Victor’s Reaction To Houston Rockets Draft Position Stirs Controversy

The 2023 NBA Draft lottery had its winners and losers as seen by the results that came out on that day.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023, was the day the draft lottery happened that would determine the order in which teams were going to select their players.

Going into the draft, the San Antonio Spurs, Detroit Pistons and Houston Rockets were tied at 14% probability, the highest odds of getting the first pick.

The San Antonio Spurs were lucky enough to edge out the Rockets and Pistons and flew away with the first pick as the Rockets got fourth and the Pistons got fifth.

The Spurs couldn’t hide their excitement in picking first as seen by their draft representative actions.

When it became clear that the San Antonio Spurs would have the top pick in the 2023 NBA Draft, Peter Holt Jr.

who was the representative of the Spurs at the draft loudly cheered for his team. That means they get to pick Victor Wembanyama.

Victor Wembanyama is a French teenage sensation who is projected to be the first overall pick in the upcoming draft.

At only 19 years old, the hype surrounding him has been compared to the one LeBron got back in 2003 and he is expected to break every record the NBA has.

Standing 7 ‘4” with an 8-foot wingspan, Wembanyama is a lethal ball handler and apart from being an exquisite defender, he is equally dangerous on the offence.

He is a pro at shooting from the three-point arc and beyond with an extremely elegant flair.

We can see why the Spurs winning the draft at the expense of the Pistons and Rockets hurts more.

Looking at the reactions from the Draft Lottery event, Peter Holt Jr. was not the only one who was happy. Wembanyama was also seen to be ecstatic by letting out a fist pump when the Houston Rockets got the fourth pick.

Wembanyama was being filmed as the picks were being made, and when Houston was selected with the fourth pick, he raised his fist in celebration.

It might have been a light moment for him but things don’t look that way for Houston Rockets fans and players.

Talking to Paul George of the LA Clippers on Podcast P, Houston Rockets’ guard Jalen Green said, “I mean, I saw it but I ain’t think nothing of it. Bro, wherever he gets drafted, whether it was us or it’s gonna be probably gonna be the Spurs, but like where you get drafted still gotta come in and work no matter what. I didn’t think we was gonna get the fourth pick, though.”

Jalen dismissed the widely discussed incident and claimed he wasn’t giving it much thought.

Houston unquestionably had an increasingly unfavourable national reputation compared to several other contenders in the lottery, even though the majority of franchises that have a chance to get the first overall pick aren’t typically in excellent shape in the league.

The team’s young players were accused of lacking the work ethic and the zeal to win as seen by the poor performance they had in the just concluded season where they finished 14th with a record-low of 22-60.

The Houstons look to have cleaned house by appointing Ime Udoka to replace Stephen Silas and they will be looking to surge for the championship come 2024.

Wherever Wembanyama ends up it will for sure be a show when they go head-to-head with the Houston Rockets and we can’t wait to see.

What was a light moment could have been misjudged as something different but it is not.

We cannot make judgements too early though, perhaps Wembanyama might get selected by the Rockets, who knows?