10 Most Famous Kenyan Singers and Musicians



Kenya’s music scene has developed immensely; from beats like Kapuka, Genge and now the new age Gengetone — the innovativeness and energy seen from artists can make you want to shake a leg regardless of your musical inclination.

Although the Afrobeats, Kwaito, Bongo and Dancehall music has had its impact in Kenya, activists proactively protesting to improve Kenyan sounds are a sure sign that Kenyan music will soon be at its legitimate spot.

Given that, let us investigate the Kenyan artists who have shown prominence in the music business both locally and on the worldwide scene. Here are the ten most famous Kenyan singers and musicians.

1. Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol is a famous Kenyan afro-pop band. The foursome consists of Bein Aime Baraza, Savara Mudigi, Willis Chimano and Polycarp Otieno.

They have constantly been dropping new music since they came into fame. The likes of ”Lazizi”, ”Melanin”,’Kuliko Jana”,’Blue Uniform, ”Nishike”, ”Isabella”, ”Unconditionally Bae” and ”Sura Yako” are their known hits.

Sauti sol worked on several albums, collaborated with top stars, and gave incredible live performances winning prestigious awards and setting high standards for fellow artists.

They tour a lot and have opened doors for new artists to follow suit.

2. Fena

Music superstar Fena Gitu has been representing females on the musical platform for the longest time. Known for hits like ”Birikicho” and ”Dutch” Fena is showing the world how phenomenal she is.

She is Kenya’s’s first female artist to drop a consolidated album and have it be so widely accepted.

Her persistent nature in the music industry has seen her regularly change her sound to remain relevant and appeal to a broader audience. Her live performances are incredible.

3. The Kansoul

The Kansoul, established in 2014, is a team of hitmakers, Madtraxx, Mejja and Kid Kora. The trio individually produced several club bangers. Now, collectively they continue to do the same.

The team have stood the test of time and managed to stay relevant dropping new music like ”Accelerator”, ”Bablas” and ”No Woman No Party” that have been significant hits appealing to Kenyan youth.

4. King Kaka


Kenneth Ombima or otherwise known as King Kaka has a unique sound that is somewhat like ”spoken word”.

He raps about social and economic issues in Kenya and has been a champion for the eradication of period poverty in the country. His most recent controversial rap, titled ”Wajinga Nyinyi” caught the attention of all Kenyans.

5. Suzanna Owiyo


It was while arrangements were underway for the centennial festivals of the city of Kisumu, that we summoned Suzanna to make a signature melody for the primary function. Before a limit horde of 60,000 individuals, “Kisumu 100” was conceived, and prompt achievement followed; delayed adulation and overwhelming applause.

Suzanna then chose to chip away at a collection which got extraordinary accomplishment on the radio, won her a designation in the Kora Awards 2002 in the “Most Promising Female Artist” classification. A similar collection won her a Kisima Awards for the Most Promising Female Artist of 2003. Her single “Sandore” and the video cut with an incredible message on youngster work was additionally a triumph.

6. Mercy Myra

In 1996, Mercy joined the Calabash Band but left it the following year to join the R&B group Destinee, and later in 1997, she joined a band called Black Ice.

She later turned to a solo career and discharged her first single “Sitaki” toward the finish of 1998, created by Samawati Studios. Her song “Tie Dero” was a hit and young Rapper Wangechi made a remix.

She performed in several shows abroad, including the 2004 Zanzibar International Film Festival and Festival Mundial in 2002 and 2003.

Mercy Myra was a member of the Divas of The Nile group, which included four other famous Kenyan female artists.

7. Eric Wainaina

With two African music grants to his name in addition to different nominations, Erick Wainaina stays a prominent figure in the Kenyan music industry. He has various studio albums, singles and a theatre musical to his name, not overlooking his patriotic hit tunes about his home, Kenya.

8. Khaligraph Jones


Award-winning rapper Brian Omollo otherwise known as Khaligraph Jones has been a power to deal with since he arrived in the music business. He has been in the industry for several years and has reliably dropped new music during this time.

He is known for hits like ‘Yego’, Gwala’, ‘Disregard Me’,’ Toa Tint’, ‘Mazishi’ and ‘We be Happening’. Aside from debates, he is a star who comprehends showbiz and is very vocal across social media platforms.

He has done several collaborations in Kenya and internationally, winning awards and performing on global stages — this has made him famous as the self-proclaimed king of rap music.

9. Blinky Bill

Bill Sellanga prominently known as Blinky Bill, is a Kenyan musician, hitmaker and DJ. He is likewise part of Kenyan music group Just A Band. He is, without a doubt Kenya’s best-kept secret, and he claims to a niche crowd.

Blinky’s fresh sound has earned him a spot on the worldwide stage, the likes of Afro-Punk Festival in Johannesburg where he performed on New Year’s Eve of 2019. Blinky is a pioneer of the urban music scene with hits like ‘Atenshan’ and ‘Mungu Halali’.

Apart from Sauti Sol, Blinky could be one of Kenya’s most toured artists increasing his notoriety to a bigger crowd than Kenya.

10. Nyashinski

Nyamari Ongegu, otherwise known as Nyashinski, is Kenya’s ”prodigal son”. He began his career in the rap bunch Kleptomaniax and following a ten-year hiatus in America; he returned and effortlessly assumed control over the Kenyans music scene.

He is famous as the come-back king, having released more than ten hit singles since his arrival in 2016 some of them incorporate ‘Now you know’, ‘Aminia’, ‘Free’, ‘Bebi Bebi’ and Marathon Runner’.

Kenyans seem to love the old musical flow of Nyashinski. Nonetheless, his new sound has reliably been a hit, and his performance merits the dime, as he is one of Kenyans top paid artists.

Now you know the ten most famous Kenyan singers and musicians to give you a feel of the Kenyan sound. I hope you enjoyed reading this article.