Top 5 Nightclubs in Nairobi


If you thought Nairobi was all about the Wildlife and all these other cool activities to enjoy during the day, then you would be forgiven to think that you are in a completely different city at night.

Nairobi is one of the most popular cities in Africa when it comes to its nightlife. There are many things to do in Nairobi during the day, but the same can be said about Nairobi at night. You see, there are enough DJs, bars, and nightclubs to serve the rest of Africa, just from within Nairobi (if I can say so myself!).

These has seen a lot of competition in the clubs, most of which have now incorporated international elements to serve tourists coming into the city, while still maintaining the Kenyan or be it African vibe and energy.

Whether you choose to dine and wine with the richest people in the city, or you just want to visit a “local” (smaller nightclubs in the estates) with your Nairobi friends, there is always a place for you.

We sample some of these night clubs, which will only be ‘hot’ until a new one comes up.

B Club

B Club is one of those clubs that is well known by many Nairobians. Some even refer to it as the ‘Billionaires Club’. It was a franchise in Dubai and Brussels.

Located in a serene and secure area in Kilimani, the club is defined by a unique, charming and exotic ambience that is simply irresistible. The exact location of the club is first floor of Galana Plaza in Kilimani.

Parked at the entrance of the club for all to see is a Tron bike that is estimated to be worth between USD 100 – 500 thousand. Then there is a long stretch of a beautiful red carpet that ushers you into the club.

Drinks are in plenty and definitely priced on the higher side with a bottle of champagne going for as much as USD 200, and some patrons spending as much as USD 10, 000 in one night. But… who’s complaining? It has also been rumoured that some guests have been dropped by Lamborghinis.

The club offers bottle service, a money cannon, and a legitimate VIP area.

Its’ extravagance is appreciated by those looking to be exclusive, so you decide if this works for you.

The club has for a long time been home to many top celebrities, musicians and socialites. The list of these popular public figures streaming in and out or that have made appearances include the likes of Wizkid, Iyanya and Muhoho Kenyatta.

A lot of politicians’ sons and daughters are also known to frequent the club.

1824 The Whisky Bar

1824 is a popular joint on Lang’ata road, next to the former popular ‘Rafikis’ club opposite Carnivore Junction, in Lang’ata. They have a wide variety of whisky, great food, cigars, and lots of local and international beers, some of the best alcoholic selections in the city.

Operating on a small space and attracting the middle upper class of the city residents, the club is lively and almost always packed to a maximum especially on Sundays, earning itself the name ‘Sunday School’.

It also has a unique outdoor location, and a resort-like inside.

There are different theme nights every other week, with great DJs who play anything from Reggae music, African music, Hip hop, Soul, Kwaito, and the likes.

Be sure to also enjoy some pork ribs from their restaurant, as it is arguably the best in town.

On the downside though, parking is almost always an issue, so I would recommend using a taxi to get to the location instead to avoid any inconveniences.

KIZA Restaurant and Lounge

KIZA is a fine dining Afro-fusion Restaurant and Lounge located on the 8th and 9th floors of Galana Plaza along Galana road in Kilimani.

It is one of the clubs if not the only club in the city where you will find different Africans from all over the continent enjoying different traditional Kenyan dishes and music from different African countries. The club is also known for its mature, classy clientele.

They have a VIP and VVIP sections for those that need that kind of privacy with specific entry and exit points were you can walk in and out of the club without being noticed.

Its competitors include the B Club, also located on the same building.

40Forty Lounge

This is an upscale, cosy rooftop lounge that sits on a 20,000 square foot venue that has distinct spaces for guests including the main club, the balcony level, and an outdoor terrace.

It is located in Westlands, Nairobi (off Mpaka road) on the Crossroads Plaza rooftop.

The club has a great ambience, beautiful decorations, and great music. It serves inordinate international cuisine including fabulous finger foods and a variety of drinks including fresh fruit cocktails, and some hangover soup.

The club also has wonderful views of the Upper hill area, Kileleshwa Estate, the city skyline as well as beautiful sunsets.

It gets really crowded over the weekends, so I would advise anyone who wants to have a table to go early. Otherwise you will end up standing for most of the night.

Brew Bistro & Lounge

This club is located on Piedmont Plaza along Ngong Road, just a short distance from Impala Club and the Junction Mall.

It is defined by a lounge and outdoor terrace, with touches of beautiful coral and lavender decor.

Opened by the Big Five Breweries, the club is one of the coolest nightlife spots in the city, famed for its master brewers and premium brews.

It also boasts of a restaurant that serves top traditional Kenyan foods and also international gourmet meals and finger foods.

Depending on the theme for the night which includes Karaoke nights and Caribbean nights, there are always DJs and sometimes bands performances all through the week.

They also have ‘happy hours’ mostly between 5pm and 7 pm where you can enjoy in-house brewed beers, cocktails, and mojitos at discounted rates.

If you plan to visit the club as a group, make a booking as it can get packed pretty quickly, and no one wants to stand all night in a club!

The club operates from Monday to Thursday 5pm to 12.30am, Friday from 5pm to 2.30am, Saturday from 11am to 2.30am, Sunday from 11am to 12.30am, and 11am to 12.30am on public holidays. They also have Brunch every day from 11am to 4pm.

Bonus: K1 Klub House

I cannot give you all my top nightclubs in Nairobi and refuse to add the K1 club house, albeit as a bonus. Why? Because this is arguably Nairobi’s only true sports bar, and Kenyans love their sports, and in turn, the club.

Located in the Westlands suburbs of Nairobi along Ojijo road, the club has been designed to give you a complete stadium simulation, with everything from the sitting arrangements to the HD screens.

It comes in 2 packages; a ground floor that is nicknamed ‘paradise’ with a boogie dance floor, and an aquarium that takes you on a fun and thrilling expedition.

It is quite big as compared to many Nairobi nightclubs, and there is always a lot going on there, especially during the weekends.

The club has at least 4 bars, a pool table section, a quick snack counter, a coffee shop, smaller sections for watching the big screens…. it’s huge.

It is also popular for its reggae nights that are usually held on Thursdays.

If you and your friends are up for some ‘Nyama Choma‘, they also offer it at Club Jiko.

Let us know which of these clubs you plan to visit when you come to Nairobi, and of course we would be happy to know your thoughts!