne region. It is, however, wonderfully close to the city center, and tours operate between the two areas daily. 

by Becky Fantham – Unsplash

Tours vary depending on the size of the group, interests of said individuals, and the overall budget. You can explore Champagne farms ranging from Moet and Chandon through to Taittinger, inclusive of lunch and cellar tours in between. 

The Best Champagne Tours in Paris

2. Wine Tasting Tours in Paris

Wine making is an important part of French culture, and has been for thousands of years. While you can take guided tours out to the actual wine farms in the surrounding regions to Paris, you can also attend some really top-quality wine tasting experiences in the city itself. 

Le Marais Wine Tour – Sourced from their website

These particular tours are usually held in cellars within the city center, and might include aperitif foods or short walks between different tasting stations. 

The Best Wine Tasting Tours in Paris

3. Guided Walking Tours in Paris

The best way to see Paris, is on foot, and the many free guided walking tours that are on offer throughout the city make things very, very convenient. 

Guided walking tours are usually district specific, held by a guide who is well versed in the culture and history of that particular neighborhood. In Paris, each neighborhood is like a separate living, breathing entity with a unique personality, so it helps to have a guide who can give you the best possible encounter with it on that particular day. 

Montmartre Walking Tour – by Discover Walks

The best guided walking tours take place in the following neighborhoods: Montmartre, le Maras, les Halles, Saint-Germain-des-Pres, the Latin Quarter, and Belleville. 

The Best Night Walks to do in Paris

4. Seine Boat Tour in Paris

No matter where you are in Paris, the presence of the Seine River can always be felt, if not seen. Throughout the days, you’ll watch many boats cruise up the slow waters, often packed with travelers who are trying to see the city from a more unique perspective. 

Top 5 Parisian Boat Tours

by Joe deSousa – Unsplash

A Seine Boat tour is a great idea if you are traveling with kids, not a fan of walking, or just interested in keeping off the beaten track. These tours take place throughout the day, and some offer full course meals, while others may even point bank-side out art pieces that are visible from the water.

I recommend Paris’ sunset Seine tours above all others!

5. Versailles Guided Tour in Paris

No matter how you approach this endeavor, visiting the wonder of Versailles is guaranteed to be one of the most stressful and tiring excursions you embark on during your city venture. The best way to do it, is through a guided tour — trust me. 

Versailles – by François de Dijon – Wikimedia Commons

While guided tours in Versailles can’t offer much more than the skipping of the ticket line, this is usually worth the extra cash regardless! 

How to Get From Paris to Versailles

6. Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour in Paris

Like many other famous cities, you’ll see the Hop on Hop off busses floating through the Parisian streets seven days a week. These ostentatious double deckers usually start from a central meeting point somewhere in the city center, where you can purchase your ticket and hop aboard. 

by BigBusTours – Website

The way they work is that they generally take riders past all of the different attractions that the city has to offer, on a pre-determined loop. You’ll get to decide where you want to hop off, and where you want to skip. 

If you hop off at an attraction and wish to spend some time there, you can rest assured knowing that your ticket is valid for the rest of the day and when you are ready to continue the loop home, you simply need to hop onto the next bus that comes by!

The BigBus Paris: What to Expect

7. Cheese Tour in Paris

Like wine, cheese making in Paris is another massive industry that has been somewhat of a backbone to the culinary traditions in this part of the world. 

The local cheesemakers are still here, buried in their cellars and perfecting their craft day in and day out. By now, most of them have cheese shops that are open to the public, but opting to take a cheese tour gets you one on one with the cheese maker themselves, tasting their favorites from right down in their lair. 

Wine and Cheese Tasting in Paris – by Get Your Guide – Sourced from their website

It’s a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity to do something like this whilst in Paris. 

Where to Buy Cheese in Paris

8. Giverny, Normandy Tour in Paris

Taking a day trip out to Giverny, Normandy (the French countryside nearest to Paris) is something that I recommend everyone do during their first trip to this part of Europe! 

Giverny – by Metzner – Wikimedia Commons

The journey can absolutely be made without the help of a guided tour company, but logistically it does make things a lot easier to employ these services. You’ll also be given an in depth look at the history of the land, including spaces where Monet himself used to frequent, and where soldiers really did scavenge for survival during WWII. 

Top 10 Things to do in Giverny, Normandy 

9. Rouen Tour in Paris

Rouen is a bit further away from Paris, but still great for a day trip! It’s the city nearest to Versailles, situated about a 2 hour journey from the city center. 

Rouen is another French attraction that is rich in history and cultural zest. Exploring with a tour group is quite a pleasure, and far less time consuming than trying to arrange a full day of activities on your own. 

Rouen – by DXR – Wikimedia Commons

If you love gothic cathedrals, timbered houses, and anything to do with Joan of Arc, then Rouen is for you!

Top 10 Thing to do in Rouen

10. Chocolate Tour in Paris

Adding one last culinary art form to the list, we also need to pay homage to the chocolatiers of Paris. Chocolate making has always been an art form in this part of the continent, regarded as highly as gastronomy and even wine making. 

Chocolate tours are available in abundance across Paris, and they will usually take you to a number of historic chocolatiers that are all within walking distance from one another. These tours can generally get you into the more private parts of the chocolate workshops, where the real magic happens. 

Chocolate Tour in Paris – by Viator – Wikimedia Commons

Another tour experience you are bound never to forget. 

The Best Chocolate Makers in Paris

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