The Best Skate Parks in Paris


Skating is a popular pastime throughout Paris, and the chosen mode of transportation for a lot of people who live in the city center. There are public skateparks throughout the city, where anyone is welcome to practice their on-wheel skills.

The following are the better kept and safer of all the venues, with local funding being pumped into the upkeep and general aesthetic of the space. Read on!

Skatepark de Bercy in Paris

Bercy is a Parisian district that was dramatically redone not very long ago, in attempt to drive more appeal into this part of the city. Inside of Bercy Park, you’ll find top of the range skating facilities and with a dynamic “street style” layout. 

The best thing about the Bercy skatepark is that it has a roof, making it the most ideal skating point when the weather in Paris takes a turn. The park features halfpipes, ramps and arena space where skaters of all levels are welcome to interact. 

by Jennifer Bedoya – Unsplash

The park has a strict opening schedule that the caretaker of the grounds doesn’t mess around with. Lights off at 8:30pm sharp, so arrive early!

Hours: Monday TO Sunday —  9am to 8:30pm
ADDRESS: Rue Raymond Aron, 75012 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Bercy

Espace Glisse de Paris 18 in Paris

Not only does the Espace Glisse de Paris have a roof, it’s entirely enclosed! This expansive skating facility is in the north of the city, in the outskirts of the 18th arrondissement. 

This was another city improvement project that sought to give the 18th arrondissement more public appeal. More than this, the youth of the neighborhood were in desperate need of somewhere to spend their days. 

by Rhendi Rukmana – Unsplash

You need to call in advance to confirm the opening hours of the day. There is a fluctuating schedule here and one never really knows what the hours are going to be limited to. 

Hours: Daily
ADDRESS: Impasse des Fillettes, 75018 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Porte de la Chapelle

Skatepark of Issy-les-Moulineaux / Rodin Park in Paris

Issy is another Parisian district where there isn’t very much happening at different times of the day. The locals love hanging out in this skatepark, and it’s as much of an attraction for the older youth as it is for the younger. 

The park is serene, to say the least. It’s situated under some towering trees, with ample grass space surrounding it. This is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon, before heading back into the city in time for dinner. 

by Randy Laybourne – Unsplash

The best thing about the Issy Skatepark is that it is open 24 hours a day; you won’t be kicked out come sun down by a grumpy groundsman. 

Skateboards, roller skates, bikes and scooters are all welcome in the space. 

Hours: Open 24 Hours
ADDRESS: 77 Boulevard Rodin, 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux, France
Metro STATION: Issy

SkatePark des Fougères in Paris

The only reason I know about this skatepark, is because I found it by accident while visiting the Vampire Museum just two blocks away. 

The park is expansive and open air. It’s well kept, and because of this it gets pretty crowded, especially in the summer months. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this spot for children looking to skate, as the older kids tend to steal the show and leave little room for safe learning. 

Similarly, skaters who prefer lower ramps will enjoy this park a lot! Everything is kept to manageable scale, and most skaters get away with not wearing a helmet or protective gear while here. 

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Hours: Open 24 hours
ADDRESS: 26 Rue de Noisy-le-Sec, 75020 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Gallieni