Are you planning to travel to Paris and you’ve already tried in vain 36 combinations of what to bring? You awake at night wondering if this gray scarf will be necessary? Packing, because it means making choices and predicting, can be very complex. Especially when you’re going to Paris for the first time. Here are 9 Packing tips for Paris.

Make a list the week before packing



Traveling to Paris must be a unique, unforgettable experience. Therefore, you don’t want to realize once at your Parisian destination that you packed awfully badly. Whereas half of your luggage won’t be used, you forgot your beloved teddy bear. So make the list first, think about it, correct it, sleep on it, improve it and most importantly, stick to it.

Bring clothes you feel comfortable in


This means basic jeans, trousers or skirts, casual and classy shirts, comfy shoes such as sneakers, sandals or boots (depending on the weather). Even if Paris is known as the city of fashion, it doesn’t imply you have to catwalk as a model in the streets. Nevertheless, no need to wear the basic tourist style. You can feel fashionable and Parisian at the same time! Just dress as if you were going to your grandma’s: elegant and stylish, but casual and not too extravagant. Think about the Parisian motto “Less is more”.

Take your sunglasses


Don’t even think about going to Paris without any sunglasses, especially in the summer. Not only will they prevent you from suffering in the sunlight and blinking every second you’re watching higher than a meter. They will also allow you to spot people around without being taken for a creepy stalker. And this is what Parisians love to do at cafés and in gardens, wearing sunglasses: watching people.

Choose the right bag

Unless you want to represent the international tourist community, or to suffer from a serious back injury, forget about the huge bulky backpack. Prefer a light, convenient cross body bag. First, you will be able to reach all your items. Second, you will be sure to always keep an eye on it, and avoid lots of pickpocket problems. If you’re planning to buy lots of things, don’t forget a robust tote bag, so that you can easily roll it in your bag, and roll it out when needed for shopping items or food.

Find the perfect book


Visiting Paris, of course, is walking in the streets, learning about its great history (lien de visite quartier latin?), discovering monuments. But it also means living as a true Parisian. It’s finally one of the best ways to enjoy the Parisian setting. And what could be better than a book to chill and unwind after the pressure of a hard day of walking? You just need to find the best place to match your book. A peaceful garden, a cozy room, a sunny terrace, a bench in a calm street: according to your mood and your type of book, pick the one that fits the best!

Take a convenient wallet

Our money is made of lots of coins. So you will quickly find yourself lost with centimes and euros. Choose a wallet with as many pockets as possible, so that you can easily sort out your money. This tip could prevent you either from the great shame of making a 45-minute queue wait at the cashier looking for your coins or from loosing half of your cash at the bottom of your bag. And keep this wallet in an inside pocket.

Check the weather forcast


You might think that this is an obvious packing tip. Of course, make sure that your happy few selected clothes match with the planned weather. But there is a precious thing you need to know before packing. Even during summer, Parisian people are not as cool as New Yorkers, for example, considering summer clothes. Shorts, extremely tight leggings or half naked shirts might get you awkward comments. So if you don’t feel comfortable with it, forget about this very short tight dress, despite the hot weather. However, if you’re quick on the draw, it’s up to you. Moreover, bringing a small umbrella could be useful. Even in June, the weather can change very suddenly in Paris. You don’t want your new purchase of the day to be ruined and turned into a sponge.

Don’t forget the basic Parisian item


If you want to enjoy a nice glass of wine on the Quai de Seine, admiring the breathtaking sunset, having a great time with friends, no need to go in a crowded and expensive bar. You just need to buy a bottle of wine and a few cups. But unless you want to waste time looking for a corkscrew and missing the perfect moment when the setting sun touches the Seine, having one in your bag might ease the situation.

Bring space


Unless you’re planning to avoid any shopping streets of Paris, this packing tip could save your last day. You don’t want to find yourself stuck with all your new purchases not fitting in your luggage. Instead of wasting hours trying to make your souvenirs fit in the very last space of your bag, anticipate this problem. Keep in mind that for one week, you should have no more than two or three trousers, 7 shirts, and two pairs of shoes. The less you pack in, the more you will be able to bring back from the best place to shop, Paris. And in case of an oversight, you will buy it in Paris!

Now that you know everything you need to know, that you are ready to do the best packing ever, you can get rest before exploring Paris. Avoid useless stress, and try to enjoy the last moment at home to do what has to be fixed before you leave. If you follow our packing tips list, you will have a wonderful time in Paris, without any bad surprise or last minute problem!

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