Best Restaurants in Paris for Sharing


What is better than dining out over shared plates in the city of love and light?

This is one of my favorite things to do in Paris, and over the years I’ve managed to weed out the best restaurants around the city for doing just so. There are few things worse than arriving at a tapas restaurant with intent to share, only for the plates to arrive and their compact size leaving you wishing you were dining alone.

by Priscilla Du Preez – Unsplash

The following Parisian restraints will leave your stomach, wallet and heart full all in one go. Read on if that sounds like your perfect date.

SoumSoum Marais in Paris

Middle Eastern cuisine is usually number one for sharing meals due to the small plated nature of most of the traditional dishes. Provided the restaurants gets the portioning right, this is absolutely fantastic.

SoumSoum is the Middle Eastern gem in le Marais. Some call it a “hole in the wall”, but the term compact would be better suited.

At SoumSoum you and your dining partner can sit at the chef’s bar and see each shared plate being made to order. The dishes flow out in a similar fashion to how sushi does on a conveyor belt.

SoumSoum Marais in Paris – by SoumSoum Marais – Uploaded by them

The restaurant is friendly to vegans and vegetarians, and also friendly to your budget. You can eat here for under €10, which is largely unheard of for a sit-down eatery in le Marais.

SoumSoum also makes some of the best falafel in Paris — I would know, I’ve tried them all.

Opening Hours: Sunday to Friday – 12pm to 10:30pm
ADDRESS: 15 Rue des Ecouffes, 75004 Paris, France

Le Mary Celeste in Paris

Le Mary Celeste is also in le Marais, just further north where the free guided walking tours take place.

It’s an oyster bar restaurant, and anyone who is familiar with oyster dining knows that it is a much more enjoyable cuisine when shared.

In addition to fresh oysters, Le Mary Celeste does a number of specialty sea food and vegetable dishes, all unique to any cuisine you’ve become accustomed to fining in Paris.

Le Mary Celeste in Paris – by Le Mary Celeste – Sourced from their Facebook

Because of the fine nature of each dish, the portions are small enough so that more than one main can be ordered per person as well as a mix of starters and salads. This restaurant is best experienced when sharing meals simply so that you can taste all of the creative things going on. 

The restaurant will be a bit heavier on your budget than the previously mentioned one, but worth it for a treat of a night out.

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday – 6pm to 2am
ADDRESS: 1 Rue Commines, 75003 Paris, France
METRO STATION: Filles du Calvaire

Restaurant Lakshmi Bhavan in Paris

Indian food was the pioneer for shared dining around the world. The experience of ordering many different curries, dhal, a variety of naan and rice, sambas and chutneys all to one table and the feast that follows is a beautiful experience.

Ideal for two or more diners to take part in the shared dinner, Restaurant Lakshmi Bhavan sits in the suburban streets of Pigalle in Paris’ 9th.

by Pille-Riin Priske – Unsplash

The menu is traditional and features everything you’d expect to find including butter chicken, Bombay Aloo and chana masala.

For two diners I would recommend at least three curry mains (or two mains and one dhal) with sides of chapati and paratha.

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday – 7pm to 10:54pm
ADDRESS: 57 Rue Rodier, 75009 Paris, France

Evi Evane Mézès in Paris

Meze dining is another perfect way of sharing a meal between multiple people.

Evi Evane Mezes is the latest hot spot on the Left Bank for meze style dining. The cuisine is a Greek and Lebanese fusion, which surprisingly work perfectly well together.

The restaurant works on a made to order basis, and the mezes are dished up onto large trays instead of into individual bowls.

Evi Evane Mézès in Paris – by Evi Evane Mézès – Sourced from their website

One can order as much or as little as they like of each dish on offer. Foods range between fresh salads, baked goods, potato based dishes and even pizza. All meze is served alongside fresh baked pita breads and dips.

The service here is fast, don’t expect to sit around this space for hours for a lengthy lunch or dinner. A great no nonsense, in-&-out kind of place, perhaps the perfect restaurant for a first Tinder date?

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday – 11pm to 11pm
ADDRESS: 66 Rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris, France

Janine Loves Sunday in Paris

One of my favorite finds since building a home base in Paris is this fabulous bistro in les Halles .

Janine Loves Sunday is a plant based take on a traditional Parisian bistro, with a menu that will blow your mind time and time again.

This is my personal go-to spot when friends or family are visiting in Paris and I need to show them an evening out. Since everything on the menu is good, it is most ideal for sharing.

Janine Loves Sunday in Paris – by Janine Loves Sunday – Uploaded by them

One should order at least one of the pizzas on the menu and then choose from any of the other mains as the second sharing dish. I can’t get enough of the Pad Thai, though there is a lot of cilantro in the recipe so be warned.

Their desserts are phenomenal as well and big enough to share one between two. The caramel fudge sundae is the crowd pleaser, but the chocolate brownie is great on a cold evening.

It’s a popular spot and booking would be recommended, especially if you want one of the beautiful outdoor tables.

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Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday – 11:30am to 12am
ADDRESS: 49 Rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris, France