Best Steak Frites Restaurants in Paris


Steak frites might sound fancy rolling off the tongue, but all it’s really referring to is a good old fashioned plate of steak and French fries.

Steak frites is a bit of a staple dish in France, and you won’t struggle to find it on the menus of just about every restaurant in the city, aside from breakfast/brunch spots. Even those bistros or cafes that don’t have it as an official menu item will usually still make it if  you simply ask.

Steak frites – by Dcollard – Wikimedia Commons

Isolating the best steak frites in Paris is a lot more complicated as task than it sounds. How hard could it be to fry some potatoes and sear a ribeye, right? You’d be surprised. Here are the spots to look out for:

Bistrot Paul Bert in Paris

For a long time, Bistrot Paul Bert was one of Paris’ best kept local secrets. That was until renowned chef Anthony Bourdain featured the restaurant on his travel show, unveiling the bistro to the rest of the world.

Situated in the 11th arrondissement, Bistrot Paul Bert is an old-fashioned dining space with a warm charm that is unmatched elsewhere in Parisian bistros.

The steak frites is part of their classic menu, and instead of using a ribeye steak like all other establishments seem to, Paul Bert opts rather for a filet mignon.

Because of the restaurants newfound fame, reservations are essential!

Bistrot Paul Bert in Paris – by Bistrot Paul Bert – Sourced from their Facebook

ADDRESS: Tuesday TO Saturday —  12pm to 2pm // 7:30pm to 11pm
ADDRESS: 18 Rue Paul Bert, 75011 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Rue des Boulets

Severo in Paris

If you’ve got a bit more of a budget to blow, and a taste for fine wine, then Severo is probably your go-to for fabulous steak frites in Paris.

Situated in the Latin Quarter, Severo is technically a wine bar by appearance. Once you sit down, however, you’ll find an intricate menu awaits, centered around classic meat dishes from around the world.

Simplicity is key at this tiny restaurant, and the steak is accompanied by nothing more than fries and pepper sauce. The dish is so obviously meticulously prepared that you can’t help but marvel at the astounding flavor that chef (and owner) William Bernet is able to conjure up!

Steak frites – by Missvain – Wikimedia Commons

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ADDRESS: Monday TO Friday —  12pm to 2pm // 7:30pm to 10pm
ADDRESS: 8 Rue des Plantes, 75014 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Alésia

Le Relais de L’Entrecôte in Paris

Somehow, Le Relais de L’Entrecôte is now known around the world as the Parisian go-to for the finest meat cuts and speciality sauces to compliment them.

Naturally, this is a hotspot for a traditional steak frites dish, and to your convenience there are now three Le Relais de L’Entrecôte branches situated around Paris. My personal favorite location is in the center of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

This establishment was founded back in the 50s by French restaurateur Paul Gineste de Saurs. He had the bright idea of creating a “no menu” concept, so instead diners simply state how they would like their steak prepared: ultra rare, rare, medium, well-done, or very well-done.

Le Relais de L’Entrecôte in Paris – by Le Relais de L’Entrecôte – Uploaded by them

All steaks at Le Relais de L’Entrecôte are served with their house frites. You also have the addition of a side salad.

Another element of the dining concept at Le Relais de L’Entrecôte is the option of seconds if you find you are unsatisfied by the end of your meal. This is unheard of in Paris, or most of the world for that matter, and shows just how important customer satisfaction was to Paul Gineste de Saurs.

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ADDRESS: Monday to Sunday – 12pm to 2:30pm // 7pm to 10:30pm
ADDRESS: 20 Rue Saint-Benoît, 75006 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Saint-Germain-des-Prés

Le Relais de Venise in Paris

Le Relais de Venise is kind of the OG when it comes to steak frites in Paris. The dish is such a cultural staple, that this establishment opted to serve nothing else on their menu other than the classic steak and fries combo.

Upon arrival you’ll simply be asked how you like your steak cooked. When the food comes, it arrives on giant silver trays in sharing portions, pre-sliced for your convenience. The French fries come on the same platter-style trays.

Le Relais de Venise in Paris – by Dcollard – Wikimedia Commons

Food is served communally and levitated above heating candles so that your steak stays hot throughout the evening.

This is a unique dining experience for this classic dish in Paris. The laid-back nature of the restaurant makes it a casual spot for an enjoyable evening amongst friends.

ADDRESS: MONDAY TO Sunday —  12pm to 2:30pm // 7pm to 11:45pm
ADDRESS: 271 Boulevard Pereire, 75017
Metro STATION: Porte Maillot

Aux Tonneaux des Halles in Paris

If you find yourself in the Montorgueil district while in Paris, look out for the cheery, bright red awnings that invite you into the Aux Tonneaux bistrot.

If you’re ever in need of a safe and warm spot for a moment of solace, this spot has served as just that for so many throughout its reign in old Paree.

The menu offers diners a chance to taste really wholesome and simple renditions of classic French dishes, ranging all the way from escargots to delicious steak frites.

Aux Tonneaux des Halles – by Aux Tonneaux des Halls – Uploaded by them

Paired with nothing more than their house pepper sauce, this is a light and satisfying steak frites experience. If you’re dining with a friend, the menu also offers a rib cut of beef that is perfect for sharing.

ADDRESS: MONDAY TO Sunday —  11am to 2am
ADDRESS: 28 Rue Montorgueil, 75001 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Étienne Marcel

L’Aller Retour Marais in Paris

L’Aller Retour Marais is relatively new on the steak frites scene in Paris, having only opened their doors in 2010. They’re a lot younger than similar establishments who have been around as early as the 20s, but they definitely keep up in terms of service and quality.

Their steaks are cooked on lava stone, which is a new concept taking off in the Parisian culinary scene. You’ll receive a side of fries, but you may also opt to swap this out for a salad or seasonal vegetables.

L’Aller Retour Marais – by L’Aller Retour Marais – Uploaded by them

The waiters are experts when it comes to pairing the perfect wine to your steak and pallet!

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ADDRESS: Monday to Sunday – Various Hours
ADDRESS: 5 Rue Charles-François Dupuis, 75003 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Temple