How to get from Paris to Versailles


A true Parisian vacation isn’t complete without visiting Versailles. Easily one of the world’s most famous palaces, Versailles is as opulent and majestic as it is historic.

So whether you want to spend a morning or an entire weekend at Versailles, there is plenty there to fill your time. And luckily, getting from Paris to Versailles is simple and quick, so it’s easy to do in a day trip. There are a few ways to get from Paris to Versailles, so you can decide which option fits you best.

Where is Versailles?

The domain of Versailles includes the town itself as well as the Palace itself and the extensive grounds. Located to the southwest of Paris, Versailles is an upscale, residential suburb home to 86,000 residents. The palace and town make a popular day trip destination because they are just 17 kilometers from Paris.

How to get to Versailles from Paris

Getting from Paris to Versailles is easy and won’t take you long. As it’s located just 17 km from Paris city center, you can easily visit Versailles in the morning and be back in the city in the afternoon.

There are three main options to access the palace and the grounds; by car, by train or by bike. I’ll cover each of the options in detail below so you can see what makes the most sense for your situation.

château de versailles – Place d’Armes, 78000 Versailles
metro station: gare château de versailles chantiers
open tuesday – sunday 9AM//5:30PM

Versailles from Paris by Car

Photo by Takahiro Taguchi on Unsplash

If you have car and fancy a drive around Paris, you can get to Versailles in under an hour. Although the distance between the two is just 17 kilometers, that’s as the crow flies. So the actual route is a bit longer, around 25 kilometers.

I recommend putting the address of the Château de Versailles directly in your GPS, and follow the directions from there to the castle. Once you’ve arrived there are several parking lots in front of the entrance with metered parking.

Personally, I think driving is the best way to get to Versailles if you’d like to spend some time in the gardens. The grounds of the castle are one of the most impressive parts, and stretch on for miles; with plenty of biking and walking paths. Not to mention, they make an amazing setting for a picnic.

If you’ve already visited the castle and prefer to explore more of the gardens, you can simply drive to the south side of the gardens. If you enter there, it’s free of charge (you just can’t enter the castle part) and you can park close by. You can of course also access this entrance if you come via train, but it is quite the walk (around 45 minutes).

For these kinds of trips, I like to use WAZE.  This is a free GPS app which is updated in real time to show road closures, construction, delays, traffic, etc. It will definitely save you some time and hassle, especially if you’re not used to driving in Paris.

Click here to read my complete guide to driving in Paris.

Versailles from Paris by Train

Photo courtesy of Madeleine Ragsdale on Unsplash

Getting to Versailles from Paris is easy and convenient by train as well. You can take the RER C from the center of Paris to Château de Versailles.  To get there, you’ll want to take the direction Gare de Versailles Rive Gauche.

The journey should take you around 30 minutes once you’re on the RER and costs €7.10 for a round trip ticket. Those with a Navigo pass don’t pay any extra. Once you’ve arrived at the station, the station the Château entrance is a quick 5 minute walk away.

Versailles from Paris by Bike

Photo courtesy of Google Maps

If you want to take the scenic route, the best way to get to Versailles from Paris is by bike. The route is just over 22 kilometers long, so the ride can be categorized as moderate. If you’re comfortable on a bike, this is a great way to visit Versailles because you have the freedom to stay as long as you want. And you won’t have to worry about train times or rush hour traffic.

The most scenic bike route winds through the adjacent Parc de Saint-Cloud, and extends into Versailles. If you leave from the center of Paris, the ride generally takes an hour and thirty minutes. But of course, you can add more or subtract time depending on your pace. There are bike racks in front of the Château, and they also have lockers if you want to pay to store your gear.

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How much does it cost to visit Versailles?

Photo courtesy of the Château de Versailles – Sourced from their official website

The cost to visit Versailles depends on your situation, the complete price list is below.

under 18 – free
resident of the E.U. under 26 – free
château and gardens adult fare – €20
château and gardens adult fare with fountains and concert: €27

Click here to book your tickets to Versailles.


You can plan to add another €5 per person for an audio guide. Butt if you really want to get to know Versailles, I would recommend booking a guided tour with one of our local tour guides. You’ll get an insider’s perspective and get to learn all about the history, artwork and magnificence architecture within.

The Palace of Versailles

Photo courtesy of the Château de Versailles – Sourced from their official website

The immense Palace of Versailles is a wonder in and of itself. A place truly fit for royalty, this château is truly awe-inspiring.

You can tour the velvet draped former digs of Marie Antoinette and Louis XIV as well as the famed hall of mirrors and various galleries. And don’t forget to save some time to explore the gardens!

The Gardens of Versailles

Photo courtesy of the Château de Versailles – Sourced from their official website

Without a doubt, the Palace of Versailles is the item on most visitors’ agenda. But the immense grounds and immaculate gardens shouldn’t be overlooked. The gardens stretch on for miles in front of the Palace, peppered with reflection ponds, ancient statues and beautiful fauna hailing from around the world.

You’ll want to give yourself a few hours to explore the gardens to the fullest. Though you can also book a bike tour if that’s more your pace.

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