The Best Bakeries in Paris


Ahh the city of love, lights and of course, bread. France is famous for their culinary prowess, and Paris is no exception. In this article, I’ll be sharing with you all about the best bakeries in Paris, and what to try at each one.



Du Pain et des Idées

Du Pain et des Idées – Photo by Meriec Sulbaran

Nestled in a quiet street just a block away from the Canal Saint-Martin, du Pain et des Idées is what one would classify as a neighborhood gem. This bakery is truly phenomenal in terms of quality and their creativity.

Du Pain et des Idées is not your typical bakery; they offer sweet and savory goods, bread and even coffee. If you have a sweet tooth, make sure to try their famous escargot pastries which come in flavors like pistachio, raspberry and chocolate.

Getting to the savory treats, this place is famous for their savory rolls called pavé which are stuffed with all kinds of goodies – from figs with goat cheese to ham and even Reblochon cheese. The Pain des Amis is also noteworthy (as evidenced by the many local restaurants who use it); a homemade bread loaf loaded with flavor in the form of mixed flour and toasted seeds.

practical information:
du pain et des idées – 34 rue yves toudic 75010 paris
metro station: jacques bonsergent
opening hours: monday – friday 7AM//7:30PM


Photo courtesy of Poilâne – Sourced from their website

Poilâne is an institution in the world of Parisian boulangeries. This little shop became famous nearly a century ago for their rustic sourdough loaves. Since then, Poilâne has developed from just a little shop in the Marais to having several locations across Paris as well as many boutiques in France.

While the sourdough loaves are still their most famous ware, people flock to Poilâne for an array of delicious breads and treats. Don’t miss trying the classic pain Poilâne. This bread pairs perfectly with just about anything for a Parisian style picnic in nearby Place des Vosges. And if you’re looking for a little something sweet, their butter cookies called Punitions  literally melt in your mouth.

practical information:
poilâne – 38 rue debelleyme 75003 paris
metro station: filles du calvaire or saint sebsastien-froissart
opening hours: tuesday – saturday 7AM//8:30PM
sunday 7AAM//6PM


Photo courtesy of Dupain – Sourced from their website

Easily carving out a place on my list of the best bakeries in Paris is Dupain. Located in the trendy 11th arrondissement, Dupain caters to the Parisian bread connoisseur. Part boulangerie part pâtisserie, at Dupain everything is organic, and local. From the yeast right on down to the flour. Even their flour is sourced from Ile de France region, and they follow an ancient recipe for some of the best homemade sourdough I’ve ever tasted.

Over on the sweet side, there’s quite the array of seasonal desserts: fruit tarts, cheesecake and even their very own bûche de Noël (traditional Christmas cake). Dupain also offers free delivery on orders over thirty euros, so this is a great option for parties or even office gatherings.

practical information:
dupain – 20 boulevard du filles du calvaire 75011 paris
metro station: filles du calvaire
opening hours: tuesday – friday 8AM//8PM
saturday 8:30AM//7PM
sunday 9AM//6PM


Bo & Mie

Photo courtesy of Bo&Mie – Sourced from their website

Bo & Mie is a cute little bakery in the Marais area, just next to the Centre Pompidou. This place is a combination of a traditional boulangerie and a pâtisserie; meaning it has a selection of both savory and sweet treats. But hat sets this place apart? Honestly, the creativity and quality of the craft at Bo&Mie landed it a place in my guide to the best bakeries in Paris.

Everything is made on site by their team of expert bakers and pastry chefs – from both classic and reinvented recipes. All kinds of bread, baguettes and rustic rolls feature here, and they only use locally-sourced flour which is pretty cool. My favorite is their sourdough loaf with honey, hazelnuts and raisins. Definitely inventive in terms of a sweet/savory combo and perfect to enjoy with some foie gras or cheese.

The sweet offerings don’t disappoint either, and it’s at Bo&Mie that you’ll find those striped croissants stuffed with pink praline, hazelnut spread, or pistachio. Cookies, cakes and éclairs abound as well. And be sure to check out their impressive bûche de Noël if you’re visiting Paris during the Christmas season.

practical information:
bo&mie – 18 rue de turbigo 75002 paris
metro station: etienne-marcel
opening hours: monday – saturday 7:30AM//8PM
sunday 8AM//7PM

The French Bastards

Photo Courtesy of the French Bastards – Sourced from their Instagram

Despite its rather audacious name, this hip boulangerie-pâtisserie in Paris’ 11th district is of the best bakeries in Paris. Here you’ll find top-notch bread and cakes; all of them creative and tasty.

The French Bastards’ signature bread, the bâtard nods to the bakeries name and is a modernized rendition of a classical French loaf. The key to this loaf is three different kinds of flour, which gives the bread a more rustic, whole-grain taste. If you hope to find a baguette tradition, or something more out of the box like a loaded focaccia, you’re in luck. There’s a lot of variety here!

Sweet treats come in the form of apple-pistachio tarts, raspberry cakes topped with lemon meringue, cookies,  pain au chocolats and the like. Most of the desserts are traditional French classics updated with a special twist. Some stay true to their original form. All are worth a try!

practical information:
the french bastards – 61 rue oberkampf 75011 paris
metro station: parmentier or oberkampf
opening hours: monday – wednesday 7:30AM//8:30PM
friday 7:30AM//8:30PM
saturday 8:30AM//8PM
sunday 8:30PM//7:30PM

Well, now you know my picks for the best bakeries in Paris! I hope you’ll try some of these places out on your next trip. And if you’re eager to learn more about the best in French food, don’t hesitate to join one of our guided food tours!


Hope to see you soon in Paris!

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