The Most Expensive Areas to Live in Paris


Photo by Jordan Plihal

It’s no secret that Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world. After all, calling the Ville lumière home means forking over a hefty sum for housing, no matter where in the city you choose to live. But there are some Parisian areas with extra glamorous reputations (and larger than life price tags). In France, real-estate prices include the cost per square meter, which can be shocking!

So are you ready to start dreaming? Here are the most expensive areas to live in Paris.


1. The 4th arrondissement: Ile Saint-Louis and Ile de la Cité

Situated in the true center of Paris and home to the Ile Saint-Louis, Ile de la Cité,  Hôtel de Ville, the Place des Vosges, as well as part of the lively Marais district, the 4th arrondissement is one of the most desirable areas to live in the city. That being said, it comes as no surprise that it’s also one of the most expensive areas to live in Paris. The average price per square meter in the 4th is one of the highest in the city, coming in at just over €12,500. 

But parts of the 4th arrondissement like the Ile Saint-Louis and Ile de la Cité, escaped Haussmann’s renovations, which means that this quartier holds onto much of its original charm. It’s here that you’ll find a taste of ancient Paris: tiny cobblestoned streets, Gothic architecture, and endless views of the city.  And as you probably guessed, this neighborhood commands even higher prices, with the average cost per square meter topping €14,000.

2. The 7th arrondissement: Champs de Mars

Photo by Jordan Plihal

Heading over to the Left Bank, we find ourselves in decidedly one of the most expensive areas to live in Paris: the glitzy 7th arrondissement. The 7th stretches along the Seine from Saint-Germain in the 6th until the end of the Champs de Mars, bordered by the 15th to the south.

Being home to the Eiffel Tower, the Musée d’Orsay, Napoleon’s tomb at Invalides, and the Musée Rodin just to name a few, the 7th draws plenty of tourists, but it’s actually an upscale residential area for the most part. This neighborhood features wide tree-lined boulevards and impressive, ornate architecture, and is relatively calm and quiet, especially towards the border with the 6th.

A neighborhood that is beautiful, safe, and convenient are the most desirable features when considering where to live in Paris, making the 7th a clear standout. And the prices all depend on location, location, location. The average price per square meter in the 7th comes out to a whopping €14,000!

But the closer you get to the 6th or the Champs de Mars, the higher prices climb. Avenue Elysée Reclus takes the cake for being the most expensive street in the area, and as it directly overlooks the Champs de Mars and the Eiffel Tower, I can see why. Talk about a dreamy view! If you’d like to live here, you can count on spending upwards of €17,000 per square meter.


3. The 8th arrondissemen: Alma-Marceau and Avenue Montaigne


On the Right Bank, just across the river Seine from the glitzy 7th lies the evidently upscale 8th arrondissement. You’ve been to the 8th if you’ve visited the Grand Palais, the Arc de Triomphe, or the commercial Avenue des Champs-Elysées which connects the Arc and the Place de la Concorde. But despite hosting these famous sites, the majority of the 8th is anything but touristy.

Home to l’Elysée (the President’s home), as well as some of the city’s most exclusive hotels, boutiques, and restaurants, the 8th easily makes the list of the most expensive areas to live in Paris. And due to the high price point, this area is most popular with wealthier families and professionals.

Generally, the closer to the river you get, the higher prices climb. Well, the 8th is no exception. The area around Alma-Marceau is one of the most expensive in the city, with listing prices coming to a whopping €16,000 per square meter. But this isn’t even the priciest neighborhood in the district! Famed for its world-class hotels and designer boutiques, the Avenue Montaigne fetches the highest real-estate prices in the 8th. If you dream of being neighbors with the Plaza Athénée, you can expect prices to hover around €20,500 per square meter!

4. The 16th arrondissement: Passy and Victor-Hugo

The 16th arrondissement is a historically upscale residential area on the western side of Paris, bordering the Bois de Boulogne. This arrondissement is actually the largest in Paris, it’s the only one to have two separate postcodes. Due to being more spacious than many other arrondissements, the 16th has a large number of multi-room apartments which made it popular with wealthier Bourgeous families in the 19th and 20th centuries.

This gave the area a very upscale and exclusive reputation, but in recent years prices are actually becoming more affordable in the 16th, actually some of the lowest prices on the whole list! Certain areas are more popular than others, with average prices in the swanky Passy or Victor Hugo neighborhoods reaching €11,500 per square meter. The farther from the center you go, the more prices drop and the average price per square meter on the outskirts of the 16th is much more affordable at €9,500.

5. The 6th arrondissement: Mabillon

Photo by Jordan Plihal

And now for the absolute most expensive area to live in Paris: the 6th arrondissement. At the turn of the 20th century, the Saint-Germain neighborhood became synonymous with literary and artistic life in Paris. The Left Bank was considered the intellectual’s Paris, and many of the city’s most famous literary cafés can be found here.

Nowadays, the 6th has become decidedly upscale with trendy art galleries, swanky restaurants, and designer boutiques dotting every street. And of course, the 6th is home to the Jardin du Luxembourg, and it’s the Mabillon neighborhood running between the Jardin and the Seine that commands the highest prices in the city. The cost per square meter is a staggering €14,500 on average, with apartments in the more desirable streets going for up to €20,000 per square meter!


Well now that you know the most expensive areas to live in Paris, which one would be your dream neighborhood?


Hope to see you soon in Paris!

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