“Zagreb” is the capital of which country ?

“Bangkok” is the capital of which country ?

“Oslo” is the capital of which country ?

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City guide

Where to stay in Athens – Best area’s guide

The growth of this historic city has gained popularity among many people that plan to visit Greece. It is a must-stop for anyone traversing this beautiful country known as the home of democracy.

Athens attracts millions of tourists annually and is one of the most toured cities in Europe. Its main attraction being the imposing Acropolis and the Parthenon among other numerous monuments.


Best Safety Tips When Visiting Prague

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Age of Travel

Top Underrated Vacation Destinations

I’m sick of traveling to the same places everyone else goes to. The crowds are thick, everything is overpriced, people are short-tempered, and it feels more like a walk through a picture book than an exciting new discovery.

But where do you find the uncut jewels, those vacation destinations with original character and local flavor? You could ask a travel agency I suppose, but I asked ChatGPT instead:

What are the top underrated vacation destinations around the world for a family of four? Assume the kids are between 8 and 13 years old.

If you didn’t already know, ChatGPT is a new type of software program that many people say is “artificial intelligence” (others debate that claim). It’s like a search engine (Google or Bing) that communicates back and forth with you in natural language. It has been trained on the equivalent of over one hundred million pages of information such as websites, library reference books, scientific papers, and yes … travel guides.


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