Top 5 Best Kenyan Coffee Brands


The Kenyan AA coffee is a high-grade coffee and one of the most sought-after coffees in the world due to its intense flavor, full body and a pleasant aroma. It is known worldwide for its distinctively complex tones of lemony citrus and berry which create a bright resonant cup presence.

Kenya AA simply means that the largest and best coffee beans were used in the production of the coffee. In Kenya, coffee beans are graded depending on the bean size, shape, color and density. The smaller coffee bean after the Kenya AA is the Kenya AB. The grading is usually done after the coffee is milled.

It is widely believed that coffee originated from Ethiopia, the northern neighbour of Kenya. There are various theories as to how it came to grow in Kenya. One of these theories states that coffee was not cultivated in Kenya until 1893, when the French Holy Ghost Fathers introduced coffee trees from Reunion Island. The mission farms were near Nairobi and it was slowly grown in the adjoining regions due to the favorable climate, soil, altitude and climate. The other theory is that the British introduced coffee growing into Kenya around 1900. They expanded its growth through the vast fertile pieces of lands that they had acquired from the Kikuyu.

A great Kenyan cup of coffee is full of character and here is a list of the top 5 best Kenyan coffee brands that will guarantee you 100% satisfaction.

1. Volcania Kenya AA

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Volcania Kenya AA is one of the most reputable coffee brands in the world because they directly bag the best, the purest and highest grade of coffee beans in East Africa including Kenya. The beans are medium roasted hence they allow the pleasant aroma and the berries and citrus flavor characteristic of the coffee to come out.

Grown between 4,900 and 6,800 feet (ca. 2 km), these are high-quality beans from a reputable international family-owned roaster who really know how to meet the needs and wants of a coffee lover. True it forms it will start off with raspberries and cranberries, it then quickly moves to notes of redwood with a tartness that you’ll definitely enjoy on the back end.

A cup of Volcania Kenya is guaranteed to deliver a full-bodied robust and freshness unlike any other with its floral fragrances accompanied by pleasantly light and vibrant acidity with overtones of berries and citrus. Its consumers describe it as lightly tart in structure with a crisply sweet edge and gently drying finish.

2. Nairobi Single Origin Kenyan Coffee

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A single-origin Kenyan coffee bean means the coffee bean is sourced from one place or region to ensure everything from the bean size, texture to flavor is more consistent. This enhances the coffee’s savoury-sweet nuance such that it has a full spectrum of flavors for those coffee lovers with a well-developed palate.

A cup of Nairobi Single Origin Kenyan Coffee is a clean resonant cup. Its high-quality medium roasted beans provide intense flavors with a distinct winey richness and dry, winey aftertaste similar to the Ethiopian Harrar but with more full-bodied richness, pleasant acidity and a distinctive fragrant aroma.

3. Fresh Roasted Coffee Nyeri Ichamara Kenyan Coffee

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This is a single-origin Kenyan coffee grown in Nyeri Ichamara region between the eastern Aberdare mountain range and western slopes of Mount Kenya. Gikaru Coop Society manages a small factory that is responsible for purchasing and processing the high-quality coffee beans that produce this fantastic coffee from small scale farmers around this region.

The beans are exceptional sweet thanks to the rich soils of Nyeri. These 100% Arabic whole beans are freshly roasted into a medium roast which besides from preserving maximum flavor also ensure you get the best balance between acidity, aroma, and flavor. Be sure this Kenyan AA coffee will be giving you the finest quality and richest taste.

It is an ideal coffee brand for people with sensitive stomachs or health-conscious individuals as it is low on acidity, no additives or artificial flavors and preservatives. The coffee is all-natural. A cup of Fresh Roasted Coffee Nyeri Ichamara Kenyan Coffee has a distinctive flavor of peach blossoms, orange zest and black tea. The beans are medium roasted hence they give a great balance between acidity, aroma and flavor.

4. Java House Kenya AA

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It is considered the Starbucks of Kenya where you can the best quality and widest variety of coffee. However, its coffee brand is highly recommended for the more adventurous at heart because of its intense fruity fragrance accompanied by full-body, bright and lively green apple-like acidity thus varying very much from the typical cup of joe.

Its coffee beans are roasted a little lighter than most stand Kenyan brands thus making the beans fruity notes and spicy notes more apparent here. There is a good deal of chocolate notes, but still retaining a bit more acidic. This coffee highlights what Kenyan coffee is all about: rich cherry taste with floral notes and earthy tones.

Java House coffee is a single-origin coffee grown by 150,000 small-scale farmers’ cooperative in the Kenya highlands. The high altitude and loamy volcanic soils give the coffee beans their distinctive rich bright acidity flavor. A cup of their coffee promises an aromatic, balanced coffee with a light perfect finish.

5. Chiru Coffee Connection, Kenya AA

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It was founded in 2014 and owned by a native Kenyan from Nyeri known as Christine who supports small local coffee growers by buying their finest AA graded coffee beans at a reasonable price. She grew up in this coffee-growing region and as a result, she knows the challenges these farmers encounter.

The coffee is rich in flavor as it is grown on the central highlands where there is high altitude, cool temperatures, rich loamy soils and optimum rainfall and sunshine. The best environment to produce the renowned Kenyan AA coffee beans.

A cup of Chiru Coffee Connection has been described as having a taste notch of rich fruity flavors with a light honey, citrus and berry overtones, a pleasant aroma, a wine aftertaste and more reserved in terms of acidity.