Disney World is an entertainment resort complex in Florida and one of the most travelled to destinations in all of the world. Walt Disney World announced several major updates to the theme park resort, including the return of the Disney Dining Plan and the relaxing of its theme park reservation system. Disney also announced that 2024 Disney Vacation packages will go on sale on May 31.

Disney theme parks have multiple types of tickets to control costs for those who want the bare minimum Disney experience, and it also sets a premium price for those who want the ultimate experience and are ready to pay for it. All kinds of visitors are welcome to the Disney Park and are guaranteed a fun experience while there. While many guests who visit have expectations about what they will be able to ride and where to dine, there’s always a disclaimer issued to be on the lookout for any changes that may occur.

Disney sets the expectation that some rides and or attractions may be closed for maintenance, and there is even a schedule to help prepare guests for the closures. Many things like wait times and reservations at Disney World parks can be tracked using the My Disney Experience App. Disney also states that other closures are subject to happen, and guests should check on their dining reservations and daily plans to make sure everything is set to try to avoid last-minute disappointments. 

Disney World has recently updated its dining reservations policy to limit guests’ ability to make last-minute changes to dining reservations. Users of the app were previously able to make changes to their dining reservations up to about 20 minutes before their reservation time. The short time change allowed guests to finish seeing an attraction or make a quick change to their plans without losing out on their dinner reservations. 

With the new modification to the policy, guests can only make changes up to two hours before their dining reservations, but now they have to call the restaurants. While calling seems like such a task for the guests, it helps to alleviate stress on the part of the restaurant and its staff, in the case of visitors who don’t show or don’t call at all to move their reservations.

 To make any reservations, Disney World requires a credit card to hold the booking. If a guest wants to make any change within the two hours prior to the reservation, the restaurant may deduct a $10 per person fee to cancel or for a reservation no-show.

While this reservation is meant to allow for more flexibility for Disney guests, it has not been taken lightly by many visitors who claim it is a backward way of doing things. The idea that guests can no longer use the app to make changes, is completely backwards from what guests have come to expect from the technology used to create a streamlined experience at Disney parks. Being able to use a smartphone and an app to make reservations, changes, bookings, and pay for attractions to reverting to having to make a phone call to make a modification makes the Disney experience more tasking to its visitors. 

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