5 Burgers with a Twist in Paris


The foodie movement in Paris has always been a major part of the city’s identity, but over the past few years the scene has exploded. New Poké bowl shops, Korean fried chicken sandwich joints, and burgers of all kinds seem to be popping up every day. But it’s tough to single out the absolute best in any one category, especially when it comes to burgers. And well, sometimes, it’s best to stray a little from the beaten path. So here are 5 burgers with a twist in Paris.

1. Shiso Burger

Photo courtesy of Shiso Burger – Sourced from their official website

First up on my 5 burgers with a twist in Paris is Shiso Burger. As the name suggests, this spot is an Asian fusion burger joint. Well, Korean fusion to be more precise.

Their menu offers 9 burgers to choose from, with options for meat eaters as well as vegetarians. Instead of a traditional bun, your Shiso burger comes tucked into a fluffy rice bun. If it sounds a bit odd, that’s because you haven’t tried it yet! I promise, it’s everything you never thought to add to your burger.

But what’s between the buns? Your choice of regular Angus beef, Wagyu beef, salmon, shrimp, or a vegetarian Portobello patty. All done up with the usual toppings, and their namesake twist – the peppery Shiso leaves that top each burger.

Situated on the riverbanks near Saint-Michel, Shiso Burger provides quality in an area overrun with tourist traps and stale kebabs. My advice is to take your burger to go, and head to enjoy it on the riverbanks, or in the beautiful Vert-Galant park.

practical information:
shiso burger saint-michel – 21 Quai Saint-Michel, 75005 Paris
open daily 11:30AMM//11PM
metro station: saint-michel
price range: €€

2. Hank Burger

Photo courtesy of Hank Burger – Sourced from their official Instagram page

Calling all vegans in Paris. If you haven’t been to Hank Burger yet, you’re missing out. Hank stands for Have A Nice Karma, and is a completely vegan fast food restaurant specializing in burgers. Hank burger uses the Beyond Meat patties, which look, taste and even bleed like actual beef, but they’re 100% vegan. So even if you’re a meat eater, I would recommend giving this place a try.

There are 5 different burgers with a twist on the menu at Hank Burger. Their bestsellers are the classic cheeseburger (100% vegan cheese), a BBQ burger, and their rockeuse burger topped with figs and arugula. They’ve got all the classic sides and toppings too. Oh, and everything is homemade, on-site.

Craving something else? Hank also makes a mean vegan pizza! They use a classic Italian pizza oven and make the dough from scratch. There are a few options available and they change regularly. Delicious and only €5 a pie! And while this is a fast food place, the burgers and pizza are made to order so you know they’re fresh!

practical information:
hank burger – 5 Rue des Archives, 75003 Paris
open daily 12PM//10PM
metro station: rambuteau
price range: €

3. Tata Burger

Photo courtesy of Tata Burger – Sourced from their Facebook page

The Marais is home to the funky and artsy soul of Paris which just seems to show through everywhere in this neighborhood. Tata Burger fits in perfectly with its surroundings, and definitely makes it to the 5 burgers with a twist in Paris. Located in the heart of the LGBTQ+ area, Tata serves up phallic shaped burgers with gusto.

While most people go to Tata for the shock value, the burgers are actually quite tasty. There are half a dozen burgers to choose from, all with delightfully playful names. Whether you choose to dine in or take away, burgers are cooked to order and ingredients are fresh enough. And always a plus in Paris, a meal here won’t break the bank. Service is friendly, and it will definitely be a meal to remember.

practical information:
tata burger – 54 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie, 75004 Paris
open daily 11AM//1AM
metro station: hotel de ville
price range: €

4. Goiko Burger

Photo courtesy of Goiko Burger – Sourced from their official website

Craving an out of the box burger experience in Paris? Head to Goiko. Born in Madrid, the Goiko concept was to make high quality fast food burgers, but something set them apart. Goiko quickly became one of the most popular burger joints in Madrid, and they’re witnessing the same success in Paris. This place opened just over a month ago in the 2nd arrondissement, and is already a local favorite. No easy feat considering all the tasty restaurants around!

Goiko takes burgers to the next level, certainly making the top 5 burgers with a twist in Paris. There are 11 over the top burgers on the menu at Goiko, so make sure to come hungry. They aren’t kidding around with the portions either.

The most popular include the Kiki (a spicy double fried chicken burger) and the Kevin Bacon (double cheeseburger cooked wit bacon, onions and cheddar). And they don’t stop with just burgers, Goiko has a full range of classic fare from nachos to mozzarella sticks and onion rings.

practical information:
goiko burger – 106 Rue de Richelieu, 75002 Paris
open daily for lunch 12PM//2:30PM
open nightly for dinner 6:45PM//10:45PM
metro station: grands boulevards
price range: €€

5. Baagaa Burger

Photo courtesy of Baagaa Burger – Sourced from their official website

Baagaa Burger is the most gourmet option on the top 5 burgers with a twist in Paris. This is a burger restaurant specializing in Wagyu beef, which they use in each of their 7 burgers. They’ve got the classic variations like BBQ and bacon burgers, but they also branch out to include some interesting twists like Morbier cheese, or figs. All the burgers I’ve tried here have been delightful, but it’s the Wagyu that really makes the difference.

In order for beef to be certified as Wagyu, the cow must be a special breed, and the farmers must meet strict requirements in terms of the cow’s care. Wagyu cows receive massages, listen to music, and have a very strict diet resulting in an especially tender and juicy burger (or steak).

practical information:
baagaa burger – 54 Rue de Longchamp, 75016 Paris
open daily 12PM//10:30PM
metro station: trocadero
price range: €€

Well now you know all about the 5 burgers with a twist in Paris! I hope you’ll try them all and let us know what you think.


See you soon in Paris

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