5 Best Aussie Restaurants in Paris


Australian cuisine is an interesting one. What makes Australian cuisine unique in itself is that they really don’t have their own food! Australian food really takes inspiration from everywhere else, but there is one word that can describe Australian cuisine…and that is… brunch! The Australian-style cafe is becoming more and more popular over the last few years and has found its way to the French capital. Keep reading to discover the best Aussie restaurants in Paris!

Australia is renowned for its breakfast, brunch and coffee. Did you know that Australians were the first ones to put Avocado on toast? They call it “Avo Toast”, and the rest of the world caught on quickly. People even say that cafe and coffee culture came from Melbourne, which I’m sure would shock many coffee loving Frenchies.

Actually, eggs, avocado on toast and granola are still fairly new concepts for Parisian brunch enthusiasts. The typical French breakfast used to be a croissant, a tartine (a toasted piece of bread with a spread like jam or butter) or yogurt and fruits.

Now I know Australia is extremely far from Paris.  15,075 km to be exact. But that doesn’t mean you can’t discover a bit of Aussie life here in the city of light!

The “Australian café” is not just revolved around places owned by Australians, but more about cafés who take their inspiration from the third-wave coffee and brunch scene in the land down under.

Paris is a cultural hub and thus finding international food restaurants is not usually a challenge (unless you’re looking for Mexican food, which can be quite difficult to find). Today we’re going to discover the best Australian inspired eateries in Paris so that you can get that Avo toast fix and whatever other brekkie items you’ve been craving.


Neighbours is an Austrailian owned coffee shop in the 8th arrondissement, Neighbours is a fairly newer joint in Paris that is known for putting Australian spins on café classics. Open five days a week, Neighbours offers great coffee all day long, fresh tasty food for breakfast, lunch or brunch, and a unique selection of delicious snacks.

On the menu you’ll find Avocado on Crumpet bread, delicious banana bread,

Neighbours is a warm and friendly environment for adults and kids alike, with cute decor and a menu everyone will love!


89 Boulevard Beaumarchais
Paris 75003


Monday, Thursday Friday: 8:30am – 4pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am – 5pm


Another Australian inspired eatery serving amazing breakfast, Holybelly based their menu on the concept of the eggs and sides, but also offer some rich, savory and sweet plates. The popular one is Pancakes with fried eggs, bacon, Bourbon butter and maple syrup). The food is always seasonal, housemade, and they put a lot of emphasis on their great coffee, which is actually extremely good.

Holybelly still has many French bakery items to satisfy the patisserie craving! They have friendly service and all amazing reviews.

There are two locations on the same street! HolyBelly number 5, (serving pancakes, eggs & sides, daily specials, specialty coffee and craft beer) and one at number 19 (with seasonal breakfast sharing plates, plats du jour, specialty coffee and natural wines).


Rue Lucien Sampaix 75010 Paris


Monday to Sunday, from 9am until 5pm. (Holybelly 19 is closed on Wednesdays. Holybelly 5 is open every day of the week.)

Metro access: Jaques Bonsergent on Line 5 or République on Lines 3, 5, 8, 9 and 11.

Honor Cafe

Honor is a sister cafe to Neighbour, owned by the same folks, Australians Angelle Boucher and Daniel Warburton.

Though coffee is a staple in Paris, this is truly some of the best coffee I’ve had in a while, and the location makes the experience more charming than a typical cafe. The Australians simply know what they’re doing when it comes to coffee.

Honor café  is unique, as it is a courtyard café outside! First known for the incredible coffee selection, they started serving healthy, yet comforting Australian dishes which have received amazing reviews from customers.


First courtyard of 54 Rue du Faubourg St Honoré
75008 Paris


Monday- Friday: 9am – 6pm
Saturday 10am – 6pm
Sunday: Closed

Hardware Société

This famous brunch spot actually started in Melbourne, Australia and made its way over to Paris, thankfully for us.

Steps from the Sacre Coeur, this a top on many Parisians’ lists. If you’re a hungry tourist visiting the Montmartre area, I highly recommend checking out this top spot which puts a delicious Australian spin on French classics.

There is the perfect balance of choices in the selection of savory and sweet. Choose from homemade jams and bread, egg dishes, salmon, black pudding (sounds weird but it is really good), blinis, and more!


10 rue Lamarck Paris 75018


Thursday to Monday from 9am to 4:15pm

Mignon Café

Mignon Café is a cozy neighborhood coffee shop serving Coffee, breakfast, lunch, and brunch.

Here you will experience friendly service with a tasty menu consisting of homemade lemonade and other fresh juices, coffee, granola and fruit with Greek or coconut yogurt, an option of tartine, and waffles with a range of sauces for dessert.

The servings are surprisingly generous by Paris standards, making Mignon  café a filling and delicious spot for a Paris brunch extravaganza. The average price is around 25 euros, which is not bad for brunch food in Paris. 


67 Rue Caulaincourt, 75018


Monday to Friday 8:30-6 pm Saturday 10-6 pm and Sunday 10-6 pm

Thanks for reading the list of top 5 Aussie Restaurants in Paris. As you can see, Australians are big on breakfast and brunch! If you want to try Australian food in Paris, it’s best to plan it around the mornings and early afternoons, as it isn’t so much a dinner- unless you love to eat Avocado toast for dinner.

If you want more ideas, or to learn more about how Australian cuisine came to be in France, check out this article highliting some of the best Australian places here in Paris.

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