Top 10 Great Things to do on a Saturday Night in Paris


Friday nights in Paris are for mischief and mayhem; they’re for bistro dinners, nightclubs and dancing the night away.

Saturdays in Paris take on a slightly calmer energy. They’re for being out on the town, no doubt, but for more wholesome activities that pave way for a relaxing Sunday to follow.

Here are some ideas of great things to do on a Saturday night in Paris.

1. Watch the Sunset on a Saturday in Paris

During the week, Parisians have little time between work and commute to catch the sunset. Saturday evenings are when they find time to enjoy these simple pleasures, and venture out to different monuments and viewpoints to kiss the day goodbye.

The banks of the Seine are the most popular stomping grounds for this activity. Locals and tourists gather all along the left and right sides, dangling their feet over the edge or gazing up at the changing sky.

A Saturday night sunset is the perfect start to the evening.

by Bruno Abatti – Unsplash

2. Brave a Tinder Date on a Saturday Night in Paris

If you’ve been browsing the Tinder app while in the French capital, it’s likely you’ve got a date or two lined up in your direct messages.

Going on Tinder dates in Paris is a popular pastime amongst travelers from all over the world, especially those venturing solo looking to make some meaningful connections in the city of love.

Since Fridays are more social nights, Saturdays make for perfect date nights. The bistros, brasseries and cafes throughout the city are filled with couples on first or blind dates. Don’t be shy!

by Alban Martel – Unsplash

3. Take a Saturday Night Dinner Cruise on the Seine in Paris

Dinner cruises on the Seine are another popular pastime amongst first time travelers to Paris. Thought they embark every night of the week, Saturday evenings are always a little more special out on the water.

Most of the Seine cruise companies employ some sort of live entertainment as part of their Saturday night packages. Some feature live jazz bands for the duration of your meal, while others offer live piano performances, open mic nights and even the occasional standup comedy.

You’ll need to book a few days in advance for all of the Seine boat tours.

4. Explore the Center Pompidou on a Saturday Night in Paris

The Center Pompidou is an important museum in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. Most of Paris’ iconic museums close around 6pm each evening, leaving little room for late night art excursions at the establishments.

The Louvre Museum does a really night late-Friday offer where entrance is completely free to all between 6pm and 9:45pm.

On Saturdays, it’s the Center Pompidou that stays open late. One can visit here through until 9pm, though I wouldn’t recommenced entering after 8pm as you’ll need sufficient time to actually explore the space.

Center Pompidou – by MEAX – Unsplash

5. Eat Surprise Meals in the Dark on a Saturday Night in Paris

If Saturday nights are for anything in Paris, they’re for getting out of your comfort zone. What better way to do so than to dine in the pitch dark?

Yes, dark dining is now a thing, and it’s available at Dans le Noir also in the 4th arrondissement.

You’ll be wined and dined in complete darkness, and encouraged to identify what dishes have been put in front of you using only your taste and smell.

You’ll need to book for this experience.

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Sunday — 7:30pm to 9:45pm
ADDRESS: 51 Rue Quincampoix 40 et, 75004 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Rambuteau

6. Watch the Eiffel Tower Light Show on a Saturday Night in Paris

Few things say “weekend in Paris” quite like sitting down somewhere in view of the Eiffel Tower and waiting for the clock to hit the top of the hour.

On every hour after sundown in Paris the Eiffel Tower exhibits its famous light show that lasts a total of five minutes. It’s not much, but it’s a beautiful, dazzling few minutes during which you are made acutely aware of this phenomenal monument.

Find a spot, be it the Champ de Mars, the Seine or the Louvre gardens, and wait for the show to begin…

by Rafael Kellermann Streit – Unsplash

7. Take a Stroll Around Paris on a Saturday Night

On par with the Eiffel Tower light show is mindlessly meandering the city of Paris.

During the week, locals don’t have much time to waste in the evening simply walking and enjoying the romantic streets that make up their home city. The weekends, Saturday nights in particular, are the perfect evenings to take your time walking aimlessly through neighborhoods you’ve maybe been meaning to explore.

by Grillot edouard – Unsplash

8. Visit an Arthouse Cinema on a Saturday Night in Paris

Paris has some fantastic arthouse cinemas scattered around the city. Some of them have been here since as early as the 50s, with little to no changes having taken place to the infrastructure or interiors since.

Saturday nights are prime time at arthouse cinemas in Paris; arrive early to book tickets before they sell out!

I love Studio 28 in Montmartre; Dali even exhibited a film here once! For more cinema options click here.

by Myke Simon – Unsplash

9. Embrace Good Drinks and Conversation at a Secret Bar on a Saturday Night in Paris

Paris’ secret bars are basically just speakeasies that feel as though you’ve reentered the 1920s prohibition era.

These are not bars that you go to in search of a wild night on the town, but rather somewhere for really carefully prepared cocktails, exclusive jazz performances and good conversations.

I’ve listed the most impressive of Paris’ secret bars here. You might need a reservation for some of them come a Saturday night in the city.

10. Spend the Night in Versailles near Paris

Most people take a day to explore Versailles, catching the early train from Paris in the morning and returning on the last train in the evening.

I’ve recently begun encouraging visitors to head to Versailles on a Saturday and to spend the night somewhere in the village. Booking one evening’s accommodation is quite easy to do, and there are some great restaurants and entertainment for a night away from Paris.

Waking up in Versailles on a Sunday morning is one of the most memorable experiences you’ll take home with you from France.

by Clark Van Der Beken – Unsplash

Ten great ideas for your Saturday night in Paris, and now one extra great idea for any day in the city of lights: a guided walking tour through the city. Paris’ neighborhoods from the perspective of a local — book your guide now!

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