Milan airport security will be on strike for four hours

In Italy, summertime transportation strikes are common. Italian unions that represent employees of public transportation, train companies, and airlines have already declared a series of strikes for this year. Check before you travel since there may be regional interruptions due to walkouts at local transportation providers.

Moreover, Malpensa Airport in Milan will experience a four-hour strike on Sunday, June 18, from 11 am to 3 pm. On Tuesday, June 20, baggage handling personnel at airports around Italy will be on strike for a whole day.

Due to the participation of three of the main transport worker unions in the nation, most major airports are expected to experience some amount of inconvenience. The hardest affected areas will be check-in counters and baggage pickup, although there may be flight delays and cancellations.

Italian air traffic controllers are going on strike

Staff at ENAV, Italy’s primary air traffic control provider, will be on strike for 24 hours starting on Saturday, July 15.  Although there aren’t many specifics yet, it’s possible that this strike may create cancellations and delays at airports around the nation.

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