Paris souvenir: out of the box suggestions


Bringing home a reduced Eiffel Tower or a copy of the most famous painting is really mainstream, but bringing a Paris souvenir back home is definitely the main thing to do. You want to be original, and buy the most original souvenirs from your stay in Paris. Here is a guide of my favourite shops, helping you to think outside the box! Read on to find out where to find the best Paris souvenir, and discover my out of the box suggestions

Take a Parisian chair with you


During your Parisian holiday, you will probably meander in one of the two most famous gardens of the inner city : Les Tuileries and Luxembourg garden. I’m already sure that you will fall in love with them, thanks to their calmness and beauty. Above all, you will notice that comfortable and designer chairs will be at your disposal.

Parisians love to chill, so on weekends they usually go to these awesome gardens, sit on these chairs, relax and chat with each other for hours. That is why my personal advice for an out of the box souvenir from Paris would be to buy one of them and decorate your home with the most unique Parisian chair you will ever find. Some shops around these two parks sell different models in a wide range of colours. The original establishment is called Fermob, located at the Ledru Rollin metro station – 81/83 Avenue Ledru-Rollin (5 minutes walking from Bastille square). A second store is located at 17 Boulevard Raspail. Prices start at 50€.

Bring Paris scent back home


Paris, which is known as one of the most important centers of fashion in the world, has developed a culture of beauty for many centuries now. Women love to spot jewels, hand-bags, or sophisticated dresses. Nevertheless, one of the most important traditions in Paris and in France is perfume, not because the French don’t like to shower, but because as a tradition, perfumes are about elegance, distinction, and personality. In case you want something really personal that would describe your Parisian experience, I would recommend L’Artisan Parfumeur. The perfumes and fragrances are exquisite and unforgettable.

All their creations are inspired by nature and made out of it. There’s a perfume for everyone, whether you enjoy light fragrances or prefer strong ones, you will find a perfume that perfectly matches your skin. The L’Artisan Parfumeur perfume house has been established in 1976 in Paris. You can now find some of them in neighbourhoods such as Saint Germain, Le Marais ou Opéra. The prices start at 60 euros.

If you want an even more personal experience, you can make your own perfume at Studio des Parfums. This workshop is located at 23, rue du Bourg-Tibourg in Le Marais neighbouhood. You get to pick all the ingredients to the perfect perfume. This is definitely an out of box souvenir from Paris. You will be able to make the perfume of your dreams that reflects your personality. You get to do it in the city of Paris, which makes it even more special and unique. Prices start at 95 euros.


I even prefer to choose my own flask for my perfumes in a sumptuous shop called Belle de Jour at the bottom of Montmartre’s mound – 7 rue Tardieu. The owner is a collector of old bottles dated from the “Belle époque” (between 1871 and 1914, it was a period of peace and prosperity, la “Belle époque” means Beautiful Era in French), made by the most famous brands such as Baccarat. It’s like a journey in time that will make you dream for sure. The scent and perfume bottles are simply gorgeous! And the atomizers are the most splendid you’ll ever see!

Get your favourite books in Paris


Another out of the box suggestion is to get your favourite book in Paris. Close to Notre Dame, one of the most touristic places in Paris, you will find many souvenir shops. Nonetheless, to be honest, in these souvenir stores, you will find the most common ones. Nothing very magical about them. But there is an unavoidable place that I will warmly recommend: the Shakespeare and Company. It is a charming bookstore with its frontage looking like in the old times as if the modernity had spared this establishment. This place is an institution for books lovers! The shelves are full of books and cover the walls until the ceiling. Specialised in British literature, you will also find second-hand books, a wide choice for every budget.

What makes this Paris souvenir especially unique is the fact that every book is stamped with the store’s symbol. It is located at 37 rue de la Bûcherie, next to the Notre Dame Cathedral. You cross the Pont au Double bridge and the bookstore is already on sight. It is open every day, from 10 am to 11 pm.

Decorate your home with some very Parisian items


We already know Paris is a very stylish and trendy city. Many trends were born in Paris, each more original than the last. In the last few years in Paris, there has been a spread of design shops and concept stores, providing a huge choice of objects. In Le Marais neighbourhood you will find many of them, and visiting either of these shops is a must do when in Paris. The items are funny and original but still useful. My favourite one is called Fleux and it is located at 39 rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie, next to the Centre Pompidou.

This concept store is full of good souvenir purchases, such as Tuileries scented candles, Place des Vosges scented candles, Jardin du Luxembourg scented candles. But also the funniest cutleries and home decorations. Every Parisian worthy of its name has at least one object from this store at home – joking! But you will certainly find many original items to spice up your home decoration!

Best for last…


If you want another out of the box suggestions for Paris souvenirs, you absolutely need to go to a flea market because you will find the most marvellous souvenir! Prepare to time travel and to bring back home souvenirs full of Parisian charm, such as Parisian vintage clothes from the 60’s and furniture from the 17th century. I’m confident you will be very pleased, because in Paris we have the world’s largest flea market. It would be a shame to miss it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my out of the box suggestions of Paris souvenirs! Bring back home something different from the usual. I’m sure you will spend special moments in Paris, so you should get special souvenirs, filled with memories. Items that allow you to smell Paris scent over and over again, items that tell a story, items that illustrate Parisian lifestyle. Enjoy Paris. Enjoy the moments and the memories you’ve created in Paris!

See you in Paris!

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