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5 Best Areas to stay in Mexico City

Mexico City is home to millions of people and s among the largest cities in the world. The size of the city makes it have many accommodation options for anyone visiting the city.

This city offers the best gastronomic experience in Mexican cuisine, several historic and art museums, cultural events, art, architecture, graffiti art on the streets among many other attractions.

There are several neighbourhoods that one can stay at that vary from the modern, historic, quiet, too busy environment.

The energy of that city is one that any traveller can resonate with. There are other cities that one can visit while in Mexico.

Here are the best areas to stay in while in Mexico City.

1. Centro Histórico

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Centro Historico neighbourhood in Mexico City is well known for its street foods, historic museums and beautiful architecture.

Most of the buildings in this area were built between the 16th and 20th centuries and used to be the centre of the Aztec Empire.

The streets in this neighbourhood are alive with activities from street performers and vendors spread to the main plaza at Zocalo.

There are old historic churches at the plaza which is one of the largest public squares in the world. The churches are more than 200 years old.

The ancient history of this area is still present within the buildings and the culture of the people.

The museum at Templo Mayor displays some historic artefacts. There is a park near the palace of fine arts where one can spend the afternoon relaxing or people watching.

This area has affordable accommodation options and has a vibrant nightlife, gift shops and restaurants lined along Avenida Madero.

2. Roma

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The Roma neighbourhood in Mexico City is a favourite of many first-timers to the city. The area has the original feel of the Mexico City vibrant culture.

Back in the 20th century, this area was occupied by wealthy Europeans who had migrated to Mexico. The streets in this neighbourhood are lined with huge French-styled houses.

This neighbourhood almost got wiped out during the 1985 earthquake but it was rebuilt to its current state.

Roma Norte is similar to La Condesa neighbourhood which is filled with renovated residential houses. This neighbourhood is close to the train station and that one can walk to from their apartment.

The streets are filled with vendors who sell different wares and farmers markets selling fresh organic produce from their farms. The street walls are filled with beautiful graffiti which is legal in Mexico.

This local neighbourhood is among the hip neighbourhoods in the city and is preferred by those that are looking for affordable places to stay and also because of its authenticity.

The bars, restaurants and parks in this neighbourhood are among the best in the city and have beautiful murals.

3. La Condesa

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La Condesa is a neighbourhood is a walking distance from Roma and is considered to be fancier than Roma.

La Condesa has an extensive choice of night clubs, high-end restaurants, designer shops, vintage markets and a modern and unconventional ambience.

The locals describe this neighbourhood as being sophisticated, lively and are loved by the young, artists and students.

The streets in La Condesa are beautifully lined with trees, beautiful murals, colourful facades and some green spaces for relaxation or working out. These make La Condesa one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Mexico City.

It is also known as the magic neighbourhood for tourists because of its charming beauty, boutique shops, art galleries, bohemian cafés and vibrant night scene.

If one is looking for an unconventional art and souvenirs, La Condesa is the place to stay at while in Mexico City.

It is strategically located close to the top attractions of the City and is considered by many to be one of the safest places to stay around Mexico City.

4. Coyoacán

Next on our list is the Coyoacan neighbourhood. It is the centre of Mexican art, culture and traditions.

It was named Coyoacan, meaning the place of coyotes, after a coyote fountain was built at the main square.

It has most of the local markets, cosy cafés, restaurants and tree-lined cobblestoned streets.

The ambience of this neighbourhood is relaxed is perfect for families, people looking for quiet hotels and love to admire art during the day.

This neighbourhood has endless exhibitions of Mexican history and is home to the Frida Kahlo museum.

The museum displays the former artist’s work, personal belongings, jewellery among other things. She used to live in the house before it was turned into a museum after her death.

This neighbourhood has beautiful green spaces for nature lovers, the Viveros de Coyoacán is the neighbourhood park and nature reserve.

The public market has special sales on organic produce at the farmers market on Sundays. Art lovers can also meet fellow art enthusiasts at the colonial del carmen; a hub for artists, and craftsmen busy at work creating colourful art and street dances.

The 16th century San Juan Bautista Cathedral is close to the Jardin Centenario park and also a walking distance to the Bazar Artsenal Mexicano where artists have displayed their best works and souvenirs.

5. Polanco

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Last on our list of best areas to stay in Mexico City is Polanco. This neighbourhood is one of Mexico City’s significant commercial district.

This neighbourhood just like Roma has a European feel to it reflected on the buildings, and its cultured and diplomatic population.

This posh neighbourhood has some of the best restaurants that serve authentic Mexican dishes, pastries, desserts, and dainty coffee houses.

Polanco offers the best chic shopping experience and dining experience at Pujol.

The museum of modern arts in the neighbourhood has the best exhibitions on the History of Mexico.

This neighbourhood is home to several international embassies and consulates. It is therefore among the safest in Mexico and the accommodation may be a bit pricy compared to other neighbourhoods.

Some designer stores attract tourists to this neighbourhood.

The parks and playgrounds in this neighbourhood are well taken care of with amenities for children to play with.