Jeremy Jones – travel blogger


Angie and Jeremy

Every other week, Discover Walks will share with you some great insight from Travel bloggers from the world who fell in love with Paris. They will share their favorites addresses and things to do while in Paris. Because genuine advice and stories are so important to us, in addition to our born-and-raised Parisian tour stories, we now bring you real advice from fellow travelers.

Bonjour Jeremy, can you tell us more about who you are?

Sure! My name is Jeremy, I’m 31, and I’m originally from Ohio but now live in Pennsylvania.

The Louvre

Why did you start writing livingthedreamrtw?

I started writing Living the Dream to chronicle a one-year trip I was planning on taking by myself in 2010-2011. But life got in the way and that trip ended up covering a 5 month trip, a marriage that interrupted it, another 15 month trip, and now a quest to become digitally independent to travel as much as possible whenever we want.

Why did you start traveling?

I had always wanted to see Europe, so in 2008 I booked a month long trip around Europe after I graduated college. I met a bunch of people and learned about more cool places to go, and you can say the rest is history.

My list of places that I wanted to see was even longer, and everywhere I went I found out about new and more exciting places I just had to go. Nearly 10 years later and 70 countries and five continents, I feel like I’ve seen less than I had before I even started.

To those who have the bug, you know exactly what I mean.

The Eiffel Tower

What’s special about your blog?

I’ll be honest in saying absolutely nothing. We take a very straight forward approach to our travel blog, and that is earn money, travel, and write about it. While we are on a quest for digital independence like most travel bloggers, we are not rushing around from comp to comp, house sit to house sit, or are struggling to put money in to our savings account. So our goal is a slow one, but is one we hope to do right by in our blogs as our method of doing things is possible, but just that much harder and, in my opinion, much more interesting to write about.

What would be your top 3 things to do in Paris?

Paris is a great city to explore, and is one I’ve been to 4 times over the course of the last 10 years. My favorite things to check out are the Catacombs, Crêperie de Josselyn, and taking a long walk along the Seine.

Crepes at Creperie Josselin in Paris

Your favorite landmark in Paris?

I think Notre Dame is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world. From the stained glass on the inside, architecture on the outside, to the gargoyles on top, you’ll likely find me spending a lot of time in and around this one whenever I am in Paris.