Embracing the Paris of souvenir postcards, the glittering Paris and its most famous wanders, Paris walking tours: the Right Bank – Landmarks is perfect for first timers. Prepare to explore the City of Lights in all its beauty: Opéra-Garnier, Vendôme Square and Rue de la Paix, Tuileries gardens, Concorde square and many more.

You’ll see the Paris of entertainment, the Paris of luxury, the Paris of kings but also the insider’s Paris as we’ll show you the hidden corners and tell you the little secrets behind the old stones.

1.) Opéra Garnier


Paris walking tours: the Right Bank - Landmarks

The first stop in our “Paris Walking Tour: the Right Bank – Landmarks” is the Opéra Garnier. A masterpiece of eclectic architecture, the Opéra Garnier was and still is the temple of entertainment and fine arts in Paris. Attracting the Jet Set of the Belle Epoque, the Opéra Garnier shapes the neighbourhood and is considered one of the greatest pieces built during Haussmanian renovations. Whether you were the daughter of an imperial nobleman or the son of a new bourgeois entrepreneur, the Opéra-Garnier was definitely where went to have fun. The Opéra-Garnier still hosts one of the most prestigious ballet schools in Europe: our Discover walks guides will take you through the path of the ballerinas, also known as the “little rats of the Opera”.

2.) Place Edouard VII and Boulevard des Capucines

Place Edouard

Located in a quiet corner of the exclusive Right Bank of Paris, the statue of Edward VIIth is essential to a Right Bank walking tour. Why have the statue of an English king in the middle of Paris? Two reasons for that, one is historical (the official one) and the other is more mischievous. The secret reason why we worship him is that he contributed to the reputation of XIXth century Paris as a “Sin City” even before Las Vegas! Our Discover Walks guides will also take you to Boulevard des Capucines where you’ll see the birthplace of something very important for the Paris of entertainment: the motion picture!

3.) Rue de la Paix and Place Vendôme


After the Paris of entertainment, our Walking tour on the Right Bank will make you experience the Paris of luxury. Admire the displays of Chaumet, Chopard, Louis Vuitton, Dior and Cartier – also known as the jewelers of kings and the king of jewelers. Our Discover Walks guides will make you discover the frivolous Paris, the Paris of excess, its heart being the Ritz Palace where glamorous people stayed – from Chanel to Charlie Chaplin to Ernest Hemingway and even Lady Diana.

4.) Garden and the Historical axis


The next stop on our Walking tour on the Right Bank is the Tuileries Garden, the cradle of French Monarchy and one of the finest examples of French gardening. Based on symmetry, order and long perspectives, the Tuileries garden offers visitors a green break away from busy Paris. Pretend to be a member of the royal family as you explore the beautiful alleys of the Tuileries garden. Our Discover Walks guide will show you the Historical axis of Paris which concentrates all the greatest monuments of Paris, including the Louvre Museum and the Arch of Triumph. This perspective will offer you an overview of the Paris you’ve always wanted to experience!

5.) Concorde square and Revolutionary Paris


Our final stop on the walking tour of the Right Bank is Concorde Square. Concorde means fraternity and harmony between the People in French. However Concorde square has not always been a peaceful place. Having been the place where 2,000 people were beheaded during the French Revolution, the square was witness to a period of trouble at the end of the XVIIIth century. Our Discover Walks guide will show you a unique spot to admire the Eiffel Tower, built on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the French Revolution. At the end of this Walking Tour of the Right Bank, you’ll realize there are secret wounds behind the glitters and the cotillons. See the many faces of Paris with our Discover Walks guides!

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