Why Does Jenna Ortega Smoking makes the Girls go Gay?

There are certain moments that catch our attention and pique our curiosity, including when a celebrity is caught doing something that is not expected.  When the video of actress Jenna Ortega was shared showing how she was engaging in the unexpected act of smoking, it has surely caused a stir in the entertainment industry.

There is no doubt that celebrities frequently find themselves in a merciless spotlight with their private lives scrutinized and made public and this applies to Jenna Ortega. Ortega has always been a fan’s favourite and her stardom took a rise when she starred in the Tim Burton series, by Netflix, Wednesday, a hit horror comedy series released in 2022. The show has been renewed for season 2 and we hope to see the star in the series.

The video shows a clear video of Jenna Ortega outside with a friend at Notting Hill in London on what seems like a restaurant holding a cigarette. She is seen taking the cigarette from her friend who passes it to her and she willingly puts it in her mouth. Just as any smoker would do, she took a puff and smoke came out of her mouth.

The video is convincing, but we must remember that only the Wednesday star can tell us for sure that she smokes or not. What is amusing everyone is the comment section just below the clip. Comments from fans read, “I’m gay and if it’s possible I’m more gay after seeing this….holy cow.” another adds “I’ve been gay for her ever since I met her.” “Yap I’m gayer now.” The comments got worse, to say the least.

According to various sources, there is no definitive answer that the 20 year old is a chronic smoker. Sure she is edgy, unique and bold, but no one can ascertain that the actress smokes on a daily basis. Despite the rumours of her smoking she has never publicly addressed the rumours and no one knows why.

Looking into her Instagram, the actress had posted in 2019, a photo of herself holding a cigarette. Her current Instagram page does not have the said photograph since she deleted it after she received a lot of hate from her fans. They did not taking kindly considering she was a role model for young girls. However, it seems that this time round it may be different.

Jenna Ortega is at the point where even the tiniest behaviors can trigger the worst or the most positive reviews. No one knows whether Jenna’s decision to smoke in public is a declaration of rebellion, or just a fleeting slip-up caught by the paparazzi’s ever-vigilant cameras.

In the big scheme of things, Ortega’s act of smoking outside may have appeared like a small incident, but who knows if she is battling something greater. It goes further into showing that celebrities such as Jenna Ortega are real people with challenges, vices, and vulnerable times, we learned in our effort to solve the mystery.