The Best Barbershops in Paris


Paris has some fantastic barbershops, and you won’t have to travel very far to find the best one near you. That said, these are some tried and tested crowd pleasers, where you’re guaranteed professional service and a cut to match. 

La Barbière de Paris in Paris

La Barbiere is a well known name within the Parisian barbershop community. There are multiple locations across Paris, which means you’ll likely never be far from a convenient location. 

Booking is essential at this barbershops, as they have a lengthy list of devoted clientele who tend to book out the space year round. This is both a local gem and tourist friendly space, so they will be more than happy to accommodate whomever is seeking barber services. 

La Barbière de Paris in Paris – by La Barbière de Paris – Uploaded by them

The barbers have sensational knowledge about human hair and face shapes, thus they are able to give very in-depth and accurate analysis on what would work best. Alternatively, you can simply let them know your preference and they will curate to perfection. 

OPENING HOURS: Monday TO SUNDAY — 12pm to 1am
ADDRESS: Various

Grizzly Barbershop Boétie in Paris

The craftsmanship of this particular barber is probably unmatched in Paris, which makes it understandable why getting a booking here can take days or weeks. Book well in advance if you’d like to have your hair cut while in Paris!

It gets busy in this shop, and when things are running a little late, clients are offered some time on the Playstation that they have in-store. 

Grizzly Barbershop Boétie – by Grizzly Barbershop Boetie – Uploaded by them

Prices in the Grizzly range depending on the service you are looking for, but their premium service is worth considering as it comes with all the bells and whistles. 

OPENING HOURS: Monday TO Thursday — 9:30am to 7:30pm
ADDRESS: 17 bis Rue la Boétie, 75008 Paris, France
METRO STATION: Miromesnil 

Bourghida Barber Styling in Paris

This classic shop is a treat, and is located on the furthers eastern end of the city. Because of the location, English isn’t widely available, but this is no reason to avoid the service. I would 100% recommend a visit if you are happy to use Google Translate to get your point across. 

Bourghida Barber Styling – Bourghida Barber Styling – Uploaded by them

Also because of the location, prices at Bourghida are considerably more affordable compared to spots in the city center. If you’re in Paris on a budget, take the metro to the Porte de Charenton stop and make the short walk to this shop — you’ll save a significant amount and be able to enjoy a lunch in the neighborhood after your cut. 

OPENING HOURS: Tuesday TO Saturday — 10am to 7pm
ADDRESS: 5 Rue de Madagascar, 75012 Paris, France
METRO STATION: Porte de Charenton 

OV Concept Barbier in Paris

Those who frequent the OV Concept Barber remark that they find some of the best haircuts they’ve had in years. There is a skill and precision maintained in this shop that makes it a bit of an institution. 

Booking are essential to avoid disappointment, and the average cut is offered between €20 and €25, depending on the specifics. 

OV Concept Barbier – by OV Concept Barbier – Uploaded by them

Take note that your hair will not be shampooed unless you explicitly ask for it to be done. You’ll also pay extra, so consider coming with clean here if this is of concern to you. As far as this part of Paris is concerned, this is an affordable barber shop!

ADDRESS: 32 Rue Laugier, 75017 Paris, France

The Good Barber in Paris

I love when a shop name describes exactly what you’re going to find inside. This is, indeed, one good barber, and attention to detail is their claim to fame. 

The space itself is reason enough to visit. It’s designed like an enjoyable lounge area with a cozy, welcoming ambiance. Punctuality is important in this shop, so if you make a booking try to adhere to your slot so that things can run smoothly. That said, the barber is a kind and understanding man, and will do what he can to accommodate all who show at the door. 

by Allef Vinicius – Unsplash

As always, booking are pretty much essential in peak season. This is a very central shop so there is a lot of foot traffic surrounding it. 

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OPENING HOURS: Tuesday TO Saturday — 9:30am to 7:30pm
ADDRESS: 17 Rue Saint-Paul, 75004 Paris, France