Google Flights To Guarantee Refund If Ticket Price Goes Down

Previously, Google Flights provided its users with flight price information that showed whether the available prices were high, low, or typical. That is compared to the specific flight’s historical prices. However, as of 3rd April 2023, Google is going a step further to improve the flight booking experience for their customers.

While the previous features are being maintained, Google is adding a new one that guarantee’s their predictions. How will they do this you ask?

Well, whenever Google Flights think a flight’s price is the lowest it’s going to be, they will put a “Price Guarantee” badge beside the price. This will inform the user or customer that Google Flights predicts the price will not go lower.

If the user or customer (you) decides to book a flight with this guarantee, they will be refunded for the price difference. After booking, a ticket’s price will be monitored automatically, and should the price go down, the difference will be processed automatically.

As per the popular flight booking website, all refunds will be paid via Google Pay and will be processed within 48 hours of the price going down. Google Flights also reiterated that this Price Guarantee is “only available for flights for which we’re confident that the price won’t drop.”

At the moment, this feature is in the trial phase, and according to Simple Flying, customers can access it when purchasing tickets with the likes of American Airlines and Alaska Airlines.

Terms and Conditions for The Guarantee

As of now, the price guarantee is only available for select flights departing from the US and it is viable for a one-way flight or returns. The ticket also has to be booked through Google Flights’ platform.

There is a limit for the amount of refunds one can receive in a calendar year which is set at $500. Each customer is allowed a maximum of three open Price Guarantee tickets at a single time.

Also, there will be no refund if the difference in ticket price drop is below $5. Since refunds are made via Google Pay, it’s compulsory for the customer to have a Google Pay account to receive the refund.

Simple Flying advices that since some carriers do not use third-party booking sites, there still is an advantage to shopping around for tickets.