10 Shops You Absolutely Must Visit in Paris


If you’ve come to Paris in hopes of doing some shopping, you’re in luck. Many call Paris the shopping capital of the world, a title it has lived up to over the decades. Here are 10 shops you absolutely have to visit in Paris!

1. Hermès Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré

Photo by Paris Selct on Wikimedia Ccommons

If Hermès is one of the first names that comes to mind when you picture must-visit shops in Paris, you’re not alone. Their flagship boutique on Paris’ luxe Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré draws thousands of eager visitors each week! Hermès has been around since 1837 and got its start as a fine saddle supplier to European nobility. Since then, the brand has evolved and branched out into all facets of leather goods, jewelry, perfume and ready-to-wear.

Today, quality is still of the utmost importance, and each of the brand’s leather goods is made by hand. And since Hermès has become so popular worldwide, you’ll need an appointment to purchase some of their more popular goods, such as handbags. If you have your heart set on a Kelly or Birkin bag, you’ll need a stroke of good luck as there are only a few sold each day!

Of course, not everyone passes by to make a purchase, but any Hermès fan will appreciate a visit to this historic boutique. Many of the original decor is still in place, and if you venture to the back you can spot some of the artisans at work.

practical information:
hermès – 24 rue du faubourg saint-honoré 75008 paris
metro station: madeleine or concorde
opening hours: monday – friday 10:30AM//7PM
saturday 10:30AM//6:30PM
sunday 11AM//6PM

2. Patrick Roger Chocolate Shop

Life-size chocolate Orangutan by Patrick Roger – Sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Master chocolatier Patrick Roger is know for his impressive and life size chocolate sculptures. His original boutique on Paris Left Bank is certainly one of the ten shops you absolutely must visit in Paris. The shop windows showcase the incredible craftsmanship of his chocolate creations. From life-size orangutan carved down to every last detail to intricately-crafted frogs, bells, or even Eiffel Towers or woodland nativity scenes – the decoration alone draws curious crowds.

Not only do his creations look amazing, but they taste incredible too. Patrick Roger has been lauded with multiple prestigious culinary awards, and is widely regarded as one of the best chocolatiers in the world, so don’t leave without trying some of the goods!

practical information:
patrick roger – 91 Rue de Rennes, 75006 Paris
metro station: rennes or saint-placide
opening hours: monday – saturday 10:30AM//1:30PM and 2PM//7:30PM



3. Deyrolle

Photo by Marc Dantan – Sourced from Deyrolle official website

Equal parts exotic taxidermist, museum and curiosity shop, Deyrolle is one of the 10 shops you absolutely must visit in Paris. Located on the upscale Rue du Bac in Paris’ 7th arronidssement, Deyrolle has been wowing locals and visitors alike since it opened in 1831. Entering Deyrolle is like taking a trip back in time, and shopping there is a unique experience in Paris.

This two-story boutique is set up like an old curiosity shop; exotic preserved butterflies are displayed on shelves, while fossils and old gadgets are interspersed between a stuffed Dodo bird while a giant stuffed polar bear watches over the shop. And on the ground floor, you’ll also find trinkets, books and antiques from a variety of eras. Make your way through and marvel at their unique selection – photos are forbidden, but I think the shock value at Deyrolle is hard to forget.

practical information:
deyrolle – 46 rue du bac 75007 paris
metro station: rue du bac
opening hours: monday – saturday 10AM//7PM

4. Galeries Lafayette Haussmann

Photo by Benh Lieu Song- Sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Definitely one of the more famous places on my list of 10 shops you absolutely have to visit in Paris is Galeries Lafayette. This place is even more of a must-see if you happen to visit Paris at Christmas time because of their impressive multi-story Christmas tree in the central atrium!

Situated in the heart of Paris, Galeries Lafayette is one of the largest and most well-known department stores in the entire world. This ten-story shopping haven has been serving Paris since 1912, and plays up the beautiful Belle-Epoque decor. So if you’re looking for a one stop shop, this is it; Galeries Lafayette has a bit of everything, really.

From designer clothes and shoes to jewellery, cosmetics, a staggering gourmet grocery store, a home section, electronics, and even a rooftop bar – there’s not much that you can’t find at Galeries Lafayette. Everything is delicately wound around a central atrium space, which is an impressive sight in and of itself.

practical information:
galeries lafayette – 40 boulevard haussmann 75009 paris
metro station: grands boulevards or chausée d’antin lafayette
opening hours: monday – saturday 9:30AM//8:30PM
open sunday 11AM//7PM

5. Merci

Photo courtesy of the author

If trendy, new age Paris is more your style, Merci is one of the 10 shops that you absolutely must visit in Paris. Situated on the right bank on the border between the cool Marais and République neighborhoods, Merci is a true Right Bank concept store. Stroll past the bright red Fiat 500 parked outside and into a 3-story hipster wonderland.

Modern decor, minimalist fixtures, and vintage style furniture share floor space with up-and-coming designer collections and all kinds of knick-knacks. Downstairs, you’ll find a bookstore café and a well-stocked kitchen section. This is a great spot to find an authentic Parisian souvenir, and the jumping-off point for our guided walking tour of the Marais!

practical information:
merci – 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris
metro station: saint-sebastien froissart
opening hours: monday – saturday 10AM//8PM
open sunday 11AM//7PM

6. The Broken Arm

Photo courtesy of the Broken Arm, uploaded by them

If you didn’t know by now, the Marais is one of the coolest neighborhoods in Paris. This is where trends are born, and a new artsy boutique or hip eatery seems to open up every day. Next up on my list of 10 shops you absolutely must visit in Paris is The Broken Arm in you guessed it; le Marais.

Bringing the definition of a concept store to life, The Broken Arm offers apparel from Prada to Nike alongside a staggering section filled with art and fashion magazines, books, posters and accessories. Oh, and they also have one of the best cafés in the city! If you’re looking for an artisanal coffee or a delicious avocado toast; you’ve got it made at the Broken Arm.

practical information:
the broken arm – 12 Rue Perrée, 75003 Paris
metro station: temple
opening hours: tuesday – saturday 11AM//7PM

7. L’Appartement Sézane

Photo courtesy of Sézane – Sourced from their offcial website

Born in 2013 from a desire to create quality, Parisian-inspired garments that the whole world could wear, Sézane is easily one of the hottest Parisian brands right now – for men and women. Plus they’re committed to sustainable production, so you can feel good about what you buy from Sézane. So if you’re a fan of timeless Parisian style and that certain je ne sais quoi, you won’t want to miss a shopping trip at l’Appartment Sézane.

While the brand has several locations across Paris (and now London and Aix, too), l’Appartment Sézane just has something special and comforting; shopping there is relaxing and laid back, almost like being at home. Here, you can browse their leather goods shoes, and signature apparel in the converted apartment where the brand was born! Plus, they offer complimentary monogramming services, so if you want to personalize your new Parisian look, they’ve got you covered.

practical information:
l’appartement sézane – 1 Rue Saint-Fiacre, 75002 Paris
metro station: grands boulevards
opening hours: tuesday – saturday 11AM//8PM
open sunday 11AM//7PM


8. La Grande Epicerie

The next location on my guide to 10 shops you absolutely must visit in Paris brings us to the upscale 7th arrondissement; an area known for the excellent shopping. Part of the luxurious Bon-Marché department store, the Grande Epicerie is LVMH’s  version of a grocery store. Once inside the Grande Epicerie, you’ll be mesmerized by three enormous floors stocked floor to ceiling with specialty food and drink. Everything is arranged beautifully, and there’s a huge variety of products from France and around the world (this place is great if you’re doing some home cooking, but fair warning: prices are high).

On the main floor, you’ll find a pastry stand, a bakery, a butcher, a fishmonger and shellfish market, a cheese seller,  a green grocer, a charcutier, and an enormous deli section full of ready made dishes from all over the world. Head downstairs to their expansive wine and alcohol cave; where you’ll spot rare bottles of bubbly and an impressive range of wines and spirits. The second floor is where you can find everything cooking and kitchen related. Cookbooks, stoves, ovens, kitchen appliances, cooking utensils, you name it. It’s probably there.

And if you feel like enjoying a meal here, there are plenty of options. Choose from a sushi stand, a seafood traiteur and oyster bar, a Spanish tapas counter, a coffee house, or one of three full-service restaurants inside.

practical information:
la grande epicerie – 38 rue de sevres 75007 Paris
metro station: sevres-babylone or varenne
opening hours: monday – saturday 8:30AM//9PM
open sunday 10AM//8PM

9. Shakespeare and Company

Photo by ShadowGate on Wikimedia Commons

Now Shakespeare and Company is one of the most historic places on my guide to the 10 shops you absolutely must visit in Paris! Opened in 1919 by an American expat in Paris, Shakespeare and Company has become the ultimate Parisian bookstore, and quite the hangout for literary expats. The shop is located in a tiny, old building on the Left Bank, overlooking the Seine and Notre-Dame. The focus is on English-language books, though you can find just about anything here. The staff are really helpful, and happy to lend a hand or offer their recommendations.

On any given day, you can find locals and visitors shoulder to shoulder poring over impressive two-story selection of books here. The vibe inside is laid back, old-school and cozy; everything a bookstore should be. Once you’ve made your selection, head next door to their café to enjoy a Parisian classic; a good book with a view.

practical information:
shakespeare and company bookstore – 37 Rue de la Bûcherie, 75005 Paris
metro station: saint-michel
opening hours: monday – saturday 10AM//10PM
open sunday 12:30PM//8PM

10. Fleux

Photo courtesy of Fleux – Sourced from their website

It’s time to head back to the Marais to discover the final spot on my guide to the 10 shops you absolutely must visit in Paris. This time, we’re going to the heart of the neighborhood, and to one of the most popular shops in the area; Fleux. Now with 5 different boutiques all on the same street, Fleux has become quite the local institution in terms of design and trendy concept stores. Just meander in and out of the various shops on the street to get the full experience, it’s easy to spend a couple hours in the various Fleux boutiques!

You can find anything from furniture to jewelry here, and a bit of everything in between. There’s even a whole shop dedicated to houseplants. If you’re doing some gift hunting for a Parisian, there’s a good chance you’ll find something cool and quirky at Fleux.

practical information:
fleux – 52 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie, 75004
Paris metro station: châtelet
opening hours: tuesday – sunday 10:30AM//8:45PM
open monday 11AM//8PM

Well, now you know all about the 10 shops you absolutely must visit in Paris! I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and will have fun visiting some of these cool Parisian stores.


And I hope to see you soon in Paris!

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