Paris best exhibitions of 2019


In Paris, you will set your gaze upon many remarkable buildings. Hundreds of museums are concentrated in the city, but you will also get to see prestigious places such as the Versailles Palace which is located less than an hour from the city centre. While in Paris, you will also be able to see some of the most valuable art collections in the world, in the Louvre Museum and in the Orsay Museum.

The offering of cultural shows is not left behind! The Garnier and Bastille operas, the Olympia Hall, among many others, propose high quality all year round, world premieres and international artists performances happen in these places.

If you’re looking for cultural events to attend to while in Paris, you will thoroughly enjoy the Parisian exhibitions. They are so typical of the Parisian culture and lifestyle. To truly experience the city and its customs, attend a few exhibitions.

In Paris, temporary exhibitions provide great moments provide great moments of discovery and essential cultural enrichment. If you’re into contemporary, classical, primitive or exotic art, painting, photography or sculpture, your thirst of knowledge will be more than satisfied while in Paris, because the variety of exhibitions themes is truly great! Read on and find out the Paris best exhibitions of 2019!

The Vasarely exhibition at the Centre Pompidou


From February, 6th to May, 6th, some of Vasarely works will be exhibited at the Centre Pompidou! This artist in a staple of the seventies!

If you’re not sure who Victor Vasarely is, let me introduce you to one of the pioneers of optical art, if not the creator! His paintings and sculptures play with geometrical shapes and colors to create methodic and scientific optical illusions.

During this exhibition, the Centre Pompidou introduces the viewer to the main stages of the artist’s life. From his Bauhaus inspirations to his most modern fourth dimension innovations, some of his most important artworks will be presented to you in chronological order.

Vasarely first started as a graphic artist in Paris for advertising agencies during the thirties. Then, during the Second World War, he worked with André Breton and Jacques Prévert, and his interest for artists such as Kandinsky, Mondrian, Malevith and Klee grew. This is when he started developping the Op’art.

The lines, the ellipses, the ovales, the squares and the choice of colors in Vasarely’s artworks allow the viewers to dive into a parallel universe. Even David Bowie used one of his paintings for the Space Oddity cover. This exhibition is definitely worth the visit, since Vasarely’s works provide the visitors a unique experience!

Les Nabis et le décor exhibition at the Musée du Luxembourg


Are you familiar with nabi decorative art? It is an avant-garde postimpresionnist movement which was born on the margins of academic painting. From March, 13th to June, 30th, you will be able to appreciate it at the Musée du Luxembourg.

This artistic movement breaks the rules and combined Fine Arts with applied art. It travelled several parts of the world. Nabi art is seen in prints, tapestry, screens, stained glasses, and wallpapers. The fluid undulating lines, bright colors and no depth perspective are typical of this art movement. It is worth mentioning great names, such as Vuillard, Bonnard, Ranson, Maurice Denis and Sérusier. Thanks to this exhibition, you will be able to learn a lot more about the Nabi art, its history and its importance in the portable art of the time.

The reduced rate for this exhibition is nine euros. The full fare is thirteen euros. Open everyday from 10.30 am to 7 pm.

L’âge d’or de la Peinture Anglaise at the Musée du Luxembourg


This exhibition is dedicated to the golden age of English painting. Gainsborough, Reynolds, Turner are some of the artists that entered the golden age of the eighteenth century English painting. The Musée du Luxembourg dedicated a whole exhibition to these artists, from September, 11th of 2019 to January, 15th of 2020.

At the beginning of his reign, the King George III founded the Royal Academy of Arts with a purpose, which was to promote the Arts of the United Kingdom of Great Britain through education and exhibitions in 1768. Since the painters were supported by the King, they throve and explored a great diversity of styles. Family, nature, daily life, country life and the presence of Great Britain in India are some of the themes the painters represented in their works. It greatly pleased the audiences!

Get ready to see an amazing exhibition at the Musée du Luxembourg, because most of the paintings presented will come from the Tate Modern in London!

Picasso et la Guerre at Musée de l’Armée


From the war in Spain to the Vietnam war, the Picasso and the War exhibition will bring to light the way wars affected his artworks.

At the Musée de l’Armée, from April, 5th to July, 28th, you will be able to discover new aspects of Picasso’s artworks.

All throughout his life, Picasso was one of the greatest contemporary painters of major conflicts, such as the Cuban Independence War, the Spanish-American war, the Vietnam War. The exhibition Picasso et la Guerre will explore how these wars influenced and fueled Picasso’s works.

The First World War was little present in his artworks. But the Spanish War seemed to have deeply affected the artist. Everyone knows his famous painting Guernica, which is emblematic of his carrer and internationally known.

The exhibition purpose is to search for the chronological links between Picasso and the conflicts of the time. This Picasso and the War exhibition is the opportunity to see the paintings of the artists, but also personal archives newspaper articles, photographies and many other personal objects as well.

Rêve Electro at the Philharmonie de Paris

The Philharmonie is organizing an exhibition dedicated to electronic music and its understanding. The exhibition is called Electro Dream and will happen from April, 9th to August, 11th.

From Kraftwerk to Daft Punk, the visitors will dive into a musical universe that was born about thirty years ago in Chicago and Detroit nightclubs.

This exhibition is the best opportunity to revisit the history of this music genre through a sensory and musical installation. Several instruments, sculptures and photographies will be presented to you, for you to learn more about the most important figures, musicians, Djs and inventors that created the visionary and futuristic ideal of electronic music.

If you’re into electronic music, this exhibition is perfect for you! I highly recommend you to visit the Rêve Electro exhibition at the Philharmonie de Paris. The full fare costs eleven euros, and the reduced fare costs nine euros.

Leonardo da Vinci at Musée du Louvre


The Leonardo da Vinci exhibition starts on October, 24th and end on February, 24th of 2020! Plus, it will happen in the most prestigious museums in the world, the Louvre Museum!

The exhibition commemorates the death of the artist. It’s been 500 years Leonardo da Vinci died in Amboise, in 1519. For the occasion, a whole exhibition is being organized for his work.

Mostly known for his Gioconda painting, the Mona Lisa, Da Vinci was a painter, a scientific, a philosopher, an inventor, an engineer. He embodied the Renaissance and his genies still fascinates nowadays. The Louvre teams worked during ten years, studied and analyzed all the archives to clarify the biography of Leonardo da Vinci. They carefully worked for years and gathered as many documents as possible to present to us the most complete exhibition of the artist. If you love art or are especially interested in Leonardo da Vinci, you will enjoy this exhibition very much! Mark the dates on your agenda!

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The exhibition programme for the 2019 year in Paris is looking pretty promising! These were some of Paris best exhibitions of 2019! There is one for everyone’s taste and interests, from music to several art movements and artists. Parisian exhibitions are truly one-of-a-kind. They are concise and carefully organized, so you will be provided a lot of information and specific details on all the themes you will choose to attend to at exhibitions. I hope you’ve enjoyed the article. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information about anything. See you soon in Paris!