Paris for lovers


Paris is the city of love. That’s a fact and it is why many lovers dream of coming here to spend some time together, often avoiding all tours but just strolling together endlessly. Hence our title: Paris for lovers.

Paris for lovers

But the problem is that they are not the only ones who had the idea of coming to Paris, and especially in summer, Paris is usually crowded with tourists coming from all over the world. This is why they could actually be disappointed if they don’t know a few tips from a native Parisian to find some romantic places where you could be alone to spend some time with your lover. Here are also a few tips to find some quiet and though romantic places!

The romantic Pont des Arts


Of course when we think about Paris as the city of love we would think about the Pont des Arts which is the bridge that is famous because of all the former lockers one used to find there.

This bridge is usually crowded. But never forget that actually seeing it is often much nicer than simply standing on it. So what I recommend you is to walk along the river banks to find a good spot from where you will see of course the Pont des Arts but also will be able to have a glance at all Paris seen from the Seine, which is quite a nice view!

Have a walk on the Île Saint Louis


What’s even better is that from those banks you will be able to walk towards the Ile Saint Louis which is the smaller and quieter island of Paris, where there are a lot of tiny streets, all empty and very quiet, surrounded by beautiful buildings or mansions. Perfect for a romantic date huh? This is also the place to test the best ice creams from Paris: the Bertillon shop which is also on the Ile Saint Louis!

Visit a quiet museum


If you want to see a quieter museum, I recommend you to go to the Musée Rodin which is a very intimate, small and romantic museum, in a beautiful private mansion called the Hotel Biron. You’ll there be able to look a major paintings from this artist such as “The Kiss“, or “The Thinker“.

There are plenty of lovely and quiet museums around the city, if you feel like having a relaxing moment with your significant other. Read this article to learn more about these museums.

Visit the most romantic neighborhoods of Paris


If you’re tired and want to have a drink after, I’ll never recommend you enough then to walk whether in Montmartre or in the Latin Quarter, which are two overcrowded quarters but full of tiny streets off the beaten tracks with some charming cafés. The best way to find them is simply to get lost in these labyrinths and you’ll see, the perfect spot for lovers will simply appear at a corner of a street.

Have a drink

lounge bars in Paris

And finally, in the evening if you want to have a drink or to go out, Paris offers many lounge bars where you will be able to hear to some live music. My personal favorite is the Bilboquet, which plays jazz/soul music and offers a real intimate atmosphere. The perfect place to relax together of a long and tiring day of doing nothing on vacations, don’t you think?

My article about Paris for lovers is now over! You will love to walk the city hand in hand with your lover! All the details of the city and its atmosphere are so romantic! Any place of Paris will be perfect for a declaration of love! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information about anything! See you soon in Paris!

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