The Best Food Tours in Paris


If you’re a traveler who gets a kick out of a good tour, then you’re going to love visiting Paris. Here, there’s a tour for everything, be it tasting wine, to walking streets and even sampling local delicacies. 

Parisian food tours are wonderful ways to bask in the gastronomic magic that this part of the world harbors. Whether you’re wanting to sample cheeses from all corners of France, eat steak frites the old fashioned way, or learn to make melt-in-your-mouth macarons from scratch, this list has got you covered. 

The Best Wine Tasting Tours in Paris

Secret Food Tours in Paris

This tour company has been at the top of my list for quite some time, as they have never let down a single tourist that I have sent in their direction. There is something whimsical about they way they co-ordinate their tours throughout the city, which is tenement to why I continue to recommend booking in advance to ensure the experience. 

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SFT is run by Parisians who want the world to see and feel the true history and culture of French cuisine. My personal favorite package is their Montmartre Food Tour, during which you’ll enjoy 4 hours of all Parisian food has to offer. Meats, cheese, bread, chocolate, macarons and even local cognac are on the menu. 

Website: Click here
Average cost: €80.00 per person

The Bustronome in Paris

The Bustronome is a double decker bus made entirely out of glass sides and ceilings. Riders on the bus enjoy full views of the world of Paris on the outside while enjoying the comfort and warmth on the inside. 

The bus departs twice daily and the route ventures past most of the main Parisian landmarks and attractions. What makes this experience so interesting is that instead of your typical bus interior, it is actually a fine dining restaurant on the inside. 

The Bustronome Paris – by Bustronome – Sourced from their website

The Best Bus Tours in Paris

This is one of the more unique food tours available in Paris, where classic cuisine meets the city streets in a setting like no other. Book well in advance — they tend to sell out!  

Website: Click here
Average cost: €65.00 per person

Cheese Cellar Wine Tour in Paris

Cheese is as important as wine is in France; both are considered an art when it comes to their making, and pairing of them is very common. There are great wine and cheese tours in Paris. This one is unique in that it is hosted inside of an actual cheese making cellar in the center of the city. 

Cheese Cellar Wine Tour – Sourced from their website

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A professional guide will walk you through a range of French and Swiss cheeses, paired with local made wines that compliment every flavor so expertly. Smaller groups are recommended, with a cap at 10 individuals. This makes the experience more enjoyable for everyone, giving way for a more intimate exchange with the tour guide.

Website: Click here
Average cost: €70.00 per person

Flavors of Paris in Paris

This is another renowned food tour company based in the heart of the city. Their passion for local cuisine is pretty tangible, and I’m a huge fan of their Original Tour (The Original Flavors of Paris Tour). 

This tour embarks you on a memorable journey through the neighborhoods of Saint Germain des Prés and the Latin Quarter. It’s incredibly chic, start to finish, and you’ll visit boutiques, markets and cafe, sampling everything edible that the spaces have to offer. 

Flavors of Paris in Paris – by Flavors of Paris – Sourced from their website

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The tour lasts 3 and a half hours and there is moderate walking required. Note that the foods that you will consume en route are seasonally based, so a tour through the winter months will not always be the exact same as those through the summer. Don’t worry, the buttery croissants are immune to seasons and standard across both tours! 

Website: Click here
Average cost: €119.00 per person

Airbnb Food Tours in Paris

A quick search on Airbnb will bring up a plethora of food tours being hosted by Parisian locals right here in the city center. No one knows French food quite like a local, so who better to entrust your tasting experience to than someone who grew up having their palate trained in such a way. 

These tours are great ways to mingle with locals, and there are many different variations on offer. You could follow someone through le Marais, or have someone actually drive you out to a nearby eatery for their favorite menu exploration. 

Winter Cheese Tour on Airbnb – by Airbnb – Sourced from their website

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Since these are independently run tours they are far more affordable than the more formal tour companies. This is a great way to enjoy local cuisine on a budget, no matter the size of your group! 

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