10 of the Coolest Bars in Paris You Should Try Tonight


The city of lights has a lot to offer once the sun goes down each evening. Paris comes to life after dark, which is ironic considering how much life it already expresses during the day.

Paris has a strong club scene, but street bars are really the more preferred outing for both locals and tourists. Jazz bars, piano bars, reggae bars, tiki bars, speakeasies… you name it, and it exists in the French capital.

Here are ten to look out for tonight!

1. Moonshiner in Paris

The Moonshiner is one of my favorite bars in the city, and I don’t tell many people about it so count your blessings!

This is a speakeasy that is embedded behind a pizzeria at the same address. To get inside, enter the pizzeria and find the fridge door in the very back, enter it to get inside of the Moonshiner.

Great drinks, wonderful jazz music and an always friendly crowd until 2am every morning.

Moonshiner in Paris – by Moonshiner – Sourced from their Facebook

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday — 6pm to 2am
ADDRESS: 5 Rue Sedaine, 75011 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Bréguet – Sabin

2. Mezcaleria in Paris

Mezcal is an alcohol native to Mexico. To find it available in Paris is rare, but lovers of this drink will seek out retailers far and wide to enjoy freshly made Mezcal based cocktails.

The Mezcaleria is a bar and restaurant with a Mezcal based menu and full Mexican cuisine on offer. It’s extremely vibrant and festive, open seven days a week for evening service only.

Mezcaleria in Paris – by Mezcaleria – Uploaded by them

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday — 6pm to 2am
ADDRESS: 13 Boulevard du Temple, 75003 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Oberkampf

3. Ice Kube Bar in Paris

The Ice Kube Bar is an interesting concept bar in the northern suburbs of Paris. The interior of the space is dripping in greenery, and there is a healthy, wholesome feel in spite of the cocktail-lounge nature of the establishment.

The Ice Kube Bar gets its name from the icy cold interior, made to give people a break from the heavy Parisian heat in the summer. The downstairs room features a full on ice cave where you can slip inside for a drink or two until you can’t take the temperature any longer.

Ice Kube Bar in Paris – by Ice Kube Bar – Uploaded by them

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday — 6:30pm to 2am
ADDRESS: 5 Passage Ruelle, 75018 Paris, France
Metro STATION: La Chapelle

4. Lulu White Drinking Club in Paris

This list of coolest bars wouldn’t be complete without something from Pigalle.

The Lulu White Drinking Club is an anomaly. This unique bar space brings in regulars every night, offering a consistently enjoyable experience no matter the day of the week.

Expect a dimly lit interior with great mixologists, and the occasional live band to keep you shining through until 2am.

Lulu White Drinking Club in Paris – by Lulu White Drinking Club – Uploaded by them

Opening Hours: Wednesday to Monday — 7pm to 2am
ADDRESS: 12 Rue Frochot, 75009 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Anvers

5. Rosa Bonheur in Paris

Rosa Bonheur is an old greenhouse in the center of the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont in the north of Paris. By day it’s a charming eatery, and by night it turns into a retro-style bar with great food and even better music.

You will need to get yourself inside before 6pm on weekends, including Sundays. Any later than this and you’re going to spend a good few hours waiting in line.

Rosa Bonheur in Paris – by Rosa Bonheur – Uploaded by them

Opening Hours: Thursday to Sunday — 12pm to 12am
ADDRESS: 2 Avenue de la Cascade, 75019 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Botzaris

6. Le Calbar in Paris

There is something about bars with mismatched interiors that really grabs my interest.

Le Calbar is close to Bercy Village, a hot spot for nightlife in Paris. This particular space is wonderfully casual while still maintaining an element of class, offering cocktails that are works of art, to out it mildly.

A really great spot to catch up with a friend or enjoy a drink with a lover anytime during the week.

Le Calbar in Paris – by Le Calbar – Uploaded by them

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday — 6pm to 2am
ADDRESS: 82 Rue de Charenton, 75012 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Ledru-Rollin

7. Le Baiser Salé in Paris

Le Baiser Salé is a jazz bar in the heart of le Marais on the Right Bank.

It’s a double story space, where the jazz happens in the smaller bar area up the stairs, and regular drinking and dancing happens in the lower level.

It gets hot and heave at le Baiser Salé, but that’s part of the charm. Come ready to dance and spend money!

Le Baiser Salé in Paris – by Le Baiser Salé – Uploaded by them

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday — 4pm to 6am
ADDRESS: 58 Rue des Lombards, 75001 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Châtelet

8. Favela Chic in Paris

At first glance Favela Chic appears to be any old tiki bar on the bank of the Canal Saint Martin. This is actually a unique Latin bar, and one of the coolest spaces I’ve found this side of the Seine.

Favela Chic is always an upbeat environment of traditional music and drinks. The decor does wonders to set the South American scene, and there is even a separate chill room with a piano bar.

Favela Chic in Paris – by Favela Chic – Uploaded by them

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday — 7pm to 5am
ADDRESS: 3 Rue Daunou, 75002 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Opéra

9. Clown-Bar in Paris

The Clown-Bar is more of a restaurant than a nightlife venue, but their bar area is one of the coolest in town and must be seen if you’re ever in the 3rd arrondissement.

Designed like a circus interior, the Blown-Bar welcomes guests for both dinner and drinks between Wednesdays and Sundays. It is aptly situated next to the Paris Winter Circus.

Opening Hours: Wednesday to Sunday — 12pm to 2:30pm // 7pm to 10:30pm
ADDRESS: 114 Rue Amelot, 75011 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Filles du Calvaire

10. Andy Wahloo in Paris

Last, but absolutely not least, I give you Andy Wahloo. It’s hard to top this one; one visit and you’ll understand.

Situated on a very secret cobblestone street in le Marais, Andy Wahaloo takes you into an estranged world where few things make sense but everything is aesthetically overwhelming.

The interior is 1970s Moroccan. Who would have thought, right?

There are multiple different areas in the space making for one wonderfully kitsch experience.

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Andy Wahloo in Paris – by Andy Wahloo – Uploaded by them

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday — 6:30pm to 2am
ADDRESS: 69 Rue des Gravilliers, 75003 Paris, France
Metro STATION: Étienne Marcel