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How to pick your Free Walking Tour in Paris: Best Tips & Advice


Strolling in Paris will take your breath away, this is the best way to explore the amazing city as you walk around staring at the historical monuments and seeing the astonishing fountains across the city. Paris the city of lights is known to be the world’s most visited city by tourists all around the world known for its remarkable museums, historical Gothic architectural buildings, palaces and churches, awesome rivers to cruise on, luxurious hotels to stay in and awesome cafes where one can dine and eat the finest cuisines in Paris and astonishing pastries.

Paris is also known to be the home of most of the famous artists and while touring and walking around you can see their work. The perfect news it does not matter what time of the year you visit Paris you will be marveled at the beautiful wonders of Paris. The best time to visit Paris is during summer and spring when most of the places are open museums and historical churches. In August most art galleries, boutiques, antique and vintage shops, smaller museums, and Bistros are closed. Paris is known for its special events and holidays like Christmas which is during the winter like ice skating at the Eiffel Tower.

Paris fashion week is one of the special events that many tourists come to visit, but before going to Paris one has to budget well to make sure it’s a well-deserved trip. Avoid traveling when there is a lot of traffic in Paris lines to museums or historical sites that have long queues leaving you standing a long time, they are places where they are pickpockets be aware keep your eyes open and know your surroundings. They are a lot of fun places to visit Paris is not only a romantic city as a visitor you can travel with the family there are many fun activities for children to take part in.

Tips and advice before picking a free tour in Paris

10 Reasons why you should book a Free Walking Tour in Paris.

1. You must have a budget

Paris the city of lights it’s not just a romantic city there is so much to see, do and discover. As a first-time visitor, everything in Paris will blow your mind from the exquisite boutiques to the astonishing museums and historical monuments like the Eiffel tower. Before visiting Pris you must have a budget you can adhere to as you explore beautiful Paris. It is good to also know the cheap means of transport and cheap restaurants and cafes one can dine and enjoy. This forces one to do a lot of extensive research before planning your vacation to Paris.

2. The best time to visit Paris

Paris is a city of wonder and everyone can enjoy the extraordinary city of lights. The best time to visit Paris is during the off-peak season when they are not so many tourists and the prices are fairly cheap and it’s easy for one to bargain especially at the antique shops as you shop around and tour the city. The best time to visit Paris is from June to August and September to October even if the weather is favorable for one to enjoy sightseeing and exploring the city of lights.

 Bets time to Visit Paris

3. Be aware of scam artists and pickpockets

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Every city has its vices well Paris is not off the hook, most people want to take advantage of new visitors who barely know the place well. Better safe than sorry it is good for one to be aware that they are pickpockets and scam artists in Paris. One should book tours through a genuine company or ask at the airport the genuine company one can use to book the tours. Do not go to Paris with a blind eye, be on the lookout and make sure to enjoy yourself by taking the safety measures you deserve.

4. Use public transport

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Besides walking, taking the metro and renting a Velib are also great ways to explore Paris. The metro is a convenient way to move from one place to another in Paris. And guess what the metro lines reach the entrances of most historical monuments. You can also take the train so you can experience a hassle-free and comfortable way of going around France. If you are not sure which metro line or bus line to use you can, ask around or get a map to show you your way around.

5. Carry comfortable clothes and shoes

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The city of lights is well explored on foot while you are walking there is a lot to see and take in as you enjoy Paris. Make sure to carry comfortable shoes for walking so as not to hurt your legs. During summer it’s advisable to carry light and open shoes as you tour Paris and also carry a light jacket as the weather may change. In Winter make sure to carry heavy jackets and boots as the weather is cold, to keep warm as you take a walk around Paris. One should take into account the distance between historical sites so be careful not to do long walks and get tired fast.

6. Learn a few basic French Phrases

It is advisable before going to France one should learn a few essential words like greetings. Most tours are either in French or English and most of the time as you walk in the lovely streets of Paris you will encounter locals who may not know English. The basic language skills will help one maneuver around Paris.

7. Check opening times for restaurants

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Restaurants in Paris open at different times, and they are months when restaurants are closed. It would also be advisable to book a reservation before going to dine in a particular restaurant. The customary French dinner hour is 8 pm or 8:30 pm, though many restaurants open for dinner by 7 pm, and are happy to serve you. Some restaurants, usually the lower-priced ones, offer service non-stop open all day and into the evening and the night.

11 best restaurants in Paris in 2022

8. Make sure to walk around with cash

When touring Paris, they are many boutiques, shops, and exquisite antic shops it would be good to carry cash as some shops do not allow cards or foreign cash. Carrying cash also helps to make transactions easier, especially with the locals. Paris the city of lights is a wonderful place to tour while walking you get to enjoy awesome historical sites and fascinating monuments.

9. Check Weather patterns

Paris is open throughout the year but they are some seasons when one cannot tour the whole of Paris, especially museums. When visiting Paris, you must be aware of the weather patterns or seasons Winter, Spring, and Summer. The best time to visit Paris is during the Spring and Summer time when the weather is hot and cool and one can walk around with ease. Make sure to research the weather before visiting Paris so that you can enjoy the city of lights.

Paris weather in Summer

10. Always leave the streets clean

Do you enjoy walking in clean streets, well Paris streets and pedestrian walkways are clean. As visitors try not to throw trash or cigarette buds if they are a smoker, they are garbage cans along the streets are in the parks where one can throw anything be it a serviette after eating food. It would be good as a visitor to leave the streets clean as you stroll and sightsee the beautiful city.

You may learn more about Paris’s history and city center by taking a free tour. These excursions also provide you with fantastic insight into the most popular photo opportunities in Paris. Here are the best free tours to take in Paris.

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