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The most beautiful beaches in Kenya


Kenya is celebrated for its national parks, wildlife, and some of the best beaches on the African continent.

The weather in Kenya makes it favourable to visit any time of the year. It is one of the best destinations for sea, sun, white sand and mimosas.

What is more enchanting is the warm salty water of the Indian Ocean, home to a diverse species of marine life, coral reefs and other hidden gems.

There are several beaches to choose from when you go to the coastal side of Kenya. Stretching from the north coast to the south coast, you will find pristine, quiet and some crowded beaches.

To have your work cut out on which beach to go to, here is a list of the most beautiful beaches in Kenya.

1. Diani Beach

By Łukasz Ciesielski – Wikimedia

Diani beach is on Kenya’s south coast and is defined by miles of white sandy beach.

The beach is loved by both locals and tourists because of its tropical vibes. This beach is close to Tiwi.

There are plenty of activities that one can do at this beach other than swim and sunbath.

Kite surfing, windsurfing, snorkelling, deep-sea fishing excursion, and paddleboarding are some of the water sport activities that one can choose from.

If you would love to see corals and other marine life, there are glass-bottomed boats that one can hire. The beach is open to everyone.

2. Nyali Beach

By FredD – Wikimedia

This is Mombasa’s most popular beach.  It is the nearest when staying on Mombasa Island.

There are several luxury hotels and hostels available close to the beach. It is also close to other amenities such as malls and public transportation as well as taxis (most taxis are tuk-tuk’s).

Nyali beach is close to Mombasa Marine Park, where you can go snorkelling or view marine life through a glass-bottomed boat.

Other nearby attractions include Haller Park, Mamba Village, wild water park and Nguuni Sanctuary. There are nice restaurants to grab a meal at. You can get to sample some delicious Swahili meals.

3. Bamburi Beach

By Alex Niragira – Wikimedia

Located on Mombasa’s North Coast is Bamburi Beach. It is right off the protected corals and is another perfect beach for snorkelling and scuba diving.

You can get to this beach by taking a tuk-tuk, they are the most efficient means of transport in Mombasa.  

While at the beach, do not pass the chance to ride on a camel, it is usually a short ride but one to remember. Take a picture while at it for memory sake.

The beach tends to get narrow during high tides, so it is advisable to watch out for that.  

Several hotels by the beach provide water sport services like windsurfing or scuba diving classes.

4. Lamu Beaches

Another place to enjoy the beautiful beaches in Kenya is on Lamu Island. This place has several beautiful and unspoilt sandy beaches.

Some of the beaches are shela and manda bay beach. These two are the most popular ones in Lamu. They are never crowded and are quite serene.

Other than the beach, a stroll down the narrow streets of old Lamu town. Get to admire the beautiful Swahili architecture, ride on a donkey’s back and mingle with the friendly locals.

The old Swahili town is more than a century old. No vehicles are allowed on the island to preserve it since it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5. Mambrui Beach

By Alex Niragira – Wikimedia

This is a well-kept secret in Malindi town, two hours away from Mombasa. It is well hidden meaning it is not crowded and is clean.

Mambrui beach is perfect for deep-sea fishing, snorkelling at the marine park, windsurfing and swimming.  

There are sand dunes nearby perfect for sunset views. You can drive to the beach too. Catch the fishermen as they get back from fishing.

6. Watamu Beach

Watamu beach is the most popular beach in Malindi. This beach is among a series of beaches leading to cerulean coves and Mida creek.

This beach has a perfect snorkelling spot at the coral reef. It is also the best place to spot humpback whales and dolphins too.

Other attraction close to the beach is the Arabuko Sokoke forest and the Gede ruins.   

7. Tiwi Beach

By Łukasz Ciesielski – Wikimedia

This beach is close to Diani on the south coast, Kwale county. Tiwi is not crowded unlike its neighbour Diani.

The beach is mostly used by hotel guests since it is secluded. You will mostly find cottages and guesthouses.

If you would love some quiet time with family during your vacation, then Tiwi beach would be the perfect place because it offers privacy too.

There are plenty of water sports to do here including snorkelling and kite surfing. Unlike other beaches in Mombasa, there are no beach boys.

8. Kikambala Beach

This beach is lined with coconut palm grooves, Kikambala beach is located North of Mombasa, along the Indian Ocean.

There is a shielded coral reef at this beach making it safe to swim and soak up the sun.

The tropical vibe exuded by this beach will make you feel like you are in the Caribbean.  

The area around the beach used to be sisal farms. There is a golf course nearby with great views of the Indian ocean.

9. Shanzu Beach

Shanzu beach is defined by clear turquoise water along the white sands. The beach is lined with coconut trees and luxury hotels as well as resorts.

During low tide, between 9 am and 3 pm, the beach is wide but it gets narrow when the tide gets high in the evening.

You will get pleasant views of the ocean from the beach and you can also take part in one of the several water sports.

10. Gazi Beach

Gazi beach is found in Gazi village south of Mombasa town. There are several palm plantations surrounding the hotels near the beach.

This beach is sheltered by Chale island and gives the best and most serene experiences. Since it is hidden, you will have privacy and no disturbance from beach boys.  

There is a boardwalk leading to the beach that is maintained by a women’s group from Gazi village. A mangrove forest is nearby too, you can get a guided tour of the mangroves.