The Best Ballet Dance Schools in Paris


Parisians love a good opportunity to get their bodies moving. You’ll find almost all of them take part in some kind of yoga, dance, or movement classes at least once a week. 

Ballet is popular amounts both adults and children in Paris, and there are many wonderful studios scattered throughout the city center. Whether you’re living like a local and have settled into the city for good, or as just passing through and looking for a chance to express yourself, any one of the following dance schools would be a great place to start!

Top 5 Places to Dance in Paris

Paris Dance School in Paris

Rate: €15 drop in class 

The Paris Dance School is as exclusive and professional as it sounds. This isn’t really a place one goes to explore the world of ballet as a beginner adult; it’s where careers start and are cultivated from the ground up. 

If you have prior ballet experience, dropping in for a class is always an option. This studio is, however, better suited to locals who live in Paris full time and are looking to really cultivate a relationship with the school and fellow dancers. 

by ketan rajput – Unsplash

In addition to ballet, there is jazz, modern, hiphop, popping, dancehall and classical styled classes available. 

Top Rated Pole Dance Studios of Paris

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday — 9am to 7pm
ADDRESS: L’Atelier, 10 Rue du Cygne, 75001 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Etienne Marcel   

Marais Dance Centre in Paris

Rate: €20 drop in class 

The Marais Dance Center in le Marais is one of the most jubilant community centers in all of Paris. Here, you’ll dance to your heart’s content, no matter your experience level; or skillset. 

It’s a wonderful place for ballet, but they also offer a myriad of other dance styles ranging from urban all the way to musical theatre. 

Marais Dance Centre in Paris – by Marais Dance Centre – Uploaded by them

The teachers are the Marais Dance Center are internationally acclaimed and world class professionals. There is a tangible love for dance that flows through this entire establishment, and you’ll be better off just having paid the space a visit. 

Top 3 Places to Dance Salsa in Paris

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday — 9am to 7pm
ADDRESS: L’Atelier, 10 Rue du Cygne, 75001 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Rambuteau

Fit’ballet Octavie Escure in Paris

Rate: €15 drop in class 

Fit’ballet is a studio in the north of the 2nd arrondissement, where the main objective is to become as strong as a “fit ballerina”. They have a jam packed schedule of daily classes, in which all elements of ballet are explored from levels beginner through to advanced. 

Fit’ballet Octavie Escure in Paris – by Fit’ballet Octavie Escure – Sourced from their website

You can do fit-ballet intensive workout classes, classical barre classes, stretch classes etc. If it exists as a style within the world of ballet, they’ll have it!

The best part is that they have studios in Pairs, Barcelona, Berlin, Perpignan and Lusanne, so if you’re a frequent traveler you’ll often have access to their classes in different cities. 

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday — 9:30am to 9:30pm
ADDRESS: 3 Rue d’Hauteville, 75010 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Bonne Nouvelle

Dance School Stanlowa in Paris

Rate: No drop in classes

The Stanlowa Dance School is situated in the 8th arrondissement, close to the Parc Monceau. This is unfortunately not the spot for a once off drop in class, but rather a space where dancers are encouraged to enroll in long term courses and really dedicated themselves to the practice. 

Watch this video on YouTube.

The schools is the brainchild of Janine Stanlowa, a ballerina of Slavic origin. There is great history and love at this dance establishment, and the care for each dancer’s process is very tangible. 

The school offers courses for adults, teenagers and children of all levels. 

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday — 9:30am to 9:30pm
ADDRESS: 23 Rue de la Baume, 75008 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Sant-Augustin 

Barreshape in Paris

Rate: €27 drop in class

The Barreshape company has three different locations in Paris, and are continuously growing due to the overwhelming popularity of this kind of workout. 

They market themselves as “not your grandmother’s kind of ballet”, and one of the quickest ways to get extremely fit whilst having a lot of fun. Their methods are inspired by classical dance, but takes on a the disciplines of pilates and intense cardio. 

Barreshape in Paris – by Barreshape – Uploaded by them

They promise that all students will see results in a short space of time, claiming that the results include a more “harmonious silhouette”, firmed buttocks, increased flexibility and grace (to name a few). 

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It saves you a lot money to buy class-packs, as opposed to singular sessions. 

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday — 10am to 9pm
ADDRESS: Various
Metro STATION: Various