Best Cafes near the Tuileries Gardens


The Tuileries Gardens is the signature green space in the very center of our dear Paris. The 1st arrondissement is known for being quite a built up neighborhood where Haussmann style architecture floods the streets. 

These gardens have become a place of solace for the locals in this area, where they can unwind during the chaos of the day and (somewhat) reconnect with nature. For tourists, the Tuileries are an unmissable attraction. 

Tuileries – by Kimberly Vardeman – Wikimedia Commons

If you’re in the neighborhood and looking for a cafe to compliment your visit, head to any of the following. 

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Café Kitsuné near the Tuileries Gardens

It wouldn’t be the Tuileries without Café Kitsuné. Situated directly outside of the Tuileries metro stop, this cafe has everything you need for a quick refuel either before or after your garden stroll. 

Café Kitsuné – by Café Kitsuné – Uploaded by them

They make fabulous coffees, and you can’t leave Café Kitsuné without trying at least one of their signature pastries. Note that this is a takeaway only joint, intended for you to grab goods and then enjoy them in the gardens. They tend to fill up for breakfast rush and lunchtime madness. 

The Best Restaurants Near the Tuileries 

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday — 10:30am to 1:30pm // 2pm to 6pm
ADDRESS: 208 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Tuileries   

Café Verlet near the Tuileries Gardens

This is not only one of the best cafes near the gardens, but one of the best in all the city. It’s a majorly charming establishment that invites you in from street level, never to disappoint once you’re actually inside. 

Café Verlet – by Café Verlet – Uploaded by them

Their range of coffees (an actual coffee bean menu) and hot drinks bring locals out in their droves, which is not something you’ll find often in the 1st arrondissement. They also have a fantastic cafe menu to wet any appetite throughout the day. 

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Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday — 10am to 7pm
ADDRESS: 256 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Tuileries   

Saint Laurent Cafe near the Tuileries Gardens

There’s nothing overly exciting about the Saint Laurent Cafe near the Tuileries, but it does deserve a mention when it comes to the history of this neighborhood. Situated directly behind the YSL flagship store (that also used to be the home of Yves), this cafe makes wonderful coffee, often accompanied by some basic snack foods. 

It’s tiny, and I recommend just grabbing a cuppa to go and walking through the gardens instead! If you’re a fan of the YSL legacy, this cafe is a must-visit while you’re in the area. 

Experience Paris Like Yves Saint Laurent

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday — 9:30am to 5:30pm
ADDRESS: 8 Rue du 29 Juillet, 75001 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Tuileries   

Maisie Café near the Tuileries Gardens

It’s always the vegan cafes in Paris that are out here doing the most for their customers. This is probably the only cafe near the Tuileries where one can get a full-sized meal for brunch or lunch. 

They’re not banking on their coffees filling the store, so they’ve rather brought out a fantastic menu filled with hearty plates and treats. Think avo toasts, buddha bowls, and even curry of the day accompanied by fresh roti.

Maisie Café – by Maisie Café – Uploaded by them


Here, you’ll dine in, so this is a great cafe for those days where the weather just isn’t supporting a picnic in the Tuileries. 

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Opening Hours: Monday to Friday — 10am to 3pm
ADDRESS: 32 Rue du Mont Thabor, 75001 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Tuileries   

Le Musset near the Tuileries Gardens

Okay, so this cafe is also a reliable option if you want a sit down meal experience while frolicking in the Tuileries. Le Musset is always open: seriously, the only times you can’t come here for a dit down meal are for the 5 short hours between 2am and 7am each morning. 

Le Musset – View from Google Earth

The rest of the time, it’s game on, and this is a traditional French cafe through and through. By night, their bar opens up and offers a wonderful vibe to this cozy corner opposite the Tuileries eastern-most entrance. Look for the flowers — you can’t miss it!

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Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday — 7am to 2am
ADDRESS: 169 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Tuileries   

Café des Marronniers near the Tuileries Gardens

This cafe isn’t just near the Tuileries, it’s inside of it!

On the western end of the gardens, just to the right of the main pond, this small cafe operates seven days a week from brunch through to dinner time. The menu is very basic French, featuring all of the classics right down to French onion soup. 

Café des Marronniers – by Café des Marronniers – Uploaded by them

It’s a wonderful place to dine, right here in the middle of the garden. They get a lot of their patrons coming in from a day at the Louvre, having been indoors all day they want to dine somewhere distinctly outdoors. Even if you only drop in for a coffee, it’s worth it!

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Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday — 10am to 9pm
ADDRESS: Jardin de Tuileries, 75001 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Tuileries