Monica Stott – travel blogger


Every other week, Discover Walks will share with some great insight from Travel bloggers from around the world who fell in love with Paris. They will share their favorites addresses and things to do while in Paris. Because genuine advice and stories are so important to us, in addition to our born-and-raised Parisian tour stories, we now bring you real advice from fellow travelers.

Bonjour Monica, can you tell us more about who you are?

I’m Monica, I’m 29 and I run a travel blog called The Travel Hack. I live in North Wales with my fiancé, our two little boys and our French Bulldog, Louie.

Why did you start writing thetravelhack?

I started writing The Travel Hack because I wanted to be a journalist. I’d been working with my local newspaper when I took a gap year (which turned into two) as I traveled around Asia and Australia. I wrote a blog for the newspaper because I thought it would be a great experience and a way to get a portfolio of writing online. I thought this might help me get a journalism job in the future…little did I know this would become my job!

Why did you start traveling?

My biggest fear in life is growing old and regretting things. I don’t want to suddenly find myself as an old lady and say things like, ‘I wish I’d gone here when I was young’, or ‘I wish I did this when I was young’. So I’ve made it my mission to see and do and experience as much as I can so I never have any regrets.

What’s special about your blog?

The Travel Hack has grown from being written just by me to being written by a whole team of contributors. There are currently 6 of us traveling around the world and sharing our experiences via the blog.

What would be your top 3 things to do in Paris?

  • Watch the sunset from Montparnasse Tower
  • Relax in Jardin des Tuileries
  • The Louvre – even if it’s just to admire it from the outside

Your Top 3 favourite places in Paris?

  • The Louvre – even if it’s just to admire it from the outside
  • Ladurée – it might be touristy but it’s just so lovely inside and the macarons are delicious!
  • Le Meurice – This hotel is absolutely stunning and even a suite is out of your budget it’s worth visiting the hotel bar for a cocktail

Your favorite landmark in Paris?

The Eiffel Tower, of course! It’s best at sunset when the lights come on and it’s twinkling against the city skyline.

What is your favorite neighborhood in Paris?

I’m not sure I know Paris well enough to answer this as I haven’t explored all of the neighborhoods as much as they deserve! I love the Latin Quarter’s narrow streets and the little surprises around every corner.

Could you give us your recommendation to first timers in Paris?

Pack comfy shoes and make a rough list of things you’d like to see but give yourself plenty of time to be distracted and stumble upon hidden gems. There’s so much to see in Paris and a lot of the best things are the ones you won’t have planned for. Make time for long, leisurely lunches at outdoor restaurants where you can sit on the side of the street and watch the world go by. Paris is probably the best place in the world for people watching!

Thank you so much, Monica, keep on enjoying Paris!

Merci beaucoup :-)