Design Unique Perfumes: 7 Reasons to Become the Owner of a Scent Creator


The Scent Creator provides you with a stylish, at-home perfume laboratory, which uses cutting-edge technology and perfume genius to blend complex, unique fragrances in seconds, for you to use immediately.

The Scent Creator is used in the workshops by The Alchemist Atelier, but is also available for purchase for you to be able to freely create your own scents, allowing complete autonomy.


The Scent Creator can be customised in glossy black or white, whose face is crafted from smooth wooden panels, from light to dark. There are 4 natural wooden accents to choose from,  to compliment any space.

It has been designed with the aesthetics of a minimalist-portable work of art allowing it to be acquired by everyone in order to blend bespoke fragrances at home or in any place they find their inspiration.

The Scent Creator is offered at the price of €350, and it includes a perfume workshop with one of our perfumers.

  • Scents come in 20ml cartridges that cost between €18 and €24
  • The Scent Creator has a 2  year warranty
  • With the purchase of a Scent Creator you are offered a 20% discount on all cartridges and accessories

So, without further ado, here are 10 reasons why you should  become an owner of the Scent Creator… If you are looking to take the workshop, read this article.

1. By designing your own perfume you exercise your creativity

In this modern day we often forget to make time for ourselves and our creativity. We all have our working routines, our family life, and although yoga and weekly boxing classes help us to meditate and relax, using the Scent Creator allows for this and more.
Okay, so maybe it isn’t sport, but it is therapeutic to create a perfume as you will zone out all the other thoughts that preoccupy your mind. It requires a certain level of concentration to make the perfect fragrance, and once you are finished, the result is tangible and very satisfying!

It may seem obvious, but this is definitely one of the most exciting prospects. Forget your days of amateur perfume mixing with essential oils, when everything just ends up smelling like lavender and patchouli!

The Scent Creator is a highly sophisticated device that allows to measure, to the millilitre, the dosage of each ingredient. You will notice that changing the strength of just one Top note will create an entirely different effect. This is hyper sensitive high- tech! It is for those who love luxury yet look beyond basic trends towards innovation in glamour.

The fun you can have with this device is endless.

2. You will wear a perfume that no one in the entire world has ever smelt before

We can’t deny that it is satisfying to walk into a room and hear someone say, “You smell amazing!” The next question is, “What perfume are you wearing?”

Enjoy this proud moment when you say, you can’t buy it in the store, I created it myself. Watch them gawp in amazement and perhaps a tad of envy…

3. The quality is exceptional

The Scent Creator is not a gimmick. You will be creating high quality perfumes. The perfume stays on the entire day. I can confirm this as I am addicted to the scent I created and am constantly smelling my own wrists even 7 hours after application.

4. Impress your friends

With the Scent Creator you will never get caught out having forgotten to buy a gift for a loved one. Just pop a flask into the device and start mixing! Giving the gift of a hand-made perfume is a personal statement, that a) you know and appreciate this person, and b) you made the effort to think of them and about what they would like.

If you would rather have your friends create their own gifts, your own at-home workshop (run by you) makes for a super fun, original theme for a party. What better way to get everyone together, learn about what you like, and all end the night with little asks of fragrance that you can’t get anywhere else.

This is highly recommended for special events and birthday parties. Invite everyone else to provide the champagne and charcuterie!


5. Be ecological

Reusable bottles, minimal packaging, and no more air-miles for each individual perfume!

6. Never get bored with your fragrance

Our tastes are constantly changing, as are trends, which can prevent us from emptying the bottle of our perfumes. With the Scent Creator, only 20ml can be created at one time. So, once you finish it, you either repeat the recipe which is saved on the app, or you make a new one. No more wastage!

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7. Be able to adapt to every event

As you will have multiple flasks, you can certainly wear a variety of your designed fragrances at one time. The efficiency of the Scent Creator means that you can create new fragrances within an hour’s notice, too. If the perfume you usually wear does not suit the event you are going to, make a new one! Or adjust the old. Whether it’s a Sunday Picnic, or a broody date night, you will feel refreshed and ready to go.