Top 10 Shopping Districts in Paris


Where to shop while in Paris? A shorter list would be where not to shop. The retail world rules this city; you can’t walk a block without finding something eat, do or buy.

If shopping is your main interest, then these following ten neighborhoods need to be on your itinerary.

Note: Paris is becoming more and more of an environmentally conscious city every day. While shopping your way through the city, be sure to have a reusable tote bag on you at all times to carry your purchases. Let’s eliminate the need for single use carriers as much as possible!

1. Les Halles in Paris

The 1st arrondissement is an attraction filled district, great for museum lovers or anyone wanting to spend time in public parks.

If you’d like to shop in the city center, there are few better spots than les Halles. This is a small district just next to the Louvre where fashion and interior decor shopping is abundant.

Les Halles is known for its multistory department stores and international brand lined streets.

Les Halles – by Xavier Bentes – Unsplash

2. 8th Arrondissement in Paris

The 8th arrondissement is home to the Champs Elysées; undoubtably one of the most famous shopping strips in the world.

The Champs Elysées runs between two of Paris’ main public squares. It’s an avenue, meaning it spans nearly 400m in width with incredible space for retail options.

Thousands of people come to the Champs Elysées each day to doe their Parisian shopping. You’ll find all the major international brands, luxury fashion houses, small-name designers and restaurants like Mc Donalds.

Champs Elysées – by Pedro Gandra – Unsplash

3. Le Marais in Paris

If you want to shop in Paris but prefer a more “one of a kind” experience, then le Marais needs a few hours of your time.

This is by no means a big brand district, but rather a collection of boutiques and local concept shops in which retailers are constantly challenging the norms when it comes to consumerism. Le Marais is a great place to shop and the one spot where you’ll find those unique pieces to take home from your visit to France.

Le Marais is my top pick for great vintage shopping in Paris!

Le Marais – by Sandro Cenni – Unsplash

4. Bercy Village in Paris

Bercy Village is a shopping strip on the southeastern edge of the city. It’s a cluster of old warehouses that were transformed not long ago into retail hubs; a communal street runs down the center and this is how visitors access the village.

One can easily lose a day shopping and dining on the Bercy Village strip. A particularly great shopping district for families with small children as there is a lot of entertainment for them as well.

Bercy Village – by Rafael Garcin – Unsplash

5. The Latin Quarter in Paris

The Latin Quarter is in the 5th arrondissement on the Left Bank of Paris. Shopping here is always a unique experience, as this is where Paris’ most interesting retailers gather.

The Shakespeare and Company Bookstore calls this district home; a haven for book lovers or even just those interested in anything Shakespeare.

This is also where the Bouquinistes sit and sell their goods along the Seine.

The Latin Quarter – by Mark Bonica – Wikimedia Commons

6. Montparnasse in Paris

Montparnasse is often overlooked by visitors to Paris who have a limited amount of time in the city. It can be seen as too far out, or inaccessible, as it is in the deep south of the city.

Montparnasse is a wonderful shopping district, one that locals make use of as much as tourists do. The district is very family friendly, and there are malls as well as street shopping throughout. Stick to the streets in close proximity to the Tour Montparnasse.

Montparnasse – by Jules D – Unsplash

7. Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris

Also on the Left Bank of the Seine is the very posh Saint-Germain-des-Prés district.

The shops here are noticeably upmarket with a range of products spanning from fashion to home decor. There are also a lot of galleries in this district, all available for purchase if you have the budget for them.

Don’t be surprised to see Parisian locals roaming this neighborhood with their personal shoppers on their arms.

8. Batignolles in Paris

The locals of the north of Paris do all of their shopping in the Batignolles. This area is right next to the iconic Montmartre hill. Montmartre tends to tourist attractions, and the Batignolles tends to the retail.

Here you’ll wander through cobble stone streets offering some local brands, small-name boutiques, souvenir stores and small markets filled with trinkets & collectables.

Batignolles – by Eric Chan – Wikimedia Commons

9. Haut-Marais in Paris

Another district for art lovers, Haut-Marais is another name for the 3rd arrondissement or “Northern Marais”.

This is one of the hippest districts in Paris, and very much a place you’ll only venture to after having been told of it’s existence by someone much trendier and cooler than you consider yourself to be.

That’s the nature of the shopping in Haut-Marais; trendy and cool, through and through. Being environmentally conscious is also very celebrated here, so bring that tote bag along!

Haut-Marais – by happy_serendipity – Wikimedia Commons

10. 9th Arrondissement (Boulevard Haussmann) in Paris 

The Boulevard Haussmann is one of Paris’ most popular shopping strips. It runs between the 8th arrondissement and 9th arrondissement, & was one of the most significant architectural contributions to the city back when Baron Haussmann was in charge of the restorations.

This wide shopping strip offers luxury fashion brands, local designers and worldwide names like Zara, H&M and Adidias. It’s essentially Paris’ one stop shop for all kinds of retail, and you’ll also be able to access the massive Galeries Lafayette department store from this road.

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