The Best Happy Hours in Saint-Germain


Going out for drinks in Paris’ chicest quartier doesn’t have to break the bank. In this article, I’ll show you the best happy hours in Saint-Germain from a local’s point of view.

Located on the Left Bank and full of historic bars, Saint-Germain was the former intellectual’s quarter of Paris. Today, the Saint-Germain neighborhood is known for being upscale and full of fashionable stores and fancy art galleries. Love it or hate it, Saint-Germain has a reputation for being exorbitantly priced. And apart from a few exceptions, I would have to agree with that.

But just because you want to spend a night out in one of the coolest areas in Paris doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune! It’s all about knowing where to go in this neighborhood. So here’s my guide to the best happy hours in Saint-Germain!

Le Petit Saint-Germain

Photo courtesy of Le Petit Saint-Germain – Sourced from their website

If you’re looking for a place to go out in Saint-Germain, be sure to check out la Rue Princesse. This little street nestled between Mabillon and Saint-Germain-des-Prés is home to tons of bars – and some of the best happy hours in Saint-Germain. Your first stop on this street should be le Petit Saint-Germain.

This little dive offers happy hour every day from 6PM until 8PM. During happy hour, you can enjoy a pint for just €4.50, and even during regular hours it will only set you back €6.00. Le Petit Saint-Germain is a great place to start your night, since there are plenty of bars close by, and you’re within walking distance of the lively Latin Quarter.

practical information:
le petit saint-germain 75006 paris
metro station: mabillon or saint-germain-des-prés
happy hour: when open 6PM//8PM
opening hours: wednesday – saturday 6PM//2AM


La Cave Saint-Germain

Photo courtesy of La Cave Saint -Germain – Sourced from their website

This café/bar is a nice pit stop if you’re exploring the Saint-Germain area, or visiting the Saint-Sulpice church. La Cave Saint-Germain is a no frills type place where you can chill out and enjoy the casual ambiance. The bar offers drinks and snacks during the day, and their happy hour is from 6PM until 9PM during the evening hours. You can snag a pint for €3 or a cocktail for €5. Not bad at all!

Apart from having one of the best happy hours in the area, this place is a casual party-goers dream. And it’s open almost the whole night. So la Cave Saint-Germain is a laid back spot where you can sit back and sip a pint after exploring or go out for dancing later in the night. They’re open until 6AM nearly every night of the week. You’re sure to see a different side of Paris if you end up here during the early hours of the morning!

practical information:
la cave saint-germain – 17 rue des canettes 75006 paris
metro station: odeon
happy hour: tuesday – saturday 6PM//9M
opening hours: tuesday – saturday 6PM//6AM


Chai Antoine

Photo COurtesy of Chai Antoine – Sourced from their Facebook page

Situated in the heart of Paris’ 6th arrondissement, Chai Antoine is somewhat of a local institution. And not just because they have one of the best happy hours in Saint-Germain! This bar/club is open daily from 6PM until dawn; and provides some pretty killer deals on drinks. As well as a good time!

Whether you feel like enjoying a pint with friends or dancing until the wee hours of the morning, Chai Antoine is one of your best bets in the area. Their happy hour is every day from 6PM until 9PM, when you can get a pint for just €2.50. Can’t make it for happy hour? Don’t worry, their prices are reasonable pretty much all night long. From 9PM until midnight, a pint is just €5 and you can get a glass of house wine for €3!

practical information:
chai antoine – 4 rue des canettes 75006 Paris
metro station: odeon
happy hour: every day from 6PM//9PM
opening hours: tuesday – thursday 6PM//4AM
friday – saturday 6PM//6AM

La Vache Folle

Photo courtesy of La Vache Folle – Sourced from their Facebook page

La Vache Folle is a laid back pub which is very popular with local students. No matter the night of the week, you will find a crowd at La Vache Folle. Probably because they have one of the best happy hours in Saint-Germain!

Really, if you’re looking to go out in Saint-Germain without breaking the bank, this is a chill and cheap option. During happy hour, you can grab a pint for just €3.50, and on Sunday the prices drop to €2.50. It’s an Irish pub, so they serve a selection of Irish and international beers, as well as cocktails and soft drinks. La Vache Folle is a come as you are style pub. Bartenders are friendly and so are the customers.

practical information:
la vache folle – 32 rue dauphine 75006
metro station: odeon
happy hour: monday – friday 4PM//9PM

Le Mazet

Photo Courtesy of Le Mazet – Sourced from their website

Le Mazet is an Irish pub/sports bar ideally located between Saint-Michel and Saint-Germain; making it the perfect spot to enjoy a happy hour if you’re exploring the 6th arrondissement. On weekdays you can enjoy a cocktail for €5 or a pint for €4.80, which is pretty unheard of in the area! They also offer classic bar fare if you get hungry, so this place is definitely a win-win.

Again, in comparison to its surroundings, this place is low key and you won’t find your typical Saint-Germain inhabitant inside. Live music and rowdy sports matches at Le Mazet draw a more international crowd.  There are even a bunch of world flags hung over the bar area. Happy hour is decently priced and always seems to draw a crowd in, though the place gets pretty packed for football or rugby matches as well. And if you’re an NFL fan wondering where to catch the Sunday night games in Paris, look no further!

practical information:
le mazet – 61 rue saint-andré des arts 75006 Paris
metro station: odeon
happy hour: monday – friday 4PM//9PM
opening hours: sunday – thursday 4PM//2AM
friday – saturday 4PM//5AM

Alriight, now you’ve got a guide to the best happy hours in Saint-Germain! Why not check one out after joining our neighborhood walking tour?

Hope to see you soon in Paris!

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