Paris weather in Winter

If you’re wondering what Paris weather is like in Winter, this article has been written for you! Winter lasts for three months. It officially begins on December, 21st and ends on March, 20th of 2018. During the cold months of Winter, the city of Paris dresses itself in grey. Days go by. Each day is colder and more cloudy than the previous one.

Nonetheless, Winter still is a convivial and hearty season for plenty of reasons. Since it is so cold outside in Paris, indoors activities are favoured. Most Parisians associate Winter to Christmas festivities and to family gatherings. People wear their large and cozy winter coats. It’s that time of the year when you can simply enjoy yourself and eat some extra pastries and chocolates. If you want more details and come as prepared as possible to Paris, read on and learn about Paris weather in Winter.

Weather forecasts

Edith Piaf loved her city and often mentioned it in her songs. In this one named “Paris”, she says how she feels about the city and what it means to her. Whether it’s cold or raining outside, the city of Paris remains warm-hearted. It’s a great season to visit its landmarks and museums. Get into the Parisian wintery mood and enjoy crepes and some hot beverages inside the cafés.

If we have a look at weather forecasts for this winter in Paris, I can tell you that the temperatures won’t exceed 10ºC and 50ºF. During the mornings, we will even experience temperatures below zero. So, you really need to come prepared to face the winter cold temperatures in Paris. You should also know that most days will be pretty rainy. Sometimes it might even snow.

In short, your warm winter coat, heavy sweaters and scarves will be your best allies while walking Paris.

What you should bring

Whenever one visits a new city, they have to keep in mind that the best thing to do is to bring comfortable clothes. This is the best advice I can give you. The things you most need to face Paris weather in Winter are cozy, warm clothes you feel comfortable in. Pack your warmest sweaters, a scarf and a beanie. They will come in very handy while visiting the city during the Winter.

You should also pick the right shoes. They are essential to ensure the full enjoyment of your trip. As you will be walking a lot throughout your stay in Paris, bring comfortable shoes, preferably waterproof ones in case it either rains or snows.

Paris weather during Winter

If you want a few tips about Parisian fashion, it’s pretty simple. Parisian style is about keeping it simple to keep it classy: less is more. Most Parisians only swear by dark colours. From time to time, they might wear some colourful items simply to spice up a little their outfits. But dark colours are definitely their favorites. They are elegant and go well with anything.

What to do while in Paris during the Winter

Paris weather in Winter is pretty chilly. The city is full of its inhabitants, full of Christmas decorations, and it is the most heart-warming season of the year. Plus, waiting queues to Paris monuments are much faster. Because, compared to the other seasons, Winter is not that touristy. One of the best things to do in Winter is to roam through Montmartre and the Latin Quarter. You will be enchanted by the cafés you’ll find your way. Relax and enjoy a hot chocolate in one of them.

To some of you travelers, I’m sure winter will turn out to be the best season to visit Paris. The atmosphere is so unique and there are so many things to do during these colder months. From shopping in department stores, walking through the Christmas markets, skating in an ice rink, tasting delicious French delicacies, eating galette des rois in January, discovering French Christmas customs, welcoming the New Year to exploring Paris hidden gems, your stay in Paris will be so promising and so amazing!

You now know what Paris weather in Winter is like! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and that it has been helpful! Of course, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information about anything. Winter is a fun time to visit Paris. There are plenty of exhibitions and it gives people more reasons to visit the museums and the monuments. Moreover, many ice skating rinks are installed during the Winter. It’s the opportunity to enjoy the Parisian lifestyle to its fullest. Spending some time in a café drinking a hot beverage and people-watching while the cold bites outside.

See you soon in Paris!

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