Paris walking tours – A Walking tour in Paris is not mandatory to see how beautiful the city is, however if you want to make sure you’re not going to miss anything really important, that might be a good option. If you’re not coming to Paris every other year, you will regret for sure to miss an important landmark while you are in Paris. Paris walking tours are designed to help you see more in less time. Walking tours are also a great way to meet people, to have fun while learning great stories and understanding what is the History hidden behind the facade. And there’s more.

Paris has this unique ambivalence of a well-known harmony and also particularities that characterized each neighborhoods. That is  why my personal advice as a Parisian would be to enjoy its human scale by walking, which you would do for free as compared to taking the metro. Even if using the public transport is more practical, you will miss out on most of the interesting parts of the city.

Going from one landmark to another is forgetting about the very essence of Paris characterized by its streets. Visiting Paris is not only about the mainstream buildings. At each end of the streets or detour, you will most certainly see a beautiful spot. It is not until you start losing yourself, meandering in the streets, that you face unexpected details such as fountains, a pedestrian tiny street, or a shop selling old editions of books.

Edouard the VII square

Edouard the VII square

The most interesting way to discover Paris is to follow a walking tour, because beyond the endless paths of strolling in Paris, it is even better to share this moment with a native that can explain to you the real meaning of whatever you see. guide books normally give you passive descriptions of the buildings, whereas native guides embodies the spirit of Paris to the fullest.

As a tourist guide myself, and having been raised in Paris, the walks are a great way for me to share my love for this city. Since I have lived here since birth, I believe I understand better the meaning of each bank, each street, or places, and the true meaning for the persons who have live there. A neighborhood exists thanks to its inhabitants who builds its spirit. In other words, Paris is not only a bunch of historical prints, it is also about the Parisians themselves.

By walking, you also get a chance to pass from one ambiance to another. For example, Saint Michel’s square is all about bars, restaurants that are more or less cheap, and a massive book shop called Gibert Jeunes. Whereas Saint Germain that is just close by, is more about boutiques of luxurious brands, literary cafés such as «Les Deux Magots», and «Café Flore». This is the essence of Paris, going to the Marais for its narrow streets, or to the Opera area for the magnificent landmarks. The purpose of this kind of tour is to make you feel lost but still enjoying the beauties of Paris.

The walking tour is the perfect activity, whichever way you travel. It fits families, couples, and also single adventurous travelers. Going on a walking tour is the perfect way to be with other visitors, sharing this interest for the true discovery of the city. It will allow you to meet people from all over the world, gathering with its different cultural origins and enjoying different experiences of Paris. Discover Walks also enables disabled persons in wheelchairs to follow most of the tours that the company proposes.

Discover Walks free tours in Paris

Discover Walks free tours in ParisThis tour with natives is a way to enter the intimacy of the city, and to go where Parisians go when they want to find calm away from crowds of tourists. A walking tour is not only fun, but also friendly and informative, and the good thing about all this is that you do not even need any reservation! I give you my word, you will not be completely lost because every tour starts and ends at an important landmark. Native guides can also give you all the information you need to spend the best time in Paris as a visitor.

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