If you are lucky enough to spend New Year’s Eve in Paris, don’t expect to see the fireworks: in Paris, there are none. But don’t be disappointed, there are plenty of things to do on New Year’s Eve in Paris. Trust a Parisian on that one! Here’s our list, enjoy.

New Year’s Eve in Paris
New Year’s Eve on the Champs Elysées

It’s almost impossible for you to miss the Champs Elysées on New Year’s Eve. You won’t find a nicer spot, as it is festive and open to anyone.

It’s the only night in the year where you can meet strangers with a glass of wine in their hands drinking and clinking glasses to the New Year on the world’s most beautiful avenue! But do not stay out in the neighborhood too late, as it becomes a little more dangerous as the night unfolds.

Enjoying New Year's Eve in Paris

After that, or if you don’t feel like staying out too much, you still have a lot of opportunities to celebrate the New Years eve in Paris.

As a Parisian, I’d tell you that there’s nothing better than finding a house party – that’s what we all do, and if you meet the right people, you could be invited! But most bars also organize special events for New Year’s Eve, so you’ll easily find a warm nice spot to celebrate while listening to live music.

New Year’s Eve in Paris

If you’d rather celebrate New Year’s Eve in a Parisian way that you are unlikely to enjoy again anywhere else, then you can take a boat cruise on the Seine at night, when the city is still lit up with all the decorations.

There, you will have an unequaled sight on the banks and landmarks of Paris.

If you are into music, you might also spend the evening at one of the concerts played at the Sainte Chapelle. They usually adapt their program at the end of the year, so you’ll find Gospel and winter songs.

New Year’s Eve in Paris
A concert in the Sainte Chapelle

Now let me give you some of my tips to avoid disappointment and spend a great night on New Year’s Eve in Paris:

  • If you are planning on eating at the restaurant, don’t forget to book in advance! It will be very crowded, and if you are not careful with the reservations, you might not find a table anywhere!
  • All metro lines work until 2:15 am, one hour later than usual, as they always do before a special day.
  • Some metro lines will be working all night long: But please note that they’ll only stop at the most important stations. Be sure you know how to go back to your hotel before you leave!

With all these tips, you should be able to spend the greatest New Year’s Eve, Parisian style!

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