Top 10 Facts about the Luxury Hotel George V in Paris


I’m not usually one to marvel at hotels, but the Four Seasons George V in Paris takes my breath away every time. 

Being a 5 star luxury establishment, not everyone is going to have the good fortune of staying here. It’s the only hotel in the French capital that I advise people to visit as though it were a public attraction, and you’ll soon understand why. 

Hotel Geroge V – by Hotel George V – Sourced from their website

Note that Hotel George V is very closed to the notorious Champs Elysées, so if you’re planning on visiting this strip at some point during your time in Paris, set aside a pitstop at the hotel en route. 

Opening Hours: Daily
ADDRESS: 31 Avenue George V, 75008 Paris, France
Metro STATION: George V   

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1. It’s 5 Star Opulence Like You’ve Never Seen it Before 

Just entering the lobby at the George V, you’ll be greeted by a selection of 18th century tapestries that are worth the venture alone. Each day, dramatic flower arrangements are brought into the space, and every corner of the room holds a finish of gold or marble. 

Hotel Geroge V – by Hotel George V – Sourced from their website

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2. This Hotel is an Early Example of Art Deco

The facade of the hotel sets itself apart from all other buildings in this part of Paris. This area is known for that traditional Haussmann architecture, so the George V really challenges the norm. 

Inside is different to the outside, offering a slightly more modern take on historic French opulence. It’s difficult to describe exactly, due to the unique attention to detail that has been applied to every last centimeter of this property. 

3. The Hotel was Decorated by it’s First Owner

Francois Dupré was the man who owned the George V from the day it was opened in 1928, all the way through to 1968. He was a collector of fine things, and owned a variety of rare antique furniture pieces, original Baroque statues, authentic Louis XIV tapestries and other fine paintings. 

All of these pieces are still found in and around the public areas of the hotel, making this somewhat of a museum in certain regards. 

Hotel Geroge V – by Hotel George V – Sourced from their website

4. 2.5 Tons of Glass Were Used to Construct L’Orangerie

L’Orangerie is the courtyard restaurant at this Four Seasons Hotel. All of the rooms in the building overlook the Orangerie in some way, boasting perfect views of the 160,000 panels of carrara marble mosaic that makeup the courtyard floor. 

Hotel Geroge V – by Hotel George V – Sourced from their website

5. There’s Daily Afternoon Tea

This isn’t at all like high tea in the UK, but more like an afternoon delight with a very Parisian twist. Each evening, a pianist sits down in the tea room and plays elegant melodies as residents flock down from their rooms for their treats. 

It’s a lot less formal than a British high tea, and patrons of the hotel are encouraged to join in even if they are riding solo. 

6. Hotel George V is Home to a Michelin Star Restaurant 

Le Cinq restaurant is the onsite dining establishment for anyone staying at the hotel, and for those simply coming from elsewhere to dine. 

The restaurant is fine dining like you can only imagine, and it holds two Michelin stars. Yes, prices are exorbitant, but eating here is a once in a lifetime experience that we all deserve. 

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7. All Balconies at the George V Hotel Overlook the Eiffel Tower

This is very uncommon in Paris, as not all hotels have the fortune of facing the direction of the Iron Lady. 

To be able to look out of your bedroom window whilst in the city, and see her standing just there in all her glory, is an experience of note. It’s also wonderful to walk from the hotel to the Eiffel Tower on a warm summer’s evening (heck, or a icy winter’s one) and watch the light show go off every hour, on the hour. 

Hotel Geroge V – by Hotel George V – Sourced from their website

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8. The Hotel Boasts a Famous Wine Cellar

The wine cellar at the George V is an award winning collection, and was created by Éric Beaumard. 

At present, there are roughly 50,000 bottles of wine that makeup the collection, ready and available for patrons at any given moment. On the hotel wine list, there are a total of 2,200 wine options. 

9. A New Dish is Created at The Orangerie Each Day

L’Orangerie chef, David Bizet, requires that his team come up with a brand new dish for the restaurant every, single, day. This means that 5 hours per day are spent on research and development in the kitchens, with the sole goal that restaurant patrons will be able to experience something new no matter when they visit. 

Thats 365 new dishes per year!

Hotel Geroge V – by Hotel George V – Sourced from their website

10. The Hotel George V LOVES Children

This is always a big surprise to patrons of the hotel, because many assume that luxury establishment such as this are no place for little ones with their lack of manners and general frivolousness. 

On the contrary, children are welcomed at the George V, and are always made to feel like celebrities by the staff. This usually works to take some of the expectation off of the parents, allowing them to truly relax into their stay experience and making them more likely to return — genius! 

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