Paris weather in Summer


Are you coming to Paris in Summer? If you are and you’re wondering what Paris weather is like in Summer, this article has been written for you! Summer in Paris is very relaxing. The Parisians are much more light-hearted and always in a good mood. The days are getting even warmer. The city of Paris is all flourished and prettier than ever. Summer officially starts on June, 21st and lasts for three months, and one couldn’t be happier!

During Summer, some Parisians book a vacation. Some like to spend it in Paris, some rather go out of the city. Anyway, you should know that Paris during Summer really is a busy time, all the places are crowded. Because, in general, people always book their vacation during the hot months. If you did the same and choose Paris as a destination, you need to know how Summer in Paris is like! It is one of the greatest times of the year. You feel comfortable, you put on your light clothes, you can walk the city and enjoy its parks and gardens in the best conditions! Read on and find out how is Paris weather in Summer!

Weather forecasts


Paris weather in summer is very pleasing. During the day, you can expect the weather to be hot. However, during some nights, you can expect them to be a little chill. Everyone knows the weather in Paris is pretty unpredictable any season during the year. But I have to say that I personally prefer the summer. You can do both indoors and outdoors activities. During the summer, there are so much more things to do!

All throughout Summer, the temperatures will be kind of steady. From the beginning of summer until the end of it, the maximal temperatures are about 25ºC – 77ºF. The temperatures will start lowering in September. However, you should know that in Paris, the mornings can still be a little chilly and the afternoons can be very hot! That’s the typical weather in Paris during the spring and the summer. The mornings and the nights may be cold. The minimal temperatures are of 15ºC – 59ºF. So, you need to know what you should be packing, to properly face Paris weather in summer!


What you should bring

First of all, you have to know that comfort is key! Bring some practical clothes you feel comfortable in. You can be both comfortable and classy if you bring the right items. Most importantly, pick the right shoes, because they are essential to ensure the full enjoyment of your trip in Paris. As you will be walking a lot, bring comfortable shoes. You can pack both closed-toed and open-toed shoes. The open-toed shoes will be very useful and appreciated on the hotter days. But I always recommend comfortable closed-toes shoes, because you will definitely walk a lot around the city and no one is safe from being stepped on their foot on the metro at the rush hour! Then, you also should pack an umbrella or buy one in Paris that can turn out to be a souvenir :) Because in Paris, a shower is always likely to happen. So, you need to be come prepared.


In the summer, people are more relaxed and one can see it on their outfit. Summer offers the opportunity for you to show off your cutest little dresses, your light blouses, your t-shirts, your skirts, your shorts, and also bermuda shorts. All your freshest clothes have been waiting in your closet for the summer! For the ladies, I highly recommend to choose long skirts over mini ones, because it is more practical, you will feel more free and at ease, and you will be able to sit in the grass in one of Parisian parks and gardens without any issue! You might prefer light textiles, like linen, cotton or silk. Don’t bring a handbag, they are not really practical. You should prefer a shoulder bag, a satchel, or a backpack. If you choose a classical model, it will go well with any outfit! Then, you should not forget your sunglasses, an hat, and some sunscreen. If you want more tips on what to pack for Paris in summer, read this article.

You now know what Paris weather in Summer is like! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and that it has been helpful! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information about anything. In the summer, you will be able to enjoy indoors activities, such as visiting a Paris landmarks, but the outdoors activities will more special than ever, you will walk Paris best neighborhoods such as Montmartre, the Latin Quarter, the Marais while enjoying the sun shining over Paris, enhancing all its charm! Also, it is most definitely the best time to enjoy boat rides over the Seine river! I also want to remind you to drink water, always stay hydrated while walking the city!

See you soon in Paris!

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