On Friday, November 13 2015, at around 9.30 pm, several places in Paris and in the north of Paris were attacked by terrorists. It’s the most violent and deadliest attack that France has faced on its own soil since WWII. Being myself a Parisian the attacks affected me and you may be wondering about Parisian locals have been feeling about them. Paris attacks: How Parisian locals feel about it…

Paris attacks: How Parisian locals feel about it

The first thing is that the events seem absurd to us, it’s simply a cruel murder of our own people. The main target areas were the Stade de France where a football (soccer) game was being played, as well as the Xth and XIIth arrondissements: two incredibly young and popular Paris neighbourhoods. They are parts of Paris where locals go and that tourists don’t necessarily visit when they come to Paris for the first or second time. It’s where Parisians go and have fun: they go to a concert hall, to the restaurant or they simply enjoy a drink at a cafe terrace. Everyone knows these places and everyone goes to places like these.

But beyond all difficulty to grasp and to cope with what had happened, there’s another feeling of powerlessness in the air. There isn’t much we can do about what happened: it’s a political problem, it’s the Middle East’s issues moving to Paris and not only Paris. London, Belgium, Spain and every big European city is now concerned and there’s not much that I can do.


Parisians are not a species that is easily defeated. That’s why the next day, people went out, and even dared to have a drink at a cafe terrace. Simply because we are not afraid. Not afraid of 8 murderers and not afraid to keep life as it was before November 13. Nobody can attack or destroy Paris lifestyle and culture. In France, we have one of the best ways of life in the world: we have excellent food, wine, architecture. Some of the most brilliant thinkers about liberty and human rights in the world have French. The war terrorists have declared about the way we, Parisians, live is vain. That’s why our motto in Paris remains the same « Fluctuat nec mergitur » Paris is « tossed by the waves but doesn’t sink ».

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