10 Reasons You Must Visit Paris Alone


There are some countries in the world that everyone needs to visit alone at least once in their lives.

Rome used to be number one on my list, but my first trip to Paris before moving here changed that for me.

You see, Paris gives you a very different version of herself when you visit alone, as opposed to when you visit with others. There is something to be said about the inevitable time travel that happens as you meander the city without guidance or restriction; a journey through every era, every trend and every movement that ever made this city what it is today.

I’ll elaborate…

Paris – by Aaron Jean – Unsplash

1.  Visit Paris Alone Because Parisians Prefer It

If you want to properly become one with the city culture, you’ll need to become one with the people.

The French are notoriously difficult to impress; they know what they like and won’t give time of day to time wasters, or people who seem to be fetishizing Parisian culture.

You’ll find it easier to connect with the locals if you’re alone, without an overly excited group of distinct tourist-types with invasive questions and cameras constantly at the ready.

Parisians will be more inclined to connect with you one on one, and you’ll soon see they’re not at all a rude people like so many assume.

Paris – by Robin Benzrihem – Unsplash

2. You’re On Your Own Schedule, At All Times

This is not reserved for just Paris; this is a perk of traveling alone anywhere in the world.

Being on your own schedule at all times is one of life’s most simple pleasures, one that few of us rarely give ourselves chance to enjoy. You’ll see what I mean the minute you wake up one morning with zero desire to do any of your scheduled activities, and then realizing you have the freedom to just not do them — and no one else gets implicated in the process!

What to spend all day in bed with yourself and not see that Eiffel Tower light show? Do it!

Paris – by Jeff Frenette – Unsplash

3. You’ll Skip a Lot of Queues

Because a lot of people travel in packs in Paris, you can use your aloneness to your advantage.

You’ll find this helps at brunch restaurants, which are notorious for their endless queues just to get seated. Being a party of one is far more preferable than being a party of four — the minute a seat opens up its yours, regardless of if the bigger groups were queued up before you.

You’ll also find being alone is handy in the nightlife districts of Paris. The popular clubs and bars tend to have lines around the block, but approach the door man or woman as a solo individual and they’ll likely let you right through.

Paris – by Tristan Colangelo – Unsplash

4. You Can Be Whomever You Want To Be

As I said, Paris is a city that induces a sense of time travel as you make your way into the various Bohemian inspired districts. Being alone in a city likes this gives you inspiration and creative freedom to create any persona you like, & to play with it!

This is harmless fun we rarely get to exercise as adults.

Wear the clothing you’re usually too self-conscious to, use the vocabulary you’ve memorized but usually feel apprehensive to say out loud — throw a French phrase or two out there as well! It’s the new you.

Paris – by Kinga Cichewicz – Unsplash

5. You’ll Get a Lot of Things for Free

Particularly as a woman. Sorry guys, but until we get equal pay this is something I’m going to insist we take advantage of as often as possible.

As a loner in Paris you’ll find people are very giving; particularly the charming old men who own the bakeries and flower shops. Expect croissants, single roses, coffee on the house and the odd trinket from a market… and they shall soon be yours.

6. Rent An Airbnb Alone and Explore Parisian Cooking

The Parisian variation of Eat, Pray, Love is renting a quaint little Airbnb apartment to yourself while in Paris and becoming one with the cuisine of the land.

I acknowledge that a lot of solo travelers prefer hotel accommodation while traveling alone, but Airbnb is something we need to take a closer look at when we travel to the French capital.

You’ll have private leisure space, the occasional balcony, and a fully equipped kitchen to channel your inner Michelin chef.

Paris – by John Canelis – Unsplash

7. Paris Has Great Social Meetups

These are generally targeted at expats, but solo travelers are encouraged to join in if looking to make friends or like-minded connections with people from around the world.

You’ll find a world of Parisian social meetups on Facebook as well as on a new site called meetup.com that is taking European travel to a new level. Request to join the private groups and once inside keep an eye on the different events taking place near you.

8. Tinder in Paris is Great!

Being a lover’s city, being alone in Paris can bring on a nostalgic longing for a romantic dinner on a dimly lit side street somewhere in the city.

Tinder is a really great way to meet potential lovers, and even just friends, in Paris.

As with any blind date, be sure that you orchestrate it in a public space and that someone close to you knows where you’re going and with whom. Stay safe out there, ladies!

by Alban Martel – Unsplash

9. Read All of the Books You’ve Been Meaning to While in Paris

Paris is a bookworms dream city, particularly in the winter.

Since you’re on your own schedule, take advantage of this time to yourself and read all of the books you’ve been meaning to/have ever wanted to.

There are fantastic bookstores across Paris, including the famous Shakespeare and Company shop on the Left Bank. There are also many cafes that have full libraries and reading nooks available to customers.

by iam Se7en – Unsplash

10. Solo Day Trips are Better Than Group Ones

One of the best things about traveling to Paris is traveling out of Paris. Whether it’s been your dream to experience Disneyland, lay on the beach in Deauville, or walk every inch of Versailles, you can do it at your own, glacial pace.

While you’re in Paris with yourself, join in on at least one free guided walking tour through the arrondissement that intrigues you most. At the very least you’ll learn a thing or two about the history, culture and architecture — at the very most you’ll even make a friend or two!

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