5 Amazing Cruises to Do in Paris


I’ll be the first to tell you that sourcing a reputable boat cruise in Paris can sometimes feel like mission impossible. For such touristic attraction, the operators sure do make it incredibly difficult to locate and book individual tours. 

Bateaux Parisiens – by Bateaux Parisiens – Sourced from their website

That said, the Seine boat cruise is one of the most majestic experiences I’ve had in Europe — and that’s saying something. Imagine the epitome of cliche, romantic and downright gorgeous all meshed into one, and then times the impact of the final product by ten.

Here are 5 cruises that I would personally recommend: 

1. The Seine Champagne Cruise in Paris

From €25 per person

This is one of the more popular tour options on offer from respected tour group Vedettes du Pont Neuf. You’ll find their brand popping up a lot as you research tours and cruises. 

Their Seine champagne cruise comes in at a competitive rate, especially considering the cruise itself is 2 hours (most Seine boat tours wrap up after just one hour). As far as vibes go, this cruise has paid attention to detail right down to the playlist choice to keep the energy high. 

Champagne Cruise – by Vedettes du Pont Neuf – Sourced from their website

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The interior of their boat is charming, to say the least. It resembles a street-side Parisian cafe, with the standard woven tables and chairs. The cruise departs from the Arsenal port, in the heart of the bustling Bastille neighborhood. 

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2. The Eiffel Dinner Cruise in Paris

From €95 per person

Also on offer from our friends at Vedettes, is their fabulous dinner cruise that gets you up close and personal with the Eiffel Tower. On board the double decker boat, you’ll dine in elegance amidst other travelers, also seeking a night to remember. 

Eiffel Tower Dinner Cruise – by Vedettes du Pont Neuf – Sourced from their website

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The cruise itself is an hour and 30 minutes, during which time you’ll be treated to aperitifs, wine, main courses and a selection of deserts. It’s the classing French dining experience, but out on the water with the city’s mesmerizing lights surrounding you like a hug. Note that this is not a moving cruise, but rather a stationary one that parks right outside the Eiffel Tower, offering one of the closest dining experiences to the monument. 

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3. Bateaux Parisiens in Paris

From €7 per person

Being on a budget shouldn’t mean that you miss out on the popular tourist activities that others get to indulge in. Thankfully, Paris’ longstanding leader in Seine cruises, Bateaux Parisiens, has brought affordability back to the game, and not with compromise to quality. 

Boasting an impressive fleet of newly renovated cruise-style boats, their range of daily tours offers everything from one hour quick rides, to catered restaurant-style trips that take you on a culinary wonder. 

Bateaux Parisiens – by Bateaux Parisiens – Sourced from their website

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They offer both lunch and dinner cruises, of which both can be enjoyed no matter the season. Their full-panel glass walls allow for the outside to be inside, and vice versa, in spite of what the climate is doing at the time. You’ll need to book these trips well in advance, as they almost always sell out. 

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4. Canal Saint Martin “Old Paris” Cruise in Paris

From €18 per person

What if I told you the Seine isn’t the only place for a worthwhile cruise in Paris? The Canal Saint Martin as a waterway that branches off of the Seine in the northern parts of the city. Here there are also entertaining boat cruises to be found; those that can show you an older side to Paris. 

Canal Saint Martin Cruise – by Canauxrama – Sourced from their website

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This particular cruise is facilitated by Canauxrama. Over the course of an impressive 2 hours and 30 minutes, you’ll be guided along an old timer’s journey through Paris, passing a range of impressive structures including the vault of Bastille and two revolving swing bridges. 

The tour is free for children under the age of 4, and is good fun for all ages!

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5. The Best of Both Worlds Cruise in Paris

From €20 per person

Why choose between the Seine and the Canal Saint Martin when you can have it all? Canauxrama offers both rivers in one combined tour, for a small fee of just €20. 

Seine Cruise – by Canauxrama – Sourced from their website

Aboard a two hour ride, you’ll pass all of the attractions mentioned in the Canal Saint Martin cruise, before diving into the myriad of attractions available on the Seine. These include (but are bot limited to) The Louvre, Notre Dame, the Île de la Cité, the Eiffel Tower, the Orsay Museum and the astounding Hôtel de Ville. 

The cruise starts at 5pm sharp, and will wrap up at 7pm. This time frame offers the perfect balance between light and dark, allowing the city to shine in both conditions and unveil her whimsical flair both ways. 

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